Designing a website is essential in making your online platform more effective. If you want to establish a strong impression on every website viewer who visits your page, making a striking website design layout is a must. You must give them a strong impact—too strong that your business’ brand wouldn’t leave their minds.

One way to do that? Through the help of parallax web design. Haven’t heard of it? Well, good news because you just happen to be in the right place to know everything you need to know about parallax web design.

What is Parallax Scrolling in Web Design?

Parallax web design or parallax scrolling can be defined as simply a website scrolling technique wherein the website background image moves at a slower pace than the foreground images. With the parallax scrolling websites technique, a sense of depth on the two-dimensional parallax web design is being made. For the past years, parallax web design has been one of the trendiest website design techniques.

Such techniques made remarkable impacts on businesses that used them in their parallax web design. Why not? Though it may appear simple for some, parallax web design makes any online platform more unique and communicative. Parallax scrolling websites technique involves creating different layers of website images that each move at different slow speeds when a website viewer is scrolling through the website. In some cases, website designers program a parallax web design wherein there are self-determining parts of a website image that moves. This part is usually either a character or an avatar that is movable on a specific given digital landscape.


Image taken from Tablas Gourmet

Reasons to Use Parallax Web Design

Yes, parallax web design is another to upgrade your website. But, why do you need to integrate it? What are the benefits of using parallax web design? Here are our reasons why.

1. Best Option for Product Websites

Parallax web design is a technique that primarily offers a simple yet effective website design. Using it in your parallax website platform can help you give your users smooth access throughout your website. They can easily and quickly browse through your website page and get the information they need.

This effect brought by parallax web design scrolling is one of the main reasons why this technique is highly recommended for product websites. With parallax scrolling websites, you can vividly present your products. You can even use your selling product photos as the main image for your parallax web design adding more impact to your product marketing strategy. This amazingly developed technical advancement allows website visitors to interact with parallax scrolling websites even more driving more interest in your business.

2. Awesome User Experience

Parallax web design adds a striking, appealing, and fluid movement to any static online website. This awesome effect results in a more dynamic website experience for website users. This is one advantage of using parallax web design. When users find your website design engaging, they tend to develop more interest and stay longer on your website.

Aside from this, parallax web design is also best for mobile users. The parallax website does not only look good on mobile devices. It is also a great browsing style specifically nowadays where people tend to spend most of their time scrolling their social media through mobile devices. Scrolling is also the most typical browsing technique used in many social media platforms. And by using parallax web design for your website, you are making things more interesting for your website followers. Parallax web design removes the need to click on navigation bars and buttons, allowing users to simply keep on scrolling.

3. Lessens Bounce Rates

Bounce rates can be defined as the number of website visitors who browse and visit your website before exploring another page on your online platform. When your website bounce rate is high, it negatively affects your online website’s rankings. To prevent this, using parallax web design is one great technique. Various examples of parallax scrolling used on websites have proven to reduce bounce rates. This is primarily because of the dynamic experience a parallax web design can offer, encouraging website visitors to stay longer on your website and continue browsing.

Parallax web design is also beneficial in increasing your SEO rankings. Search engines including Google recognize more of those websites that can make their users stay longer on their website page. Implementing parallax web design not only showcases a smooth design for your website but also emphasizes the professionalism and creativity your team has. A well-made website page is definitely a must-try website page.

4. Allows Storytelling

Parallax web design emphasizes the use of a smooth, flowing effect while browsing through your website. This effect alone is another best tool in telling a story of what your website is all about. A parallax website can allow you to create a more pleasing page for the awesome story of your business by adding a continuous flow of information perfectly attached to your website. Using a parallax website scrolling technique to improve the navigation of your whole website turns your website into an unforgettable virtual experience for your website viewers.

5. Creates Natural Social Shares

Parallax website scrolling allows your website to be conversion-wise. It can direct instant attention to your website forms and designed call-to-action phrases. With parallax web design, you are putting your visitors in charge. They have the option to take an active role in interacting with your website. This role that parallax web design gives to your website viewers gives a mindset of willingly choosing to stay on your website and continue browsing, thus improving your website traffic.

Best Examples of Parallax Scrolling Websites

Now that you’ve got the basic ideas on why parallax web design is a holy grail, let’s take things on to the next level. To give you a better view of how parallax website scrolling works, we’ve provided down below the best examples of parallax scrolling websites made by our users. Take a look at these websites and who knows, you could be the next one to rock the world of parallax web design.


Image taken from Julianne Feir

Julianne Feir is a teacher candidate, artist, and advocate. Her passion for arts and her professional work can immediately be seen in her parallax web design. Upon landing on her page, you will be welcomed by an amazing abstract background image along with her website name, Julianne Feir. And as you scroll down her website page, you will encounter an amazing set of artworks, photographs, and portraits as her parallax web design. The presence of various call-to-actions on her parallax web design is also prominent. You can find specific sections containing her online resume, philosophies, rationales, lesson plan ideas, blogs, advocacies, her student gallery, professional gallery, and even a contact section.


Image taken from What I See

This custom printing website owned by Anne Kaercher takes parallax web design to another level. Her parallax web design is filled with stunning photographs with inspiring texts attached to it. What’s interesting about this parallax web design is that there are no other sections besides a pricing page and social media section at the end of the website page driving instant curiosity to anyone who sees it. Just another one among the best examples of parallax scrolling that offers simple, yet intriguing web design.


Image taken from Flew The Coop

Flew the Coop is among the most awesome food website services made with us. They are a food cart serving southern fried chicken sandwiches located in Portland. You’ll surely enjoy browsing their website with their parallax web design filled with images showing mouthwatering chicken sandwiches they offer. You can also spot call-to-actions filled with some of their menus along with a short description. At the end of their parallax website, you can see a short description of their business, how to contact them and even an embedded google map to help their customers easily reach them.


Image taken from L’atelier

This website is best for art enthusiasts and is looking for ideas on how to use parallax web design for your art website. Visiting this parallax website is like visiting a museum. Upon visiting their landing page, you will be welcomed by a black-colored page along with their website title. But, don’t get fooled. As you scroll through their parallax web design, you will be facing an amazing collection of paintings and artworks. A short description is also present in some of the images. At the end of the parallax website, a contact and social media section is placed giving the audience a way to connect and transact with the website owners.


Image taken from Sarah Muller

This photography website is another sleek way to present a parallax web design. This is owned by a Swiss/Guatemalan photographer based in Denver, Colorado, Sarah Muller. Browsing on her parallax website will give you mixed emotions. Her website is divided into galleries containing her collection of photographs. From food, portraits, commercial shoots, shots from her adventure/travel, music photos, fashion shoots, film photography, up to weddings, her parallax website will definitely inspire you to create your own.

How to Add Parallax Web Design On Your Strikingly Page?

Parallax web design is truly one amazing way to upgrade your website design. Not only can it add aesthetics to your website, but also help you in establishing a strong online presence in your target market.

With us, you can easily add parallax web design to your own designed website. To give you a better glimpse of how it works, here are the steps we’ve made just for you.

Step 1: Go to Your Website Editor.

Step 2: Click Styles.

Step 3: Click on Animations.

Step 4: On the Background Button, select “Parallax”.


Image taken from Strikingly

Making websites with us in Strikingly gives you the opportunity to beautify your online website however you want it to be. From templates up to the features, you can have it all for just an amazing price value.

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