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Like the excellent entrepreneur, blogger, advocate, or website developer you are, we’d expect nothing less than staying updated with the web design trends or in-demand website designs. And though it may sometimes feel like constant and never-ending work, we both know how rewarding it is after keeping up with what’s going on in the virtual space we all dwell in. As one community, we want to help you and guide you in getting inspired and finding out the best website design trends to help you improve your landing page and your website.

10 Latest Web Design Trends

1. Retro and Bold Fonts

Typography - fonts have always played a significant role in website design trends. In recent times, we see a comeback of Retro fonts and, at the same time, bold fonts as trends in web design. Let’s talk about bold fonts first. Suppose you have been visiting and scrolling through many different websites lately. In that case, you will notice that the latest web design trend involves bold fonts to highlight the title, message, and headlines. It is also in line with the new website design trend, minimalism. Combined with neutral colors, these bold fonts help web designers emphasize the message they convey send and effectively create an impact for its audience on its own. Conversely, you might have seen the other side of web design trends that involve retro fonts. Looking through different websites, you can also notice how retro fonts are part of in-demand website design - but with a particularly modern sprinkle on top of it. Website designers and artists are finding new ways to reinvent and innovate the typical vintage typography to breathe new life into their website design.

2. Minimalistic Design

While minimalist design is not a new website design trend, it has not lost its edge to be one of today’s top website design trends. While it is usually associated with white (or dark) spaces, color recently found its way to take a position, essentially creating a new website design trend. Colorful minimalism still involves a lot of space, clean and bold typography, and other minimalist elements. Still, this latest web design trend involves using a particular color palette - usually pastel colors in contrast with solid and bold colors for their typography and design. People seem to enjoy scrolling through websites designed with not much but are still valuable and informative.

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3. Artistic Nuances

In contrast with the latest web design trend of minimalism, website designers have also been using a lot of artistic nuances. Abstract, patterns, and geometric shapes are now a major web design feature in different websites. Those who focus on this particular website design trend make themselves known and remembered well because their web design is pretty hard to miss. This is slowly becoming one of the newest website design trends that make a big difference and impact the online audience. And while there are still more minimalist website designs that we can see. It might do you and your business well to consider using artistic nuances if it is appropriate and joining in on this latest web design trend.

4. Comfortable Color Palette

We all have heard of that particular saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And this is one of the many challenges for website designers. There will always be a risk of not satisfying your viewers and customers with the new website design you choose to use. This is why being aware of the best website design trends of today is very important. And a comfortable color palette seems to be waking its way on the top of the trends in web design. This is not only used mainly on minimalist websites. They are used much more widely. If you think about it, using color neutral or a colorful palette on your website is a good move. It can neutralize the risk brought by your customers and viewers’ varying personal preferences and judgements.

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5. Microinteractions

Microinteractions is one of the newest website design trends that are gaining traction in the market. Microinteractions are the small animations on your website. Using microinteractions is becoming one of the web design trends because it enhances the user experience for your customers or visitors. These animations come in different forms. It can be as simple as a link changing colors when the mouse cursor hovers over it. Or it can be an image changing into another one as you hover your mouse over it. This in-demand website design can really make your users enjoy interacting with your website even more.

6. Customized Cursors

Another one of the website design trends that we are seeing a lot these days is customized cursors. This involves changing the default website cursor so that when someone visits your website, they can use a customized cursor specific to your website and your website only. As visitors scroll through your website, this can be fun and exciting to use, play with, and look at. And it can help you stand out from the crowd because this is one of the website design trends usually neglected by website designers.

7. Video Backgrounds

Gone are the days that website designers only used high-quality website images. One of today’s new website design trends involves using videos for the background of their website or pages. This is an in-demand website design because it really helps businesses and website owners enhance their users’ experience. And, at the same time, more effectively send a message or sell their products. It effectively gives your customers a teaser trailer of what you have to offer and what they can expect from your business and your website. You can do this easily with your Strikingly editor. Just click on the “Background” Settings on the section you want to apply it to and select a video to add to your website, and you’re good to go!

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8. Smart Content Load

Smart content load refers to how your website loads the content you have. The website design trends should not only revolve around static content and design. This is not an entirely new website design trend, but it is one of the best website design trends you should really take advantage of. Whether you implement the infinite scroll, pagination, parallax scrolling, or lazy loading scroll, these web design trends show that how your content can be loaded and viewed is vital in ensuring premium user experience. Decide on which approach is best suited for your website and your content so that you can take advantage of these trends in web design.

9. Chatbots and Live Chat

With the disconnect brought about by the pandemic, it isn’t surprising that people have made chatbots and live chats an in-demand website design feature of websites. This may be one of the website design trends that are highly functional and also effective for improving customer experience. With Strikingly, you have the ability and choice to choose between adding a Strikingly Live Chat or a Messenger Live Chat. Both allow you to actively engage with your audience in real-time.

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You can add a Messenger Live chat by getting your Facebook App ID and your Facebook Page ID. You will use these codes in the customer footer code you can find here. You also have to add your domain to the whitelist in the Messenger Platform of your Facebook Page Admin settings.

Conversely, you can add a Strikingly Live Chat feature on your website by going to Strikingly Site Editor Settings. In the audience menu of your settings, you will see a “Live Chat” section. By clicking here, you can easily click on “Activate Live Chat”. This would immediately allow customers to send a live chat to you and your assigned agents. You can enable notifications both on your desktop and your mobile device so that you can easily see and respond to your customers. You can also have help in answering inquiries and concerns by adding a teammate and assigning them the role of an “Agent”. Keeping up with these website design trends can really help you be more efficient and effective in your endeavors.

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10. Easy Mobile Navigation

One of the most important website design trends that you should pay great attention to. Most of your customers and site visitors use their phones as they browse and scroll through your website and other websites. Thus, it is extremely vital that you optimize your website for mobile devices. With your Strikingly editor, you can check how your website looks on a mobile device while editing. You can toggle Mobile View by clicking on the phone icon just above your Publish button.

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In recent times, a lot of us have had a lot of time to explore the world in front of our own laptops and computers. And with all the brilliant minds mixed with time and wondrous technology, it’s no surprise that there is another wave of amazing website design trends that we all should learn about. These trends in web design are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they also present practical uses and, in their entirety, improve the overall user experience. With a reliable website builder and editor like Strikingly, you can utilize the full potential of your website and keep up with the latest website design trends. Sign up with Strikingly now!