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Business names play a huge role in maintaining a good, solid online presence. It helps you introduce yourself to investors and clients without giving too many wordy speeches. Business names help you give people an idea of who you are, what you can do for them, and why they should work with you and your business. If you want to have a larger audience and a reliable business foundation, you must pick only the best startup names.

Naming your business is a privilege. Aside from showing off your name, you can also have the chance to imprint a remarkable label on every online viewer. The competition gets tougher now that almost everyone is naming a startup business strategically. You,, must also do your part in choosing your startup name smartly. Finding it hard to name your startup all by yourself? Well, you got nothing to worry about.

In this blog, we’ve collected our best startup names tips to help you create the best startup names in the industry. So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your pen and paper, take notes of each key detail, and let’s start your journey on choosing your startup name.

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Startup Names Tips Just for You

1. Be Unique

If there is one important hack you should keep in mind when naming a startup, it's being distinguishable. Ecommerce is such a huge world. Tons of businesses emerge from time to time making the competition tougher as time goes by. If you wish to survive, you must make yourself uniquely distinguishable. You must exert extreme efforts to let yourself be known in the wild—finding the best startup names can help you with that.

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One common mistake people make when they make their startup names is going to the same path again. They tend to pick startup names that ring the same as their competitors, which is actually a very bad idea. If you truly want to be recognized, you must think out of the box. Be creative. Let yourself explore other startup name tips that can help you come up with startup names that aren’t just catchy but also unique. In this way, you can easily stand out to your audiences. It may not seem like it, but people tend to remember startup names that sound “strange” in their ears. Once they hear something unusual, they immediately get hooked on it. So, the more interesting your startup names are, the higher your chance of getting known by a larger market.

2. Keep it Simple

You know what they say, “the simpler, the better”. This quote is another genius startup names tips we could share with you. Though there are people who adore unique and out-of-this-world startup names, a few still have the love for clean, simple startup names. Some audiences tend to love startup names that they can easily find on the internet. When you name your startup, you can always be free to choose your startup name. There is nothing wrong with using startup names that appear simpler than the other. You can always add more spice to it by using amazing fonts and font color schemes to keep your startup names remarkable.

Another thing, being simple doesn’t mean naming your business with a bland startup name. It means avoiding too many words, which your audiences may find hard to read. Keep in mind that your primary aim in naming a startup is to strengthen your online presence. You should always have room for the general audience no matter your target market. There would be people deprived of clear eyesight or strong patience who would see your startup names. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to get conversions. Getting ignored by search engines just because your startup names are very complicated to read right isn’t of your goals in life right?

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3. Think Globally

Ecommerce is generally in digital form. Naming your business isn’t only done in your country but also throughout the whole globe. When you name your startup, keep in mind that you are not only aiming for your own countrymen to recognize you. Remember our startup names tips—make your startup name globally-ready.

Choosing your startup name is not only about its uniqueness. Naming your business also revolves on how it is ethically acceptable. We can’t deny the fact that anyone, whether you like it or not, can see your startup names. Once your business enters the world of ecommerce, everyone from all around the globe who has access to the internet can see it. You wouldn’t want naming a startup something that sounds foul towards international clients, right? Our pro tip? Make your startup names tips research. You can start by listing all your prospect startup names on a piece of paper, do some screening for each word and then proceed to making your linguistic background research. You can go and type your startup names on the internet and see if it means something to another nation. In this way, you are not only saving yourself from awkwardness, but most importantly, helping yourself build a stronger connection towards the international viewers.

4. Get Feedbacks

Now that you’re done choosing your startup name, it's now time for one important step you should know about—asking for feedback. Naming your business is undeniably fun and exciting. You get the chance to be outgoing and name your startup however you want them to be. But sometimes, people tend to miss important details that when ignored, can cause tragic harm to the whole business. To save yourself from these troubles, it's always a good choice to ask for some feedback. For you, the startup names you came up with may sound the best among the rest, but for others, it may be the weirdest thing they’ve heard in their entire life.

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Choosing your startup name also means being cautious at all times. Even though you are the owner of the business, you cannot always do what you want for there will be consequences. When you name your startup, gather at least five to ten startup names which you like. After that, go and show it to some people you trust and try to get their startup names tips and opinions about it. You can ask your family, your friends and even your most trusted colleagues to give you helpful feedback. You can even ask it from some of your target audience through the use of surveys and online forms. By doing these startup names tips, you are not only choosing your startup name, but rather, making more engagements for you and your future business.

5. Follow Your Heart

Choosing your startup name is basically choosing what your heart wants. It's not about having the best startup names in the whole world. Instead, naming a startup is finding the perfect partner you’ll work with in your ecommerce and website building journey. When you name your startup, you are actually releasing your heart’s inner desires to get recognized with what you do, not just in your chosen field, but by the whole world.

It is not bad to ask for feedback and opinions from people you trust. It is never bad to have high standards in choosing your startup name. You can always have the chance to be unique, to be simple, nor to be perfect. But, one thing you should always remember, nothing beats startup names that hear what your heart truly wants. Don’t get pressured by what others are doing. Take your time understanding each idea coming up. Analyze every angle and in no time, you will be able to see what you’ve been looking for—the best startup names you could ever own.

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Name Your Startup Business with Us!

Naming a startup doesn’t end with creating a concrete “name” for your business. If your main goal is to get equipped for the online world, we highly suggest securing your startup names with a reliable domain.

Domain names or simply domains are a set of words which are linked to a physical IP address online. Domains are unique names that you can find right after the @ symbol on your email and web addresses. Using a domain when naming your business will make it easier for your business website to identify online resources and networks. It’ll also be easier to remember and type your startup names web addresses with the right domain name. If you’re thinking of buying your own domain name, coming here in Strikingly is definitely your shining moment.

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Strikingly is among website builders with awesome offers you can enjoy when naming your business. For an affordable plan, you can enjoy creating your own startup names even having zero coding skills! If you purchase a Strikingly paid plan, you have the freedom to enjoy one free custom domain for your online business. Aside from this, you can also enjoy awesome free features like custom forms, free designer made templates, simple blog features, and even turn your website into a simple store. Just awesome right?

Choosing your startup name may overwhelm you initially. It does take a lot of effort and time to come up with the perfect name that suits you and your business. You don’t really have to worry about it. All you have to do is focus on your own goals and assess what you truly want. It’ll surely be a long ride for you as someone starting in the world of business, but trust us, it’ll definitely be all worth it in the end. After all, what comes easy won’t last long right?

If you want to learn more on making the best startup names, chat with us today and let’s start working together.