Strategies To Improve Google Ranking Of Your Website

As a website owner and a business owner, it is only expected that you want your presence to be known by as many people as you can. A top google ranking is every website and business owner's dream. But suffice it to say that working for it makes it even worthy of something like all things. In this article, we will be helping you in achieving exactly that. We want to tell you about how to improve google ranking. We will talk about different strategies to improve your search ranking and how you can do so with Strikingly.

Strategies on How to Improve Your Google Ranking

  • Know all about Google algorithms. Before you can play any game, you have to learn about the rules. Thus, as a website and business owner, you have to know the playing field your website and your business are playing in. Benchmarking your competitors won't matter much if people still can't find your website by the end of the day. Thus, an excellent strategy to improve Google ranking of your website is to get to know how the algorithm behind the website ranking works. By understanding its background, you can work out all your efforts and strategies to keep up and, hopefully, be successful in the industry.
  • Know your current website ranking. Not to put any other pressure or stress on you but rather to be informed about your methods' extensive. There are several websites and web tools that help you discover your website ranking. After all, it is just a basic premise in any aspect or stage of establishing a business to get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, another good way to improve Google ranking of your website is to get to know where your website stands. You can then decide how to proceed next and what the best things for your business are.
  • Use Header tags. Header tags can help you improve your Google ranking because it allows your titles and text to become more visible and understandable to your site visitors and customers. It will give them a better sense of what you have for them on your website. Not only does it encourage more participation and engagement, but it also can improve google ranking. By using header tags on your website, you keep your content more organized.
  • Be active on social media. Being active on social media is an excellent way to improve Google ranking of your website because social media platforms help you to introduce yourself further. And your website ranking is enhanced by this because Google and other search engines usually consider how much information is readily available and confirmable. In addition, being active on social media also has a way of driving traffic towards your website. Thus if you have more people coming to your site, then you quickly improve your search ranking.
  • Optimize for Speed. It matters to people - and search engines how fast your website and your website content take to load. This is why, to improve Google ranking of your website, you should also constantly monitor and manage your website's speed. There are many ways on how you can go about doing that. You can go technical and handle your script and browser cache, but it can also be simply adjusting your images' file size before uploading and publishing them on your website. The faster your website loads, the higher your chances of improving your google ranking.
  • Make sure your links are all in order. When you are fighting for a place in the top google ranking, every little thing on your website is essential. Thus, another sure-fire way that you can improve Google ranking of your website is to work on the links on your website. Doing so would have a significant impact on improving your google ranking. You can do this best by continuously checking your site for broken links and immediately fixing them. This would allow for better customer service and a good boost in your image in the whole market and industry.

Improving Your Google Ranking With Strikingly

1. Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tracker Strikingly Editor

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An easy way to improve google ranking is by being aware of how often your website is used or viewed, and you can know about this by monitoring it with Google Analytics. Google offers a free service for website owners to monitor the traffic reports of their websites called Google Analytics. This service report involves comparing the new and returning visitors of the site, where visitors are from, how long these visitors stay on the website, and many more. With Strikingly and two simple steps, you can improve your google ranking. You have to sign in to your Google Analytics, select Admin, and find the "Property Column" to create a property. You can create your property name in the Advanced options to enter your website link and get a copy of your own "Tracking ID." The last and final step is for you to go back to your Strikingly site editor, specifically to your website settings' Advanced Options, and put your tracking ID in the "Analytics Tracker" box. Save and publish your site and watch your website ranking go up.

2. Verify Your Site on Google Search Console

Google Search Console Strikingly Editor

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Another Google tool that you can use to improve google ranking is the Google Search Console. This is designed for website owners and business owners such as yourself. It allows you to check and maintain your website's presence in the Google search engine. It also allows you to receive alerts and troubleshoot quickly any issues about your site. By simply signing in to Google Search Console and putting your website URL, you can generate an HTML Tag coded specifically for your website. You then can paste this meta tag into your website by going to your Strikingly Site Editor. You can see this in the Advanced settings section of your site editor, under the "Services" menu. After doing so, go back to the Google Search Console and verify.

3. Add Alt-tags to Images

Alt-tag to Images Strikingly Editor

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Your website text content is not the only one that needs to be optimized for keywords - your images. You may be accustomed to just hearing about how your website needs good and high-quality photos and videos. But if you want to improve Google ranking of your website, then you also need to learn about adding alt-tags to your images. Alt-tags are a way for Google and other search engines' automated bots and tools to "read" your photos. It is the name behind the images you put up. This is important to improve your google ranking because not doing so would cause you to miss more opportunities to optimize your website. With Strikingly, you can easily add alt-tags to your images by going to the pictures you want to edit. After clicking the "Edit" button on your image, you will see the "Add Alt-text" option. Add in yours and then hit save

4. Add SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

SEO Page titles and meta descriptions Strikingly Editor

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There are many other elements in your website where you can optimize for search engines. Let's talk about SEO page titles and meta descriptions. Your SEO page title is the title that appears on Google search results and browser tab. It is the most significant and most highlighted part of the search results. On the other hand, your meta description is the text right below that SEO page title. It summarizes what your website is all about. With Strikingly, you can easily do this and significantly improve Google ranking of your website. Go to your Strikingly site editor and head over to the "Basic Info" menu on your settings. Here, you will see the box for your Site Title and your Site Description. A quick tip to further improve your google ranking: make sure that your meta descriptions are on-point and concise and have the appropriate keywords. Search engines usually cut off after 160 words, so be careful, innovative, and creative about what you will say.

5. Ensure a Mobile-friendly Website

Mobile-view  Strikingly Editor

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This last one on our list is one of the best ways on how you can improve Google ranking of your website. As a business owner and a website owner, you have to be aware that customers and potential customers access most search engines through their phones. Thus, it only makes sense to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you would be risking not being able to accommodate your customers' needs. Suppose your website is not optimized for mobile devices. In that case, many potential customers might be robbed of the chance because your website looks weird, different, and challenging to navigate on their mobile devices. Strikingly can undoubtedly help you in that aspect. Strikingly allows you to edit your website in a mobile view. You can find this option at the top part of your site editor's "Publish" button. Just click the phone icon, and you can easily edit texts, images, backgrounds, add or delete sections, and even move these sections up or down.

Strikingly is a good website builder tool to have as a partner. To improve Google ranking of your website is to increase the chances of you being successful in this business endeavor of yours. Sign up with Strikingly now and let us help you significantly improve your google ranking.