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Building websites is always a privilege. May it be for a business, or personal portfolio, having your own website gives an instant plus points. Nowadays, website building has started to go viral, specifically, in the field of ecommerce. Many companies started to engage in creating one, not just because it's in the top trend's list, but also with the benefits they could get from it.

There are tons of ways on how one can design and create a structure for their own website. And one of them is through a single page website.

What is a single page website?

A single page website is basically, a website with only one page. It uses a simple design structure having only limited website information like your business’s contact info,name, links, and CTAs. Website viewers can scroll all throughout the single page layout to find other information posted there regarding the business/service being offered.

A single-page website can be used in many types of business. Among them are the following:

  • Personal Business websites
  • Portfolios
  • Resume pages
  • One-time events
  • Landing pages
  • Brochure websites
  • Single-product websites

Various single page website design have been extremely popular these days, specifically now that almost everyone is joining the online community. But, to what exact reason is a single page website beneficial?

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Strikingly has the best answers for you.

Why does a single page website rocks?

Just like mentioned earlier, a single page website design has a lot in its bag to offer you. Among them, is picked and listed down by Strikingly just for you.

  • Minimalist

Less is more. If you are someone who seeks for a simple, yet classy approach in website designing, then make a single web site. When you say simple, it is not just because a single page website requires small designing requirements. It is simple because one can navigate through it without exerting much effort and going through a lot of stuff before actually getting the information he needs.

There are tons of single page menu design examples which use a minimalist approach in their website. And among them, managed to succeed in capturing the audience's hearts despite having a simple single page website.

If you want a closer look , Strikingly got you all covered.

  • Authority

Every website made has its purpose to get an increased rank in different search engines. Not only to grab every promotion opportunity possible, but also to widen their audience coverage. Single web site can make this more possible for you. This is because any promotion done in search engines directly links back to the main URL of your single page web designs.

Creating a number of single page website examples gives you an increased power of having numerous website pages that links back to your main page. This is an instant advantage since linking of websites is considered as one of the most important factors in the world of SEO and ecommerce.

Want to know more on how to have that powerful website design? Click here and Strikingly will help you achieve it effortlessly.

  • Mobile-user friendly

Nowadays, almost everyone is surfing the internet using their mobile phones. People spend most of their time scrolling their mobile phones may it be for school, business or just looking at random stuff. This is one best opportunity for you to use a single page layout for your website.

Any single web site features easy navigation which is best for mobile users. Once a potential customer logs into your single page web designs, they can smoothly go through it without having trouble scrolling through it. Many single page menu designs are made to make it more possible for everyone to access a website whatever type of device they may be using.

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Features your single page website design should have

After knowing what benefits you can get from designing a single page website, your next question may be, “what should I put in it?”.

With that, Strikingly gives you the four basic elements you should never forget to include in your single page layout.

  • Text

Texts play an important role in building your single page navigation overall presence. It is the one responsible for making a striking impact once an audience logs in into your website. Always remember that when choosing the font style and color you are going to use, compatibility must be taken into high account. Your chosen fonts should complement your website’s template as well as the photos you will be putting on your single page layout. In this way, potential audiences would not have a hard time scrolling through your single page website and understand the contents written easily. You wouldn’t want them to leave immediately as soon as they saw your terrible texts posted right?

Natural shilajiit text

Image taken from Natural Shilajit

  • Theme

Choosing an appropriate website page theme is also one essential. Not every website template available online can complement the design you have in mind. Always consider the color schemes you will be using. Make sure that they are not too dull, nor too bright to look at. Having the appropriate single page website theme also makes it more possible to get website visitors drawn to your page’s attractiveness.

In choosing the best themes and templates, choose the one that not only complements your website design, but also expresses yourself as a website builder. And when it comes to the best website builder, Strikingly’s power never fades. Dive in into its wide collection of free templates and themes and start designing your own now!

  • Navigation

Single page website is all about scrolling. There are tendencies that your layout become too long that your audiences may find it confusing. With that, adding a navigation bar on your single page website is one game changer.

Navigation menus are best for websites with complicated structures. If your target website design falls into this category, placing a navigation bar on top of your website will make it easier for your audience to go through the whole website. In just one click, they are sent immediately to the section that they wish to see. In doing this, you can simply add anchored links in selected texts or even put customized icons.

Add navigation bar

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  • Contact Section

If there is one aim a single page website seeks, that is to provide audiences everything in one go. Putting a contact section in your website is a must no matter what type of website you have. You aim to get more audience so it is only a must or you to give them a reason to communicate with you. Including a contact section in your single page layout and reaching a wider range of audience will never be hard for you.

Strikingly enables you to add any custom form you wish in your single page website. Curious? Here’s how.

Key details to remember when making single page website

Now that you’ve come this far, Strikingly gives you additional hacks and tips to remember in creating a design for your single page website. Take note of this ideas and make that amazingly created single page website all yours!

  1. Identify if it fits your business
  2. Design your content structure
  3. Pick appropriate template
  4. Split your contents
  5. Parallax is an option
  6. Add other website/social media accounts

Single Page Grand Tour

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Make a single page website design with Strikingly

Single page website designing is one of Strikingly’s forte. You can create your own design from its wide collection of themes and templates offered. The best part? You can access them all for free!

To create your single page website layout, simply follow these three easy steps.

  1. On your Strikingly Dashboard, select the green button with “Create New Site”.
  2. Choose your desired template among Strikingly’s collection
  3. Start Designing!

Strikingly single page website

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Unlike other website builders, Strikingly offers a user-friendly collection of single page website examples so you don’t have to worry about causing troubles to your users. Aside from this, Strikingly also allows you to add more pages on your website as much as you want! Sounds exciting?, click here and start adding website pages!

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To know more about website designing, chat with us and we’ll lead you to the right path.

Happy website designing!