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Designing a website can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’s exciting because you get the chance to create your own website layout however you want it to be. At the same time, you’ll feel terrified because you aren’t so sure if your desired website layout design will work.

If you’re someone who has zero clue on how to do the best website layout design, worry less because Strikingly got you covered. First, let’s get you started by understanding a website layout.

karen website layout

Image taken from Karen Lo

What is a Website Layout?

A website layout is simply the arranged format of all elements present within your homepage. It acts as the ‘plan’ or sequence of how things will flow on your website page. Website layout shows whether all ideas written and posted within a website correlate with each other or not. An effective website layout also defines how functional a website is. If your website layout is appropriately organized, it is easier for your customers to go and navigate around your homepage.

A website layout is one of the fundamental elements needed to make an outstanding website. It is like a magnet that you can use to draw attention. When a website viewer lands on your page, the first thing that they will see is your website layout design. The scene they will be laying their eyes upon will then determine if you will get a new client, or sadly, a bounce rate.

Why Effective Website Layout is Important?

A website layout can do more than just arrange your homepage elements. To give you a better view, we listed below some of the benefits a website layout can give you.

1. Gives an identity

First impressions do last. This is also the same in having the best website layout in the digital world. An effective website layout design helps you tell your users who you are. Once they see your website layout, they can immediately remember your brand by how things are organized on your homepage. When making your website layout design, always remember that the design you will be making will determine if viewers will stay on your page or not. Use this as a chance to show off what you’ve got. Entice them with your works and superb website layout. Pick a website layout that isn’t all about aesthetics but, most importantly, helps you showcase your uniqueness from your other competitors.

2. Easy navigation

A website layout isn’t just all about templates. Having a smooth website layout will also determine your website’s overall navigation. A website page is like a road with its own ways and routes. You can either reach your destination for every turn you make or get lost. This is also similar to picking a nice, functional website layout. When you have a well-designed website layout, users can quickly go to where they want to be on your website. It will be faster for them to find what they want about your website or even make transactions with you. On the other hand, having a messy website layout design will only result in confusion or, worse, loss of possible clients.

3. Increase conversion rates

Website audiences tend to change their minds often. One moment they want to purchase an item. The next minute they lose their interest in it. Most online customers only visit website pages to compare items but wouldn’t really purchase. In some cases, they are just plain curious. A strategic website layout design can help you overcome this type of website viewer. Once they see your best website layout and fall in love with it, they will naturally get curious about extending their stay on your website, or even better, proceed with their first transaction with you.

oriana website layout

Image taken from Oriana Castro

Tips on Choosing a Website Layout Design

Choosing the best website layout design may become too much to handle specifically for starters. To make it easier for you, we listed down some helpful tips you should never miss when choosing a website layout.

1. Fits your content

There are tons of good website layout design you can find on the internet, but only a few of them will match your standards. When designing your website layout, always be mindful of its relevance to what your website is about. A website layout must always be compatible with your content. Do not be scared of trying out a new website layout design that is different from what others use. If you are making a portfolio website, pick a website layout that allows you to freely post photos and videos. If you’re planning to do a website for your online business, go with an effective website layout that allows you to add “buy now” buttons and pricing tables.

2. Less is more

Not because everyone does it means you have to do it. Website owners tend to think that flashy and extravagant website layout will help them get more viewers. The answer to that is both yes and no. Yes, people will immediately get curious once they see how extravagant your website layout is, but the question is, will they stay? It may not seem like it, but most website viewers get easily tired after seeing a design they saw from almost all the websites they’ve been into. An effective website layout is simple yet functional. Do not be afraid to try new designs. Customize your website layout however you want them to me. Just always remember to keep them organized and user-friendly.

What to Include in Your Website Layout?

Now that you’re done choosing a website layout, what should you put in it? Well, we got them listed down for you.

1. Headline and subheadings

Website layout wouldn’t be complete without your headlines and subheadlines. These two both answer the question, “what does your business do?”. To make things clearer for your website viewers, include a striking headline on your website layout design. A perfect headline doesn’t need to have flowery words. You can just go straight to the point and clearly describe what your company is all about. For your sub-headlines, use them smartly in describing your products and services offered.

2. Call-To-Action

Call to action or CTAs help audiences identify where to go next on your website layout. CTAs provide a sense of direction on what your users can see on the subsequent pages. They are usually designed in the form of buttons or links. Design your CTAs in a way that audiences can clearly see them. Make them look interesting to encourage more clicks from your users.

3. Your branding

Branding is another vital element you should always note when choosing a website layout. Create a logo for your business and include it in your website design layout. Your logo acts as the “DNA” of your branding, giving you a unique identity from your competitors. You can also use the color theme of your designed logo as a guide in finding the template for your website layout.

4. High-quality images

A website layout design is more incredible with the proper selection of images. Photos make any homepage design more fun. At the same time, it also helps you showcase your products and services offered. Customers tend to get more attracted to photos than texts posted on websites. To promote your website more, post eye-pleasing images and avoid poorly shot photos.

5. Navigation bar

Navigation is essential in any type of website layout. It exists primarily to serve as a guide for your visitors to easily browse on your website. When choosing a website layout, always consider how your navigation bar will be placed on your homepage. It must always be clearly labeled and is placed in an area where your viewers can easily spot it. You can also make a more effective website layout design by including only the necessary pages. This way, confusion among your viewers can be prevented.

6. Testimonials

No matter how good your website layout design is, users will always want to see proof of what you are doing. To make yourself look more professional and trustworthy, always include a testimonial page on your website layout design. You can post short clips or feedback from your past clients and some of your achievements to make a more effective website layout design.

michael website layout

Image taken from Michael Seibel

Strikingly Must-Try Website Layouts

Strikingly is among a few website builders who got a bunch of fun-filled samples of website layout. You can even get some of them for free! Sounds amazing, right? To give you a better view, we collected them down for you.

1. Simple Store Layout

Strikingly Simple Store layout is among tour users’ most popular website layout. This website layout design can quickly sell your products right on your online store. Easily add a simple store section on your Strikingly website, and you are good to go. Start managing orders, set payment methods, and even set product categorization without breaking too much sweat.

runway website layout

Image taken from Runway Prints

2. Portfolio

An online portfolio is another in-demand type of website these days. Many professionals are switching from the traditional way of creating portfolios to a modern style like making digital portfolios. For our portfolio website layout, you have the chance to post your works and put them in a fabulous gallery. As your viewers click on them, each product or item will then open to its own page, where you can add a price and a detailed description of what it is about.

peggy website layout

Image taken from Peggy Liu

3. Simple Blog

Our Simple blog offers an effective website layout for aspiring writers. You can start writing your own blogs and post them on sections that open to a new page once viewers click on them. Take a look at this one best example created by one of our users.

Agains the grain website layout

Image taken from Against the Grain

Make an Effective Website Layout with Us!

Strikingly does not only offer free awesome website layout to our users. We also give them the freedom to customize their own page however they want it to be. Many of our website sections have a "Layout" option in the top right corner. This option offers a superb and effective website layout that users can enjoy. To do this:

  • Go to the edit mode
  • Check the upper right corner of your section
  • Find and click the "Layout" button.

change section layout

Image taken from Strikingly

Having an effective website layout isn’t really as complicated as you thought it could be. With the right tools and the best website builder, you can freely do it without encountering too many complications. If you are looking for the right partner who can truly understand you when making the best website layout, set your standards high. Find someone who does not only gives you a bunch of options but, most importantly, guides you on how to make your website look better and, of course, more functional—just like how we do it in Strikingly.

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