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If you are a web designer or own any customized platform, you must have had a phase in which you struggled to get web design clients. Finding these clients is the toughest task out of all for a freelancer. Even established companies sometimes struggle to get the best web design updates for their clients.

In a competitive market like web designing, you must wonder how to get web design clients. But don’t worry regarding that. With a bigger market, you will face bigger challenges. You must accept that you are part of that 70% of people who become associated with a web design business in some part of their lives. You are surrounded by a heritage of freelancers and web designers.

Some of them live in countries that have a low cost of living. Therefore, costs are not the deciding factor. You can be an excellent web designer, who has great expertise in selling his services. Or, if you don’t have such skills, you will struggle to attract clients.

Ways of Attracting Clients for Web Designs

Here, we have shared the best ways for our creative professionals to attract clients for web designs. They can be implemented for any freelancer or a small business, Most importantly, these strategies are free to use.

1. Look for Job Boards and Marketplaces in Your Niche

If you visualize an industry, it has a specific job board. It applies the same to every industry. Transforming the popular job boards as shortcuts and visualizing them regularly can be an ideal strategy to get web design clients.

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If we see the freelance marketplaces, they are inclined to attract companies or clients that are looking for a web design or are in the ‘buying’ phase. Considering the number of clients you are looking to hire, you must always create an exciting profile on freelance marketing platforms. The experts look extensively into the strategies that enable them to get the best web developers. Therefore, you must have a professional profile and the below-mentioned tips will benefit:

  • Take your time while creating a professional image
  • You must know the difficulties in making a profile image and how you can overcome them.
  • Highlight all your skills and experiences
  • Share the references that have enabled you to get to the freelance project

2. Prioritize Your Website

No one will trust their site to an organization that cannot create its online presence. Therefore, you shouldn’t need a reminder that your web design and functionality must work to their full capacity. You must make it as user-friendly and fresh for your clients as possible. However, this is not the most crucial factor.

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If you are finding web design clients through your website, note that your client must be able to recognize your website. Optimize your website to display it in the search engine result pages (SERPs). If required, you can set up some pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Google advertisements. You must target your respective niche and study the local-based searches in association with it.

You must keep in mind that to influence your search engine rankings, you must display your name throughout the entire web. We have mentioned a few steps below to make you understand it better.

  • Use portfolio websites
  • Tell your mates, colleagues, or partners who have their respective blogs, websites, or social media accounts that they should link it to your website
  • Look for the best web design blog owners and request them to accept your blog writing services
  • Build or join online communities, groups, pages that are associated with the web design niche. Create a persona in those groups and ensure that you are ready to help everyone.

3. Execute One Marketing Tactic

Marketing is a huge undertaking that a freelancer or a small business owner must master to a certain degree. If you cannot do it, get a specified niche you are good at. Two of the most effective marketing strategies are social media integration and the use of web content.

  • Social Media Integration

Social media has become an important part of our social lives. It is not a secret anymore that you have to be active on your social media platforms for finding web design clients. It is an important aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy.

There are many social media platforms on the roster. So does that mean that you have to be active on all of them? Not necessarily.

  • Prioritize Your Client’s Demands

First, check the social media platforms that your clients use. LinkedIn is the most ideal business platform for searching for business clients. On LinkedIn, you can build a professional profile image with specific keywords discussing your expertise. It enables you to build a strong relationship with your business clients.

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Second, we have Facebook, which is arguably the most popular social media platform in the world. Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook enables you to have relaxed communication after getting web design clients. Make sure that you build an online community that shows how your services will be used.

  • Utilize Web Content

Another singular marketing tactic is the use of web content. In every marketing company, established content is the ‘bread and butter’ for the welfare of their company brand. It creates a positive image of your brand, showing you as an ideal web designer. It also bodes well for your search engine optimization (SEO) results.

If you look at the articles on Strikingly, you'd realize that we always create high-quality articles that make sense to our readers. We ensure a topic is covered in every aspect. Moreover, we provide considerable resources to improve website SEO. Our users can easily optimize content to improve their search engine results. Apart from that, we also have a team of experienced web developers that will help you create exciting websites for publishing your content.

4. Practice Written Communication

As a freelancer, you should know that your client will always look for more than just the final product. You must require skills regarding project management, workflows, industrial equipment, etc. One way in which you can make your client feel comfortable is by contacting them via email or on messaging platforms.

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Once you get web design clients, you must practice written communication. There is so much freelance work around the world that requires Slack, email, or any other messaging platform for written communication.

We are not saying that no one should be allowed to speak verbally in the office, but it disrupts the working atmosphere if you talk continuously about a matter instead of having written communication. If there is a need to talk, you must head over to the person’s system and talk to them in a low voice.

If you are a top professional, you must have impressive communication skills with your clients. You must be able to respond to their questions appropriately so they find it easy to communicate with you in the future.

5. Communicate at Events

Some may argue that talking at events is not a realistic option. For some, it is just another day at work. Regardless of your opinion on this, you must know that keynote speaking is beneficial for you to make a name for yourself and build authority. You can look into some of the event website templates from Strikingly to have a clear idea about your approach.

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There are many event conferences taking place across the world. Shopify Unite and ShopTalk are some of the ideal event press conferences out there. These conferences are associated with each aspect of the web. The more you specialize in it, the more protocol you will receive as a guest speaker. Who knows that you may end up getting web design clients through this strategy. If you have never spoken in live events before, you can talk to some of the best public speakers in the world. They will give a boost to your confidence.


In the entire process of getting web design clients, you will learn a lot about yourself, your company, your potential, and your ideal business client. Now, it is all about implementing your knowledge. You must have all the credentials to create an objective regarding a niche, have skills about that niche, and the knowledge for your promotion to the world.

Initially, you will work harder rather than smarter. Rather than attracting every client and determining whether he is good for your business, you can attract the best clients for you to work with. Strikingly is a popular website builder that enables you to have a quality web presence and to be active on social media, which will be beneficial in finding web design clients. If you have built a website on our platform, you can check out the new features to improve your web design. You can look into our feature updates that will allow you to get the best web design for your clients.