how to drive traffic to your store

Assume you're a budding entrepreneur. You've started your own company and built that crucial website. It's a digital marketplace for you. A physical store is no longer necessary. A passer-by is not required to enter your store and make a purchase. These days, all you need are virtual visitors who are serious about purchasing what you have to offer. But how do you persuade them to participate? The problem for most people isn't how to create a website or even start a blog; it's how to drive traffic to your store floating around in cyberspace. If you're not a seasoned digital detective, you've most likely struggled with various forms of online marketing to get the word out.

Methods on How to Drive Traffic to Your Store

Whether you have a business or a personal website, knowing some of the best ways to increase eCommerce traffic is essential. Building your own website is great, but creating one that converts well is what you really need. Here are ten simple ways how to drive traffic to your online store.

1. Conduct Keyword Research

Always include relevant keywords in your text to drive traffic to your website. Keywords should be used naturally, not so much that they distract the reader or detract from the main theme. Keywords should be used often in the meta description, page title, URL, headers, and other places in the text.

2. How to Drive Traffic to Your Store by Advertising

This is one of the most common and effective methods for increasing the number of visitors to your website. You can use blogs, video content, and online campaigns to get the word out about your website. Building a strong online brand is essential for reaching the right audience. As a result, your visitors are more likely to take action rather than simply viewing your website.

3. Spend More Time on Social Media Pages

how to drive traffic to your store

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Social media profiles are an excellent way to market your content and increase eCommerce traffic. Social media networks with millions of monthly users, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, could be an excellent way to promote your website online. Because it has the most active members, Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the list when learning how to drive traffic to your store. Before you can start promoting your website on social media, you must first create your social media pages. To make it easier for people to find you online, use the same username as your website. Following that, you can start sharing your articles online and, once again, use keywords to do so. You can ensure that your posts are seen by the right people in various ways, one of which is by using hashtags. Like SEO keywords, most users use hashtags on social media platforms to help other users interested in related topics find their posts online. The connection between your website and social media pages is critical to your company's success. This is possible with Strikingly. You can even set up a live chat feature on your messenger, so that customer inquiries go directly to your inbox.

4. Make Your Call-to-Action Stand Out

drive traffic to your store

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Did you know that one-size-fits-all marketing doesn't exist? However, clear call-to-action information on your website is an important step in how to drive traffic to your store. Keep in mind that a CTA should be visible and appealing to increase effectiveness. Increasing the number of visitors to your website may increase sales, but you must do something to make the two coincide. Strikingly makes it simple to add links, buttons, and other calls to action in any format. To write text in your Strikingly editor, click on the text area and begin typing. You can add an image by dragging and dropping the file into the editor.

5. Write Captivating Content Headlines

Headlines can convey a lot about the main idea of your post and help your website visitors decide whether or not to read it. Furthermore, using headlines in your articles is an excellent way to incorporate important keywords into your content and make it easier to find online. You can improve the visibility of your posts in search engine results by using headlines. Well-crafted headlines will make your posts more appealing to potential readers or buyers, allowing you to quickly and easily increase eCommerce traffic.

6. Utilize Inbound Links

You should also use inbound links on your website to know how to drive traffic to your store. Inbound links allow your reader to navigate to another website page, such as one of your posts or products. These links can be quickly added to postings and are extremely useful to the person who stumbles upon them because they are always linked to the main point of the article they are currently reading. As a result, your website traffic will increase, and your content will receive a significant increase in clicks. Furthermore, more of your new readers will discover a wealth of interesting information on your website, encouraging them to return for more in the future. Fortunately, Strikingly, a free website builder, provides a comprehensive set of tools, features, and functions to assist you in achieving inbound marketing success.

7. Don't Forget to Send Newsletters

how to drive traffic to your store

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Yes, email marketing is still effective today. Indeed, suppose you don't underestimate the power of sending newsletters to your website's members or subscribers. In that case, you'll know how to drive traffic to your store that can convert visitors to customers. You can include the most recent website updates in your emails, such as a new product launch, an improved brand logo, or even hot deals. Some eCommerce business owners send coupons to their loyal customers, which helps them increase eCommerce traffic and sales. Strikingly's newsletter tool can also assist you in executing a successful EDM campaign. You can send up to 2.000 emails per month using the newsletter feature, and you can even send a newsletter from your own domain.

8. Create a Responsive Website

how to drive traffic to your store

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Because most people use mobile devices to do things online, having a mobile-first or responsive design website can help your web traffic. They frequently use smartphones to find the nearest restaurant, book a hotel, shop online, and even order food. As a result, all Strikingly websites are responsive or mobile-friendly. We can't just throw away the time, money, and effort you've put into creating beautiful landing pages.

9. Republish Content that Has Previously Been Successful

You can also use it to develop new and interesting ideas if you're having trouble coming up with them. Repurpose old content from your website that was once very popular. There are a few different approaches to how to drive traffic to your store with this strategy. Simply repost the same articles on your social media sites or blog, along with a hashtag that will inform your readers that the information was previously published. It's making a comeback because everyone who reads it values it. On the other hand, you can keep the main body of the article and make minor but significant changes to the title and other sections of the post to make it appear new while still providing the same value. Whatever strategy you use, a post that has performed well in the past will continue to perform well. Just let your audience know you're reposting it, so they don't think you're trying to keep it hidden.

10. Participate in Forums and Allow Comments

Make your voice heard online. Joining online communities with similar interests can let you know how to drive traffic to your store. People you meet and interact with there are all interested in what you have to offer online. Furthermore, you can enable comments on your Strikingly website to help you engage with your audience.

11. Keep an Eye on Your Web Traffic Analytics

With Google Analytics on your website, you can get real-time reports on the performance and activities of your site. Strikingly can help you set it quickly. Receive updates on on-site visitors who made purchases from your online store. When you have a real-time report on your web traffic analytics, you can take steps to reduce bounce rates and promote the page that attracts the most visitors.

Last Thoughts

While you may have been struggling to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing, this article will undoubtedly help you determine everything you need to know to develop an effective digital marketing method on how to drive traffic to your store. Strikingly includes an analytics dashboard that allows you to track website traffic. This tool can show you information such as where your visitors are coming from (country) and the traffic sources for your site, such as direct traffic, other sites, social media, and so on. Overall, it gives a good picture of how your site is performing.

Whether you run a business online or enjoy running your own blog with useful content, there are always ways to increase eCommerce traffic and frequent website visits. You can give your content the attention it deserves with these simple tricks!