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If you are starting a business, you probably pulled some strings to help your brand stand out. In reality, your best connections are your customers and partners in business. And the key to achieving great results has effective brand positioning strategies. How do you do it? This article will give you simplified brand positioning examples to guide you on how to do it right. You can rock the world with your brand, but you need to determine first what strategy works best for your business. We aren’t just proud of our ridiculously easy-to-set-up websites here at Strikingly. We also love sharing the best insights based on successful business owners and entrepreneurs we’ve worked with. Having multiple users across the globe, we emphasize the importance of having a good brand positioning strategy. We’d love to hear about your business concepts in mind and apply the effective insights we’ve gathered from our users worldwide.

Moreover, we will talk about how to create a brand positioning strategy that truly rocks. But first, let us know the basics. What is brand positioning?

What is Brand Positioning?

What is brand positioning? We can simply put it as the process of creating the right foundation for your business to be remarkable and memorable to your target customers. According to Wix Blog, it is the process of shaping the status of your brand in your customer’s mind. You emphasize specific features and benefits that they can automatically associate with your brand.

The initiative of a brand positioning strategy is to create a positive and long-lasting impression on your audience. By giving a spotlight to your brand’s unique and best qualities, you can win the tough competition these days. Just ensure the authenticity of the benefits you are associating with your brand. Otherwise, you are putting your business reputation at high risk. Also, make sure to align your brand positioning statement with what your company does and why it rocks. This is the way to make your target customers feel the sense of exclusivity of your products.

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What is the Importance of Brand Positioning?

What makes proper brand positioning important for your business? It creates a strong foundation that can stand through time and tough competition in the market. A strong foundation of brand identity can drive more customers to buy your products. It is a chain reaction to getting more sales and increasing the profit margin for the company. A smart business owner executes proper brand positioning strategies that are proven effective for the business. It may be a long and tiring journey from a series of trying and failing results, but always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, you need to experiment with different outcomes, gamble with possibilities, weigh social opinions on certain issues concerning your product, and gather what works best for your brand. At the end of the day, when you come up with a brand positioning strategy, you can surely expect good results. That is the time you realize that your brand shines above anyone else. Hence, you must consider how important it is to set a proper brand positioning strategy.

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How to Create a Brand Positioning Strategy?**

In creating an effective brand positioning strategy, you need to carefully lay on the table all the things that you want to achieve. Then, you can map out some of the possible results and be ready for a turnaround solution. Here are some of the best steps to create a brand positioning strategy.

  1. Assess Your Existing Brand Positioning
  2. Know Your Competitors Well
  3. Compare Your Brand Positioning With Competitors
  4. Identify What Makes Your Brand Better and Unique
  5. Make a Brand Positioning Statement
  6. Measure Your Brand Positioning Success
  7. Be Consistent and Rock It

1. Assess Your Existing Brand Positioning

Knowing your current brand positioning will help you identify if it’s working or not. It will also make you achieve long-term goals for your business. To assess the existing brand positioning strategy, you must keep informed about your customer’s feedback. What do they love about your products? Why do they choose your brand? What do they think about your brand image? These are some of the questions you need to find answers to. The voice of your customer is one great factor in improving your brand positioning strategy. You might want to read customer reviews on social media pages, forums, or email feedback you get from your website. This is the first step to knowing if you’re on the right path with your brand positioning. After all, it’s your customer’s feedback that matters the most. They are your best critics.

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2. Know Your Competitors Well.

There’s a quote that says, “keep your enemies closer”. Well, in business, you have your competitors. They aren’t your enemies, but your business competitors will push you to do your best. By knowing your competitors well, you are leaping to enhance your brand positioning. What makes them better than yours? What do you need to highlight about your product qualities? You can also apply what you’ve done in the first step. What do their customers say about their brand? And how they engage with their customers on social media. Your competitor’s behavior on social media can give you ideas on how you create brand positioning. Understanding where your brand stands out and where it falls short can take you to the right place.

3. Compare Your Brand Positioning With Competitors

Now, the task of knowing your competitors well is continuous. You need to make a comparison this time. Learning about other brands in your industry helps you familiarize the competition and develop tactical solutions. If you want to be on top of the game with your brand positioning strategies, you have to be the best among the rest. Don’t just be content with better than no success at all. By comparing your brand positioning with others, you’re digging deeper than you already know. You might discover the best spot where your products or brand fits in. It’s the best thing about doing market research. You are making yourself fully equipped with vital information for your business success.

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4. Identify What Makes Your Brand Better and Unique

Excel on something that your competitor isn’t great at. Focus on what your brand can do or offer that other brands can’t. This is what makes your brand unique from the growing competition in the industry. One of the few things that other businesses might be lacking is excellent customer service which is a good position. You can put more effort into making your customers feel special about your brand. The sense of exclusivity is something that most customers love. Perhaps, a comparison is something that most businesses apply in their brand positioning statement. Then you can do it, too. You can emphasize one or two areas that your brand should be known for. Try to focus on the quality and affordability of your brand. It’s a good point to start with.

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5. Make a Brand Positioning Statement

Keep in mind that your brand positioning statement must deliver clear intention to what you want customers to expect in your brand. It is a statement that tells your customer about your goals throughout the process. This should clearly and completely indicate the ‘hows and whys’. But, you must also remember that there are a few pointers you need to consider.

  • Who are your target customers?
  • What are the benefits of your brand/products?
  • How can you enhance that benefit to be unique?
  • What is your position in the market?

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6. Measure Your Brand Positioning Success

Your brand positioning needs proper implementation. Otherwise, your efforts will go to waste. Like any type of brand marketing strategy, it won’t be effective without proper execution. You can start within your business connections, such as your workers, clients, and business partners. If something doesn’t sound right, you can ask for direct feedback from the people you’re working with. They can identify what’s needed to be done or if it sounds overrated. Your brand positioning success can start within your workforce. Once your team believes and approves of the effectiveness of a brand positioning statement, there’s no reason your customers wouldn’t feel the same way.

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7. Be Consistent and Rock It

Finally, you just need to wrap things up with your brand positioning strategy. Your success doesn’t just end in identifying the numbers. As a business owner, you must consistently deliver quality and trustworthy brands to your customers. Being on top of the line doesn’t always mean you’re great at everything. It also means that you’ve worked hard in sharing the best products with the world. Your goals and intentions in running your own business can go a long way. But, always remember that your sincerity makes you a great business owner.

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