We hear of the word being dropped all over the digital world and many people see it as the future of retail. But what is ecommerce website and how does it work? Here is a quick guide to building ecommerce websites that attract profits and repeat business.

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What is an ecommerce website?

Ecommerce or electronic commerce refers to a business model that involves sales transactions being done on the web. Virtually every online shopping website - big or small - follows this structure. Any site where you can obtain items for sale over the internet is considered an ecommerce website.

One of the obvious differences between an ecommerce site and an ordinary business or company website is in the features that it supports. A company website may just house information on the brand’s product and services so users will need to contact the company directly if they want to do business with them. Meanwhile, an ecommerce site works pretty much like how a physical store works. Users can purchase items, arrange for delivery and payments on the same site without the need to call a human person to help them with their order. When you start learning how to create ecommerce website content, you’ll find that it’s a bit more complicated to put up an online store compared to an ordinary website because of the features and design elements that the former requires.

How to build an ecommerce website

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There are two ways to build ecommerce websites: one is to plan out what you want to see on your website then get a professional website developer to handle the project for you. The other way is to use a free ecommerce website builder. There is no right or wrong way of building an online store. It all depends on your budget and how much time you are willing to spend on this task.

If you do want to go the DIY route and use a site builder, the first step is to find the best ecommerce website builder for small business. If you want to dip your toes into the world of ecommerce but you’re hesitant about making a huge investment, Strikingly can help you set up your online store for free. Its website ecommerce platform called Simple Store is available even for free accounts. Once you’re ready to take the plunge and sell more products, this site builder can help you scale up with even more options on the paid accounts.

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Deciding on the product to sell

The next step is to decide on the product that you want to sell. Your choice depends on a lot of factors including what types of products you’re interested in, what is in demand with your chosen market niche and how complicated it is to source the product or make it yourself. You want to do market research, identify your target audience and find out what their needs and challenges are so you can provide the product that answers their concerns.

Once you have that all set, you can go ahead to designing the ecommerce website and planning the content.

Building website content

When it comes to building ecommerce websites, there are best practices that you must take note of to ensure the success of your new venture. For starters, you want to make sure that you’re using high quality product images to help users decide whether or not your product is suitable for their needs. If you can add action shots, or photos of the products being used, that will be really helpful. You also want to provide detailed product descriptions to help users make informed decisions about your product. Finally, always prioritize user experience so make it easy for your potential customers to complete purchases with just a few clicks. The information they are looking for should also be readily available on your website. Also provide updated contact details so they know who to contact if they get stuck while putting in an order on your website or if they have product-related queries.

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