In the early days of online marketing, websites were online brochures for companies. They contained all the relevant information about a business, its services or products, logo for branding purposes and contact details - maybe an email address. Fast forward to the present, your site can now do so much more than being a simple placeholder for corporate information. It can be a marketing website - something that reflects your marketing strategy and encourage users to not just learn more about your site but also buy, engage and inquire.


Strikingly features a huge collection of digital marketing website templates that lets you monetize your site and turn it into an income-generating medium for your business. Designing your website with marketing in mind allows you to convert your website into a more effective platform for representing your brand.

Improved lead generation activities through better website design

According to a Hubspot study, 63% of businesses consider lead generation one of their toughest marketing challenges. Creating a site out of marketing website templates allows you to start planning your content around this goal.

Monetize your website by creating an online space that contains helpful information for customers. You risk losing half your online sales when your audience doesn’t see the information they are looking for. And with people highly influenced by their browsing experience, it is more important now than ever to make sure you make their stay on your site worthwhile.

Creating a positive user experience and building quality content can monetize free marketing websites and contribute to the growth of your company.

Prioritize your customer

A powerful marketing website was created with the customer at the top of mind. What do customers want to see when they land on your website? Identify your target market, create a persona for this audience and learn more about your average buyer’s demographic. Write content for this person and design a website that is geared towards appealing to this person’s taste.


Your free marketing website should appeal to your customer and answer his or her challenges and pain points. Your content and your product should add value to his or her life. You want him or her to leave your site knowing something new either about your brand or about how to use your product or service.

Make your website attractive

Strikingly’s marketing website template collection enables you to create sites that reflect your brand and its distinct personality. With the customization options available for you, it’s possible to build a beautiful and free marketing website that customers will want to keep coming back to. Feel free to play around with different color schemes, font combinations and layouts and design an attractive site that will represent your company effectively.

Your business website should reflect the high standards of professionalism and credibility that your company espouses. When people land on your site, they should feel that they are transacting with a trustworthy brand. Using high quality visuals and writing website content that communicates your message clearly are important to achieving an attractive online space.

Keep it fresh

Turn your marketing website into an income-generating medium by making sure that your content stays fresh all the time. Update your visuals at least once a year. Add new content and information so users learn something new every time they come to visit. Create a blog and write helpful and relevant advice on your products or services. Fresh content can help you improve your site’s rankings for relevant searches. A higher placement means improved online visibility and better chances of directing quality traffic to your website. Work towards perfection every time you update your website. Tweak what needs to be improved and change visuals and elements that do not work. Keep your site growing.