A company website is an extension of your brand in the digital world. It represents your business and helps create a following for your products and services. Most businesses, however, find it extremely difficult to maintain a website because it’s hard to identify what would make it successful.


Basic company information

First and foremost, a company website should be able to tell visitors what your business is about. At the very least you should have a homepage that explains what your company does along with a call to action to contact you. You should include social media buttons, a pricing page and informative content about the product or services you offer.

Manage your online reputation

No matter how meticulous and creative you get when you build company website content, you are risking turning away users due to negative online reviews. Monitor bad feedback and respond to customer concerns in a timely manner. Conversely, you want to showcase positive testimonials about your product on your website. Strikingly’s company website templates allow you to add a section for containing testimonial videos coming from satisfied customers.

Be strategic and consistent with your branding

You start with an attractive logo. If you have the budget for it, get your company logo professionally done. A strategic combination of font, colors and other design elements can help attract your customer’s attention. It also makes your brand easier to remember. Reinforce brand recall by using the same color scheme on your website. Strikingly’s site editor lets you customize your company website’s colors and typography so it goes well with your brand. Extend the use of the same colors to your social media pages to have a more cohesive online reputation.

Design an engaging homepage

One of the good things about working from Strikingly’s company website templates is you get a substantial level of control over the visuals that go into your site. For starters, you have to make your landing pages attractive enough to engage your potential customers. Play around with image and video backgrounds. Experiment with different messages and use call to action buttons to encourage users to interact with your website.


Keep your text short and sweet. Don’t bore your audience with long passages explaining how good you are. Nobody ever reads text heavy sites unless they have to. Create an emotional connection with your audience by addressing their needs and challenges relative to your product or service. Work towards creating a homepage content that makes it difficult for visitors to leave.

Start optimizing for search engines while building your site

Another tip on how to make a company website successful is to start implementing an SEO strategy during the early stages of site building. Aside from creating content for your target audience, you should also focus on search engine optimization. Your website will rely heavily on search engines and social media networks especially during the early stages of its life. Following SEO practices such as keeping your site metadata complete, using mobile responsive company website templates and creating quality content can set up your site for success.

Make sure to include a focus keyword on your main landing page. Ideally, every page should have a focus keyword and all your keywords should describe what your company does and the products and services it offers. Take some time to do keyword research and find out what words would be suitable for every part of your website. Use focus keywords on your page title and your metadata as well as your headers but be cautious about keyword stuffing. Remember that the keywords should appear as natural as possible in your content.