These days, even the most inexperienced web user can build his or her own site with the help of web page templates. These tools enable you to create a professional and decent-looking website even without prior knowledge of programming language or website design.

As a leading brand in internet services, Strikingly continues to develop modern and free web page templates that are designed to suit various industries. The platform simplifies the website design and development process by getting you started with a mobile-responsive template that you can customize according to your specific content needs.

Having helped thousands of users get their websites up, we found that having a ton of template options can be both a good thing and bad thing. On the one hand, you have a lot of options so there’s bound to be a web page template that will suit your needs. On the other hand, the variety is making it difficult for many people to choose just one. Fortunately, here at Strikingly, it’s okay to change your mind - several times, even. You can switch to different templates mid-way to creating your site or even after publishing it. Our web page templates free you from having to worry about being stuck with a single template for your site for the rest of its existence.

Determine your content requirements

strikingly web page templates

The kind of website you’re building usually has a huge impact on your choice of web page templates. Strikingly groups templates according to categories such as personal, startup, business and blog to help you streamline your search. You’re welcome to add sections to the template you choose - for instance, you can add the Simple Store to turn your site into an online store. However, some template designs may address specific needs. For instance, we found that some of our users find that the left navigation panel feature on some of our templates is best suited for personal portfolios and online resumes. Having said that, these are just recommendations. We suggest that you preview the templates you find attractive before deciding.

Customize your web page template

custom color on web page template

One of the apprehensions that a lot of people have about website builders is they run the risk of ending up with a generic looking website. Strikingly addresses that concern by giving you the freedom to customize your selected free web page template. Aside from the ability to upload your own background images and logos to give your site a unique identity, you can also use custom color schemes through the site editor. Each template has a set of recommended colors that would look great on the theme but if you want to choose your own colors, you’re free to do so. Simply add the hex code of your desired shade in the site editor and you’re all set.

Strikingly also has a huge library of typefaces that you can implement on your website. You can choose different fonts for your headers and body text to make it reflect the distinct personality of your brand. Alternatively, you can also upload your own custom font if you have that available so your website remains consistent with all your other pages on the web.

Additional Features

Each Strikingly web page template features sections that are designed for specific areas of a website - e.g. Contact Us, About Us, page header, etc. You do have the option to add more sections to your web page template according to your content needs. For instance, you might want to add a gallery section for displaying company photos or a collection of your most recent works. You can add a Soundcloud playlist or podcast or an ecommerce platform. The possibilities for creating unique looking websites on Strikingly are endless. We recommend that you explore the site editor further to discover tools that you might find effective in engaging your target audience.