how to write a bio

In a vast sea of online identities, how do you make yourself stand out? It’s easy to attract attention with a good-looking photo and a captivating smile. But can you pique interest using only words to describe who you are, what you do, and what you love?

A short bio is often seen on social media sites. You can also see a bio on an online portfolio. By definition, this is a summary of what others can expect from you as an online personality. In only a few words, you must discuss certain things that create intrigue about yourself.

To learn how to write a bio, you must first know yourself. But it’s a lot more difficult than what most people think. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to write a personal bio that captures attention. We’ll also drop some tips and examples to help you get started in writing your bio.

Ready to make your online personality shine? Brighten up your ideas with the following guide on how to write a bio!

How to Write a Bio?

Writing a short bio is a practice of brevity. This is especially important when you’re creating a portfolio website from scratch. You must be able to say so much without really saying too much. It must be short and sweet; remarkable and unique. More importantly, it must be genuine and written to express yourself rather than impress your visitors.

Here’s a quick format on how to write a short bio to help you get started:

  • State your name. It could be a nickname if it’s appropriate to the website.
  • Share your role. Describe what you do in life or what you like doing.
  • Add your goal. Share what you want to achieve with your followers.
  • Show your greatest accomplishment. People love seeing what you’ve done so far!

A short bio sometimes doesn’t work on certain social sites like LinkedIn. Here’s a quick guide on how to write a bio for professional business websites:

  • Write your name. A full name is more appropriate.
  • Share your professional summary. Make sure it’s memorable!
  • Show the company you represent. Your followers must know your associations.
  • Add your professional goals. Select the ones you want to achieve the most.
  • Show relevant achievements. Make sure it’s aligned with your current role.
  • Add a quirky detail. It’s like a digital calling card that prompts people to contact you.

Tips on Writing a Bio

Now that you know how to write a bio for popular media sites and professional websites, we’re giving you some tips to get the most out of your bio template. If you want to make a bio that encapsulates your personality, just follow the tips below:

1. Make it Sound Natural

The only thing worse than a bad bio is an inauthentic one. Often, a short bio falls flat because it sounds artificial. Reading it feels like a robot has structured each sentence. When you have a bio like that, people can easily spot it. They’ll have less trust to follow you or visit your profile.

Make sure that your bio sounds natural. It has to sound and feel like it came from the heart. Your bio must exude honesty and trust. As much as possible, don’t overdo it with fancy words. Just be your natural self and it will reflect on all your social media services.

2. Show Your Value

Once you learn how to write a bio, you’ll be eager to share as much information about yourself as possible. But don’t let the excitement blur your priorities. Make sure that you only select the details that matter to you and would matter to your followers.

On another note, a bio is like a personal biography. So don’t compare how well your bio is based on others. You’ll only see its value based on how it impacts you.

3. Find Bio Inspirations

Don’t know how to get started with writing a bio? Then find bio inspirations from other online personalities! Many people have witty, sweet, and smart bios that people want to emulate. Try to build a bio template based on how they write theirs.

Once you find inspirations, narrow down to the ones that got you the most. This can help you get started with your bio. A great way is to gather concepts like Instagram ideas to get started.

4. Let a Friend Help

If you still don’t know how to write a bio, don’t get disheartened. It’s pretty normal not to get it right the first time. If you’re still struggling, you can always call a friend to help you out.

Your friend can help you pick out parts of your bio that can still be improved. You can also ask your friend for advice and more tips to make your bio better. Also, your friend knows you personally, so they can give more insights into how you can make your bio more compelling.

Examples of a Short Bio

Speaking of inspiration, the best way to start is by sorting through short bio examples. You can also gather tips from marketing books to discover more ways to brand yourself. Try to find the best ones in this list so you can get a free lesson on how to write a bio:

1. Short Bio Example A

My name is John Doe and I am a Senior Programmer for G-1 Robotics and Tech. I am an accomplished programmer, and I enjoy using my skills to achieve technological goals at G-1 Robotics and tech. I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2021 with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Development.

2. Short Bio Example B

Jane Doe is an Administrative Assistant with ten years of experience working in Chain Accounting Inc. Jane specializes in accounting software, mass communication, and organizational apps. Jane is an indispensable asset in the workplace and uses her skills and attitude to motivate others to be productive and succeed. In her free time, Jane likes to bake, go cycling, do yoga, and read books.

Examples of a Professional Bio

Knowing how to write a bio gives you the confidence to craft a professional bio. Remember, a short bio and a professional bio are slightly different. In the best personal websites, you can be more eloquent and talk more in detail with a professional bio. Meanwhile, in a short bio, you have to present yourself in only a few words.

Take a look at these bio examples so you can write better bios:

• Nays Baghai

personal biography

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Nays Baghai’s bio can be described in three words: concise, coherent, and consistent. This is the kind of bio that doesn’t add too much fluff and goes straight into the action. The opening sentence alone captures who he is as a person. He wrote “award-winning independent filmmaker and underwater cameraman”. Then the following information outlines his experience as a filmmaker and cameraman.

If you want to know how to write a bio that concentrates on showing experience and accomplishments, Nays Baghai is the best bio to follow!

• Samir Goel

short bio

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Samir Goel embraces simplicity but he also uses his brevity to his best advantage. He starts off by saying “I’m incredibly passionate about three things”. It’s a catchy opening because it makes you curious “what are the three things he’s passionate about?”. This is great especially if you want to start a resume website.

Want to know how to write a bio that’s short and focuses on passions and hobbies instead? Samir Goel’s bio is the perfect bio for inspiration. In writing a bio, he shifted the attention from himself then into his craft, It sounds honest and expressive.

• Emily Penn

how to write a personal bio

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Emily Penn’s bio is similar to Nays Baghai but she has her own unique traits. Her bio flows smoothly like the undulating waves of the sea. It’s easy to read and remember which makes it a very unforgettable professional bio. It also signals that she has great website content to offer.

If you’re curious to know how to write a bio that doesn’t drag, just read Emily Penn. In the first sentence alone, we can already tell so much about her. She’s a skipper, artist, advocate, and a graduate of architecture at Cambridge University. She doesn’t let the details go on. She cuts it just at the right time.

• Rob Falcone

professional bio

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Eager to learn how to write a bio in the third person point of view? Then Rob Falcone is the best example! To be fair, the other two personalities in this bio example also used the third person. But Rob Falcone does it the best.

Rob Falcone’s bio is only three paragraphs long but is rich in information. Every sentence has something useful to tell about it. There’s nothing more you can add and nothing more you can change, His bio is as perfect as it is.

Now that you’ve learned how to write a bio, saw bio examples, and discovered more tips, you’re geared up to write a bio for your channels. You can now start crafting your bios for all your social media sites where all your followers are. Even better, you can create a personal portfolio with Strikingly so you can add a professional bio to your website. Starting an account with Strikingly is free so you can head on to Strikingly today and make your website for your amazing bio.