Entrepreneurship requires creativity. If you want to get known by the whole world, you must know how to get their attention. You must build a brand that has a striking impact and, most importantly, what the market needs. With competition in the world of eCommerce continuously tightening, you must equip yourself with the best weapons you could ever have. As an entrepreneur, it is your task to execute unique and creative ways how you can sell your business online without stressing yourself too much. Our pro tip? Integrate Pinterest into your website.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is among famous websites widely used not just by online audiences but as well as businesses. It is a social curation platform that specializes in sharing photos you can find in the online world. Pinterest is described by many as a visual bookmarking website where you can find tons of images from different categories. These famous categories include food, travel, sports, architecture, lifestyle, arts and crafts, drinks, home decor, and even science. With Pinterest, users can add a “Pin it” button on their platforms and create a virtual pinboard. These virtual pinboards can organize and promote a business website’s content.


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Learning Pinterest tips for eCommerce can bring many benefits to a business. It is an excellent online marketing tool that can be utilized to gather more attention from a target audience. Aside from that, Pinterest is also widely known to be a flexible and budget-friendly platform that beginners can easily use.

Why Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business?

Pinterest is considered by many as an online platform that has an abundance of great ideas. Learning some Pinterest tips can save you from all the troubles if you want to explore new concepts. Aside from these, you can use this platform as your weapon in showcasing your business to a broader audience reach. These are only a few awesome benefits you can gain from using Pinterest.

Now, to help you get a clearer picture of the eternal awesomeness Pinterest can give you, we list below the top reasons why you should use Pinterest to grow your business.


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1. Gaining Attention Globally

Gaining online attention from your target market is a privilege for a starting business website. Before you can set up a solid online audience, you must first do your job in finding the best online marketing strategy for you.

Gaining attention through this online platform is possible, even if you are a beginner. Pinterest is an online platform continuously getting attention from the online community and ranks 14th on the top social network platforms, with over 480 million active users. It has been gaining more audience since it was created. Many online shoppers browse Pinterest before purchasing a product or a service they want. As an online store owner, learning Pinterest tips like these can give your business more chances of getting online visitors.

2. Everyone Is Welcome

Finding an online platform that can make you comfortable to be you is a win. Every business needs to find a community where they can easily showcase themselves without getting intimidated. If you are looking for a platform where you can easily promote yourself, Pinterest is a great option. Pinterest is a platform that welcomes everyone, regardless of their business size. You can easily target online buyers who are still in the first stage of their online purchase process.

3. There’s A Lot To Discover

Pinterest is a social website with massive online discoveries. Since its launch, it has been an online shop for millions of online buyers. Entrepreneurs from all around the globe flock to this website to share their products and ideas. Users from around the globe visit Pinterest and make pins to help them discover new items they might need.

As someone wanting to grow your business, using Pinterest can greatly help you. This platform contains tons of content from different niches, some of which you might never have encountered before. You can search for a famous Pinterest user who you think has the same niche as you. From then, you can use them as inspiration and guidance on how you can smoothly execute your business strategies with Pinterest. This idea makes it a better place for entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses efficiently because everyone has their share of ideas you can use as inspiration. Once you learn the best Pinterest tips for business, it will be easier for you to communicate with your target audience. Mastering the art of Pinterest tips can get you better website traffic and reach a wider audience. Sounds fun, right?

Top 10 Awesome Pinterest Tips For You

Understanding the best Pinterest tips for business isn’t enough for you to ace the world of eCommerce. To help you better grip how to use Pinterest to grow your business, we made a list below just for you.


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1. Build Your Pinterest Account

This tip is pretty obvious. You can’t use a service without actually signing up for it. When you use Pinterest for business, it gives you free offers to upgrade your account and lets you enjoy many powerful features. These include getting Pinterest ads and website analytics. Implementing Pinterest’s ads and analytics on your platform can help you see how your online audience reacts to your posting content. From that, you can monitor which content your online visitors like and those not gaining the attention you want. Using such a feature can also tell you if your content is gaining traffic from other users who saw your posts through your online viewers who shared your Pinterest content. It is like you are forming a connection between yourself, your online viewers, and a broader market reach.

2. Create Captivating Pins

The next step in how to master Pinterest tips for eCommerce is to start creating your pins. And we are not just talking about aesthetic pins you commonly see on Pinterest. You must create captivating and compelling pins which can easily stun your online viewers.

Pinterest pins are magnets that can help you draw more traffic to your website. By designing a catchy Pinterest pin, you can encourage online viewers to save your content, giving you more chances of appearing on their website. Once your online audience gets attracted to your pins and saves them, your content can get more exposure from a wider audience. The more captivated your audience is, the more chances of your content gaining website traffic are possible.

3. Strategically Plan Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest pin boards are crucial in ensuring that you are getting the attention you’ve been wanting. Remember, most searches on Pinterest are unbranded, making it more possible for your business to reach new audiences. Take your time in strategizing your Pinterest board designs.

Ensure that your boards are skillfully made using engaging and inspiring Pinterest content. You can create an organized setup of your board contents based on the type of content you’d like your online viewers to see on your page. You can use Pinterest for business and create a board that showcases your products and another board to showcase how you can use them. It is also best you take a tour on Pinterest and look for the latest trends on the pinboards created by other users. For example, everyone is finding the best ideas for their Christmas celebration in December. You can use that opportunity to create a Pinterest board that relates your content to the Christmas celebration. By doing these steps, you can help capture more attention from the audience. Also, remember to keep your pinboards related to the type of content you’d like to share with your target market.

4. Organize Your Content

Creating Pinterest content isn’t only about aesthetics. Just like what we mentioned in the previous section, creating a strategically-designed Pinterest board can help you get the attention you’ve been wanting. When using Pinterest tips for eCommerce, you should always include how you can organize your content well on your Pinterest page. You must ensure that everything you post is placed accordingly and visually appealing. Some online viewers are keen on observing a website’s appearance. Once they notice that your contents are all around the place, they will immediately lose interest. But, once they see that your content is professionally arranged, you can encourage them to keep browsing your website.

The best Pinterest tips for business we can share with you is to arrange your Pinterest boards following a systematic arrangement. Doing this step can make your website appear more practical and functional. You can simply arrange your Pinterest contents according to their themes and the ideas it contains to make it easier for your online audience to find what they are looking for.

5. Keep Product Links Updated

Product links are an essential part you should know in understanding how to use Pinterest to grow your business. They are the ones that will bring your Pinterest audience to your online shop in just a few clicks. Adding product links on your website can make it easier to drive website traffic to your online store and even create conversions. To ensure everything is functioning on your website, continuously monitor your alt-texts and keywords added to your Pinterest content. Keep track of everything that you add and post on your website to avoid losing online customers. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of losing a potential buyer due to an outdated website link, right?


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6. Add Save Button

Save Button is another powerful weapon you can use in mastering the best Pinterest tips for business. Adding a “Save” button on your Pinterest page is considered one of the best ways to get discovered online because it can easily connect you to a broader audience. People who visit Pinterest tend to browse anything they see on their feed and save whatever interests them. Once an online viewer scans Pinterest and spots your posted content, the Save button can quickly drive them to you. By hitting the Save button and saving your content, they can immediately add you to their account, strengthening the bridge between you two. This means your post will be on their page and can now get more exposure from people who browse on their account. It’s an instant win-win solution.

7. Build A Community

Building an online community is a powerful weapon for a website owner. When you have a reliable community, it will be easier for you to find individuals who are highly interested in what you do and what you can offer. Pinterest is known as a social platform that also supports a lot of online communities. Users from different niches flock to this platform to spread their love and passion to groups of people who also have the same likes. As someone wanting to strengthen your online presence, joining an online community on Pinterest would greatly help you. You can find and join communities that you think can help you a lot in terms of getting engagements and conversions. Once a group of online users sees that you share the same likes, they are more likely to interact with you than the others. You can also consider joining communities that can share many lessons and tips to help you improve as an online platform.

8. Share Your Knowledge

A functional website is a sharing website. Starting a Pinterest account is more fun and engaging if people can learn something from it. When you finally decide to use Pinterest to grow your business, always do your best to share the knowledge you have with your audience. Make them interested in you and what you do. Drive them towards you by sharing tutorials and tips on how to do what you do in the right way. Customers love it when they see that an online platform does not only know how to market its products nicely but also gives importance to its client’s well-being.

9. Promote Your Platform

Mastering the art of using awesome Pinterest tips does not end the moment you create an account. As someone who seeks constant attention from a crowd, you must try to get your name noticed. Spend your time promoting your content on your other platforms. You can use your social media accounts to spread the good word about your Pinterest accounts. Doing this can help you increase your website traffic and even create conversions in the long run.

10. Embed Pinterest On Your Website

What is the best way to promote your Pinterest? It's through your website. Website building has become essential in making a business reach the goals they’ve been wanting. Once you create your online store, you immediately gain the opportunity to have a platform in which you can sell your products without getting too stressed.

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