It is safe to say that digital marketing is rising across many parts of the world. Many online businesses worldwide can expand their marketing plans across various channels, markets, and platforms. However, we usually think about B2C (businesses selling to commerce) when discussing online transactions. On the other hand, B2B eCommerce occurs when companies sell their products to other companies or organizations. These transactions are carried out commonly in the online market today.

However, it doesn’t mean that these transactions are a piece of cake today. Instead, it has become a challenging task because of the competitive and globalized environment we have in the current period. Moreover, these sales are less dependent on the skill of the salespeople who get the job to increase sales. If you have the correct plans for your online transactions, you will grow your business to another level. This article will guide you through all the tips required to elevate your business.

What is B2B?

If you want to increase online sales for your business, you must understand what is business-to-business. B2B sales are defined as how an organization or a company sells a product or service to another company within the same domain. It is not the same as B2C because, in that, the company sells its products or services to individual consumers. Online sales can be conducted by establishing a world-class website. Once you create your website, you can start adding all the details associated with your business.

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On the internet, you will find thousands of companies that offer and sell products and services to other companies worldwide. They don’t care about the location or the culture in which the company is established. If the company is under the same domain as them, that company is under consideration. Sometimes, the payment is done online, and the product or service is delivered in person.

Tips to Increase B2B Sales

1. Personalize Your Campaigns

You can increase your B2B sales by using the factor of personalization. Even though your primary target is other organizations, you must note that the people reviewing your proposals are individuals or team members. Individuals consider a personalized message rather than looking into a generalized offer. By sending personalized emails to your potential clients, you will better put your deals to bed.

2. Consider Trends

In the guide to B2B sales, you will always be told to go for those products or services that are trending in the market. Trends are extremely influential for the welfare of any business in the world. If you don’t go by the demands of the public and consider selling products as per your resources, likely, the audience won’t fall for your business idea. Instead, they will consider some other business website with the same idea as you, putting a dent in your credibility.

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Nowadays, you will find thousands of eCommerce websites not just on Strikingly but on different website platforms. Business owners are selling innovative products and provide multiple payment options to ensure that they don’t lose their website traffic. Similarly, they also consider going for mobile designs. As we know that mobile users have toppled desktop users in the digital world today, website owners are taking note of that and using mobile-friendly website templates. Strikingly allows them to rotate their website versions from desktop and mobile simultaneously.

3. Use Social Media

In B2B eCommerce, the influence of social media cannot be neglected at all costs. The value of social media marketing has increased over the last few years. All the businessmen who have the desire to attain substantial leads are promoting their products and services on social media platforms. Facebook advertising is a valuable option in this regard because it helps you to attract new followers. To make life easy, you must understand which of the social media platforms work best for you and you must tell about the services that you would like to promote.

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Instagram is also a fantastic option to have for the promotion of products. When you create a website on Strikingly, we give you the authority to add your social media accounts as part of your website. Strikingly enables you to add social media platforms in the form of icons that can be recognized on your website design. Even though people tend to put social media initials anywhere on the landing page, the best practice would be to add social media initials in the final section of the website. You can integrate your social media platforms in the contact section.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is extremely important for B2B eCommerce plans. You will find many online businesses that like to receive newsletters and emails from other companies that have something valuable to share. If you have the correct email marketing strategies at your disposal, it will help you attract thousands of customers and increase online sales. Moreover, it will help you in retaining your current customers.

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Customer loyalty will help you generate positive feedback related to your online store. By sending regular emails to your potential clients, you will not just keep them aware of the incoming products on your store, but you will also encourage them to recommend your online store to their colleagues, relatives, and neighborhood. Therefore, email marketing helps you to attain customer loyalty and influence your customer’s buying decisions.

5. Include Video Content

When you open an online business, you will always be told to not become one-dimensional with your business strategies. By becoming stagnant with your approach, you will see an increase in your website’s bounce rate and a decline in online conversions. In the guide to B2B, you will be instructed to make your website content attractive. One of the ways to do that is by adding videos to your blog section.

The readers will not just be looking into the number of lines you have written or your grammar, they will also be looking at the material you have used to support your argument. By including videos as part of your website content, you can make your content trustworthy and credible in the eyes of the readers. Strikingly enables you to add YouTube videos to your website. However, you must publish your video on your YouTube channel as you can’t add videos to a Strikingly website directly.

6. Share Valid Content

In the guide to B2B, you will go through numerous factors surrounding website content. As we have said in the previous point, video content is extremely important to convey your business message to your audience. Similarly, the content in written form also holds extreme importance for your online business. When we talk about website content, we talk about necessary website content. All the content that is part of your business website must have some sort of meaning.

For example, you cannot have a business idea related to ice cream and spend your time talking about a barbeque in your blog section. Strikingly enables you to add a blog section as part of your eCommerce website. In the blog section, you can share your experience related to the products you are promoting or selling. You can also recycle some of the old content and make it part of your website by improving it. You can implement relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on the old content.

7. Create Killer Website

If you want to see an evolution in your B2B eCommerce plans, it is important that you create a professional website. Once you select the right website builder, you can customize the website design to suit your business idea. Once you are done with the web design, you can start adding all the relevant content to your business website. Once your website traffic starts recognizing your effort, you will see an increase in your online sales.

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If you want to make your online business successful, you must rely on Strikingly. We provide our users with a collection of mobile-friendly website templates, which can be easily customized. We ensure that our website developers can create web designs without writing a single line of code. It wasn’t the case with website designs in the previous decade. Once you create your website, Strikingly won’t take more than 48 hours to make your website active.


If you are running a B2B business, it is likely that you will find yourself on an island of opportunities. The best business-to-business plans are those that are active in the social media trends and also your respective sector. If you have a working professional website on Strikingly, you can take advantage of all the knowledge that we have provided in this article and use it to support your products and services.

Strikingly believes that by establishing a quality business website, you can take your online sales to the next level. Once you create an account on Strikingly, you will fall into our free plan, which allows you to create a basic website with all the required features for your business idea. If you are finding it hard to create a business website, you can contact our Happiness Officers today. So, create your business website and bring an evolution in the eCommerce world.