In modern web design, one-page websites are introducing a new paradigm in which everything that you have to say on your site can all be relayed through a single document. In a generation where we’re constantly inundated by tons of information, one page website design offers a refreshing break from multi-page spaces that compel us to make several clicks before getting to the content we want to see.

Some argue, however, one page websites design can lead to endless scrolling because you’re trying to cram tons of information in a single document. But with the right strategy, it is possible to create successful online spaces following this design scheme. Here are a few one page websites examples that were created with Strikingly web templates to inspire your own web design project.

Clear goal for the website

One of the perceived limitations of a simple one page website is that it is made to fulfill one specific goal; unlike multi-page sites that are designed to be full-featured online spaces and the pages accomplish varied objectives.

Before you create a one page site, it’s important to identify a clear objective that will drive your design and content. Objectives could either be to inform, to announce an upcoming event or to present a portfolio, among other things.

Strong but lightweight visuals

One page web design enables business owners and individuals to create online spaces that can convey a single message. WIth a single document online space, it can be quite tempting to cram a lot of images in such a small space. The only problem is the desire to showcase beautiful images can come at a cost - loading speeds can be affected and, user experience can also go down in the process.


GDC Consulting

GDC Consulting’s single page website is a good example of how strong visuals can help bring an online space to life without sacrificing loading speed. To do this, we recommend that you keep within the recommended file size limits for images and videos.

Engage with a call to action

By focusing on a single objective, a one page website will require a single call to action to fulfill this goal. Smart placement of this CTA can help increase conversions and engage visitors. Many sites just like the Zizzle display their call to action on the upper fold of the site so it gets easily noticed.


Zizzle. Learn Chinese

Short but punchy web copy

Few people will want to scroll down to the end of a really long website so you want to make it worth your visitor’s time. One important tip on how to create a one page website is to work on creating attractive and engaging web copy. Using bold headlines such as the GDC Consulting banner above gets your reader’s attention and encourages him to scroll.

Avoid huge blocks of text anywhere on the page. Whenever possible, break your text content down into sections and combine them with high quality visuals. Make your copy easy to comprehend and appeal to your target demographic.

Separate sections with smart use of white space


Elly Amelia

Proper placement of visuals is important in one page websites. Resist the temptation to cram so much information in a single document but if you must, break the content down into sections and add sufficient white space to prevent clutter. Elly Amelia’s visuals are divided into various sections to make it easy for the visitor to process information. Negative space is great for drawing the focus on images and keeps the entire design clean.