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You can now reduce the top and/or bottom spacing in a section! This means you can now turn any section into a "skinny" section. You can even reduce bottom & top spacing in consecutive sections to "combine" them into one. Your site structure just got much more flexible.

No more flipping back and forth between browser tabs! View your site audience and analytics from right within the editor. This is part of our new editor menu, which is rolling out to all users very soon!

Brighten up your editor! Light mode is now available in our new editor menu, which has already been released to some users, and is rolling out to all users very soon!

Orders Summary As part of our new editor menu, your site's Order List is now more quickly surfaced. You can now see your revenue and orders summary at a glance!

Our new editor menu has reorganized the shortcut buttons to get you to the action of managing your site's store and audience more quickly. We're still in the process of rolling out these menu changes to all users. Stay tuned!

Got a lot of products? You can now switch to List View in the editor. No more tedious scrolling when editing products.

In the membership system, you can now modify a single member's purchase history to grant or deny access to certain pages.

You can now modify membership page access regardless of your membership registration mode. Customize different pages for different products!

We’ve reorganized the editor toolbar! Now, your site’s Store, Superfans, and Settings are easily accessible from one place. Now the full power of Strikingly is within closer reach, while still keeping our signature simplicity. This editor is now in beta, and we’ll be releasing this to all users soon.

A common sales technique is to create coupons that are only available for customers who have already purchased something from your store. This is a great way to convert your existing customers into repeat buyers. Using Strikingly's powerful Membership feature and Simple Store coupons, you can launch your own campaign to drive your customers back to your online store! Let's get started: Set up you…

You can sell online courses using Strikingly's powerful Membership feature, which is available for Pro users. The Membership feature allows you to restrict page access to only those members who purchased certain items from your site's store. This means you can sell a course using Strikingly's Simple Store, then create a page that is only visible to customers who bought that specific course. Check…

Now, in your Simple Store’s product list, you can hide specific products from view. This means you can de-list and then “publish” your products once you’re ready to go live!

We now support taking payments in over 135 currencies when you connect your Simple Store to your Stripe account! Your store is going global. Check out the list of currencies here!

Chat with our Spanish Happiness Officers and get real time assistance from Monday to Friday, between 9am to 9pm (GMT +2). Login to your Strikingly account, click the “?” widget to start a chat with us. Our Spanish Happiness Officers will be more than happy to assist you :)

Our Simple Store now supports all currencies for offline payments! Check out our full list of supported countries and currencies here.

You can now allow anyone to freely register on your website, but still restrict certain pages who have purchased specific products. It’s a good way to open up your site membership to more site visitors while maintaining control over your crucial content!