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You may have heard the saying in eCommerce that you cannot make money online by just having a website. The establishment of an email list is fundamental to making money online. However, what is the starting point of an eCommerce expert when he builds an email list? If you ask most website owners worldwide, they will tell you about the website landing page.

Perhaps, this isn’t the first time that you have heard about this marketing strategy. However, there could be a possibility that you may have never had a chance to create this website page for your respective business. Or, you may have a few question marks surrounding this page that are unresolved. But don’t worry, you have come to the right place to resolve all your queries.

Factors in Making the Best Landing Page

The objective of this website page is to convert all of your visitors into leads. Usually, this website page doesn’t have a lot of content to display. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the distractions that this page can cause. Having said that, if you want to establish a concrete website page of this kind, you must look at three critical factors. Below, we have shared some of those factors for your understanding.

1. Quality of Deals

Let’s be honest, no matter how attractive your website landing page is, your customers will not provide you with their email addresses if your deals are appalling. An ideal website page isn’t just about the quality of graphic design but also about the quality of deals you deliver to your customers. Not every one of your customer’s feedback is based on your website design, but it may also be about the offers that you have put on your website.

When you set up this website page, you must know about the offers that interest your target market. It could be an ebook, a checklist, or even a lecture unless beneficial to your visitors. After all, your customers will head over to the sign-up form on the back of these offers.

2. Easy-To-Use

“Simplicity is genius” is a saying that you may have heard numerous times. When you create a landing page, you must follow it at all costs to improve your customer feedback. It is all about making sure that your website is easy to read, load, and take action (particularly on mobiles). The last thing you want is for your visitors to have an unpleasant experience while visiting your platform. It is about making sure that everything on your website is on point and your message is conveyed appropriately.

3. About Us Page

about us page

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When you create a landing page, your “about us” section is arguably the most essential feature. Most importantly, it is the first thing that catches the eye of visitors. The headline of this page should be a brief statement about what your business stands for and the services you are providing to your respective customers. If everything goes well, you may have the possibility of converting a lead into a customer, which may consider leaving your website in the worst case.

As you have a reliable website builder like Strikingly to rely on, you don’t need to look further to make a high-quality about us page. Our innovative features will allow you to get done with this page in just a few minutes. You can choose from a collection of hundreds of templates that we have at our disposal.

Best Strategies for Making a Landing Page

Now that you know the fundamentals surrounding this website page, it is important to know the strategies you can consider. When you create this page, choosing an effective template isn’t the only strategy you should consider. Instead, it is about understanding how you can meet your email-list building objectives. We can promise the collection of Strikingly templates that they are already proven to be in working order. To use them properly, we have shared some of the key strategies below.

1. Design Template

If you have an understanding of what is a landing page, you must also know the importance of a design template for its making. There are numerous ways to create this website page from the start, such as HTML and CSS. However, it is pretty much time-consuming to look after this page from square one. As a result, the most proficient website builders tend to consider the already-proven design ideas to prioritize their time on the more important things.

landing page template

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You will not just save a lot of time by following this strategy, but you don’t need to worry whether your selected Strikingly template will be in working order or not. For your better understanding, you can look at some of the Strikingly websites and how the other website owners have used the design templates to improve their website’s personality. All you need to do is complete the registration process on Strikingly, select your preferred template, and get down to work.

2. Substantial Elements

For a website landing page, typically, an organization would prefer a plain page without any interference. However, it doesn’t mean that you take the entire excitement out of your page and make it dull. After all, you shouldn’t be missing out on flaunting your organization’s logo.

The best website pages can integrate required design elements that draw the attention of their customers to the most critical parts of the page. Even though the page should have minimal distractions, their developer’s pragmatic approaches are straight on point. No one wants to read an enormous paragraph of text. Therefore, they tend to use arrows or badges to ensure that their page stands out.

3. CTA (Call-to-Action)

In your landing page design, the CTA button is fundamental to your eCommerce website’s success. The eCommerce experts do not do variations with their button styles for no reason. They prioritize all the little details, such as color, font, and even the location on display. When going through your design, you must know that every graphic or design choice you have made is for a specific reason. None of your choices were made randomly. Regardless of your page is free or paid, the rules apply to everyone.

call to action

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The most important thing regarding a CTA button is that it should stand out from the rest of your competitors. Your button must clearly indicate what your customers should do after going through your website page. Moreover, they should have a complete understanding of what they can achieve from your platform simultaneously.

Even though the CTA buttons always want action from their customers, they are not advantageous entirely. For example, if you just put the words “click”, “download”, “hit the link” on your button, it will create a bad reputation for your website. Even though the visitors may click on the button, they won’t recommend your website to their friends or relatives. Therefore, you must create a professional look for your CTA button.

4. Testing

A/B testing is an essential component to consider when creating a landing page for your eCommerce website. Although competitor analysis is important, learning from your own mistakes is an even better strategy. As the objective of your page is distinct, you are never sure whether your prioritized page tactics will come to fruition or not.

A/B testing enables you to create two different website pages so you can determine which one of them converts the highest possible leads. On your page, you can test numerous elements, such as the interface. Professional digital marketers even consider their design choices to ensure that none of their selections are made randomly.

5. Mobile Optimization

When creating a landing page, you must keep in mind that this page must be optimized for mobile phones. In today’s period, most of the visitors are not associated with laptops or computers all the time. Therefore, you have to ensure that your platform is mobile-friendly. You can see how your platform shows up in different screen sizes. Moreover, you can check whether all your website buttons and forms are in working order or not. If you are relying on Strikingly, you are free of all these kinds of tensions because our templates are mobile-responsive.

Build a Page with Strikingly

Are you ready to create your email list and send newsletters to your potential customers? Don’t waste time and head over to Strikingly to get yourself registered. Once you have completed your registration, consider the best template from our collection and integrate all the features in your landing page design.

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Once you have selected the suitable template for your design, you can start the customization process that ticks all the boxes for your business. Make sure that you don’t forget all the necessary elements required for an ideal website page.

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Strikingly is one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to making high-quality website pages. We ensure that your pages are mobile-responsive and attractive. Through our created pages, you will know the key aspects that are fundamental to your business. Make sure not to delay your process any further. Get in touch with Strikingly today and get started with your eCommerce website.