best strategies to grow a business

Every business owner has specific ambitions regarding their business plans. They want to ensure that their business doesn’t just survive but grows to considerable heights. In today’s day and age, if you don’t know how to expand your business, everyone will go ahead of you in the competition. Companies use different brand management strategies to improve their online sales and enhance their brand image. Regardless of your chosen business niche, it is not a walk in the park to scale it.

A lot of strategic planning is involved to growing a business and watching it thrive properly. Just like is the case with most other personal ambitions, the growth of a business makes you able to invest the time and effort to generate significant results. There are some instances where you have to focus on short-term goals, but at the end of the day, it is all about the revenue. If you are generating an adequate income stream from your business, your plan is working.

Best Strategies to Grow a Business

1) The Online World

In 2022, you cannot be growing a company through a random physical store. Even though a physical store is still relevant in 2022, it cannot generate enough online sales for you. It may become applicable to your neighborhood, colony, or family members, but that is not a long-term business objective. When you grow a business, you must create an online presence to gain customers from your neighborhood and the international market. When your brand name appears in the search engine results, you are doing well.

an online website

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If you want to create an exquisite online store in 2022, you don’t need to nominate any other website builder for this responsibility than Strikingly. We help you create your desired eCommerce website within a couple of clicks. Once you create a quality eCommerce website, you can start adding all the relevant content and integrate all the essential products to your website so that your customers can recognize them. Once you are done with your content, you can publish your platform on Strikingly, which will take less than two days to make it accessible to the public.

2) Improve SEO

As we have said in the previous point, creating a physical store will get you a small number of customers onboard. This kind of strategy can only be relevant to small businesses. However, to grow a business in today’s period, you must implement relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. If you are unaware, SEO strategies help you get your website or web pages in Google's top search engine rankings. As a business owner, you must constantly update your marketing strategy by doing market research.

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You can look into the daily marketing trends and how your competitors deal with them. When you develop a website on Strikingly, we help you focus your website sections from an SEO perspective. To make your life easy, we provide you with an SEO checklist, which checks all of your website’s credentials from an SEO perspective, such as title tags, meta-descriptions, image optimization, image tags, etc. If you don’t implement SEO strategies, you won’t have a good customer base to follow your hard work.

3) Content Marketing

Regardless of which business niche you prioritize, it will always be incomplete without relevant website content. Have you ever seen the question “How to grow a business”? If you have gone through its tutorials, it is unprecedented that the first thing that you picture is the creation of quality web content. Strikingly helps you to integrate a blog section as part of your business site. If you want to dedicate a website entirely to blog writing, you can also create a blog website on Strikingly.

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Nowadays, it is not just about writing many paragraphs and thinking that visitors will find it interesting. It is also about making sure that you convince them. You can add diagrams and videos to your content to make your content look attractive. Apart from that, you can also implement SEO strategies on your content to ensure that your web page gets a high search engine ranking on Google. For example, you can add internal and external links so your viewers can move from one article to another.

4) Global

If you want to focus on the most important tips on how to grow your business, we would say that you should focus on generating international sales. As per the current trends, it's common sense for business owners to expand their business across the international forum. If you cannot attract international customers, your business will likely go nowhere in 2022. Once you start making international sales, you will get a better idea of the international shipping policies for the global growth of a business.

If you can grow a business internationally, you will likely know how to make it sustainable. Getting international customers isn’t about opening a business office in another. It is about getting long-term clients. You can convince those clients through emails and video calls.

5) New Product Lines

Innovation is one of the key strategies to grow a business. You can relate innovation in a business with a meal at a restaurant. If you continue to give the same meal every year, your customers will get tired of you eventually. They would want you to bring something new to the menu, or they will consider some other restaurant. The same concept applies to a product line extension, which must be changed consistently.

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Some marketing people change the product line extension completely, whereas some build on it by developing new products in the same category. As long as you see the potential within the sales, you should penetrate that particular niche and create new product lines. For example, if a company is launching new mobile phones consistently, they can start adding a mobile cover and a specific sim card to make it easy for the customers to buy from them.

6) Work on Networking

Like innovation, business networking is one of the essential strategies to grow a business. You can grow your business across all sectors and industries if you have a good networking department. It enables you to create business referrals and bring more customers onboard by minimizing your marketing budget. Most business people worldwide create an online community to grow their business plans.

Your subscribers and potential customers can come to this community and check out all the problems within your platform. Strikingly provides a feature called idea forum to its users, which helps them improve their website's standards through an online community. The idea forum on Strikingly allows the customers to talk directly with the website owners and tell them how they can improve their websites.

7) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the biggest trends in the business world today. It is classified as one of the most crucial tips for growing your business. As almost everything within your personal life is connected with social media, why can’t you integrate it to benefit your business? Numerous companies worldwide take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to publish and run their advertisements.

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Facebook ads are arguably the most cost-effective advertisement you can see on the Internet. You can also promote your social media content by integrating your social media platforms as icons on the last section of your Strikingly website. Those icons act like a bridge, which helps them to go from the website to the specific social media account. If you are running an eCommerce website, we suggest you use Instagram to promote products and grow a business.

8) Regular Customer Feedback

You cannot expect to grow a business without taking your customers’ perspectives. In today’s day and age, customer feedback is vital for the growth of your business. You will be updated about your customer’s behavior and how they look at your brand and products by going through the feedback. You can collect the feedback by adding a contact form on your website and tell your customers to submit their reviews anytime.

Strikingly enables you to create a testimonial page or a review section as part of your website. Once you create a testimonial page, you can start adding all the positive feedback given to you by your customers to build your credibility. It will help you retain your current customers and pave the way to attract new ones. The more customers come to your website, the higher your website’s conversion rate will be.


As you know all the innovative ways to grow a business, it is essential to start implementing them by creating your business vision. If you are starting a business for the first time in your life, it could be nerve-wracking for you. However, if you follow all the necessary steps in your business evolution, you will be doing fine.

The best way to grow your business is by making savings on your marketing budget; this is where Strikingly comes in handy. We help you create an essential business website without making any investment. The Strikingly website editor will help you wherever necessary in developing your website. So, create a fully-functional business website and implement all the strategies for the growth of your business plans.