One of the reasons why Strikingly continues to be one of the leading website builders today is because we continuously innovate and pave new paths for creating unique and attractive online spaces. As an internet company, we strive to introduce new web design templates and design options to enable businesses and professionals to compete against stronger brands and bigger digital marketing budgets.

Just because you’re using a website builder doesn’t necessarily mean your site will look like everyone else’s page. Free web design templates give you a navigational and design framework so you don’t have to write code to build your website. Strikingly equips you with all the tools that you need to create an online space that reflects your personality.

Customizing styles on webpage design templates

customizing web design templates

Strikingly makes it easier for you to play around with different design elements and create an attractive and engaging site. The platform features a variety of ways for you to mix and match different color schemes according to your preference.

Each of the free website design templates has a set of color schemes that work great with the look and feel of the site. But if you want a specific shade of red or yellow to use for your primary color, for instance, you can manually input the hex code into the site editor to use that shade. There are a number of online tools you can use to generate different color schemes and combinations. Feel free to try every possibility you can think of until you’re happy with your choice.

Use different typefaces

change font on web design template

Typography sets the tone for your website content. It can help you communicate your message effectively when you choose the right fonts. Strikingly lets you experiment on different font styles on the free website design templates from the site editor. Each template usually comes with a default font for every text type but it is highly recommended that you try other options to see which one works best for your brand.

You can choose up to three typefaces: title, heading and text. If you’re quite unsure as to the type of font to select, selecting types from the same font family usually makes your website look more coherent. A good example is the Roboto font family which has the regular sans serif style that you can use for text and the Roboto Slab or Roboto Mono for headings.

With Strikingly’s websites design templates, free accounts can access a wide range of typefaces but if your company already has a set of branding guidelines including a custom font, a Pro account on this platform lets you upload your custom type to use on your site.

Setting different backgrounds

Backgrounds are another way to make your Strikingly website stand out. Different visuals have the power to engage visitors and make them stick around. For a minimalist look, include a lot of negative space by changing the background colors of the sections of certain themes. Background color editing is available on the followign themes:

  • Bright
  • Fresh
  • Sleek
  • Light Deck
  • Minimal
  • Coffee

Using strong visuals such as high quality images and videos can also draw users to your site content. Background video gives your website a modern appeal. When choosing visuals, however, take care not to choose images with rich color tones that may clash with the text overlay. You can also edit the contrast and brightness of your background images through the site editor.

Get inspired by other Strikingly-powered websites

If you need more design inspiration for your next website project, the Discover page on Strikingly features a growing collection of websites created using the platform. Check out how other businesses and individuals created unique sites out of our website design templates.