build a website from scratch and promote your business
It wasn’t long ago when people used to get wide-eyed while looking at the steps to build a website. Not only did they find it difficult, but they also had a hard time managing their website with the rest of their business plans. If individuals were finding it difficult to build a website from scratch, they would hire professional website developers and assign all the web development responsibilities to them. Fast forward a few decades and now the making of a website is as easy as creating a social media account.

There doesn’t seem to be a business in today’s day and age that works perfectly without the inclusion of a business website. You no longer have to rely on banners and TV advertisements to create brand awareness or convey your market message to the audience. The technological aspects have evolved a lot in the past decade and it is important that we match this evolution. Thankfully for you, you will find numerous quality website builders on the Internet that make life easy as a developer or business owner.

Is it Worth it Building a Website?

Before you build a website from scratch, we have a question to ask you i.e. “Is it worth building a website in today’s period?” If you look at the marketing trends across all platforms, we already know what your answer will be. A website has numerous things to offer not just for your business plans but also for your personal career. Even though it is very easy to create a website today, it is equally as difficult to maintain its reputation in search engines.

There are numerous types of websites that you can build, such as eCommerce website, personal website, or company website. When you create an eCommerce website, it is important that you pay special attention to the checkout phase. You must include multiple payment gateways so that your clients can deliver the respective payment to buy your selling goods. Similarly, if you are going for your first job interview and have a personal website to showcase your CV, it will build a good reputation within your interviewer’s eyes.

Tips to Build Websites from Scratch

1) Choose a Platform

Building a website isn’t a difficult task these days. If you are a beginner and want to know how to build a website from scratch, you must do in-depth research on the best website builders available on the Internet. We can guarantee that you will find many quality website builders that will help you one way or the other. However, if we were to recommend you, we won’t hesitate in saying, go for Strikingly.

If we highlight the things pragmatically, Strikingly helps you take control of the following aspects:

  • Templates for your business plans
  • Suitable pricing strategy
  • Features to fulfill your business requirements
  • Customer support
  • Domain compatibility
  • And more.

strikingly website platform
Image taken from Strikingly

Even though WordPress is on the lips of many website developers today, there are better benefits that Strikingly offers. On WordPress, you would have to pay a certain premium to gain access to different website features. On Strikingly, not only can you create a wonderful website without investing much energy, you can create it with all the fundamental features.

2) Choose a Template

When you decide to build a website from scratch, it is important that you prioritize certain templates that correspond with your business ideas. Most importantly, you have to make sure that your website templates are mobile-friendly. In today’s world, the number of mobile users has exceeded desktop users, and you cannot afford to ignore the traffic coming from mobile devices. According to an article published by Oberlo, 52.79% of website traffic comes from mobile phones. It shows you that mobile users are an important part of your search engine optimization (SEO) plans.

strikingly website template
Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly provides its users with a compilation of mobile-friendly website templates, that can be customized according to your business plans. All Strikingly websites are automatically mobile-optimized. Through this feature, you can see how your website looks on mobile. The drag-and-drop feature on Strikingly helps you to add relevant elements to your website.

3) Choose a Domain

Research on domain happens before you build a website from scratch. As a website developer, it is important that you don’t just select a domain name randomly or without any kind of homework. You have to make sure that your domain name is unique so that there is no confusion among your audience.

Your domain name should be the same as your website name. With Strikingly, you get a free domain if you subscribe to any yearly plan.

strikingly domain plans
Image taken from Strikingly

There could also be a situation when you get to know about Strikingly very late in your professional career. You could have developed a website on some other website-building platform and now face the situation of moving to Strikingly but also not ignoring the website that you have established.

Strikingly has good news for you. You can bring your website domain to our platform without having to delete the original version.

4) Add Content

Once your website design is ready, now you can start to focus on adding all the relevant content to your site. When you build a website from scratch, it is important you focus on your website content. The content displayed on your website should be structured and organized in a way that looks satisfying to the eye. For example, you can include navigation elements on your website so that the audience can can easily find the section that they want to go to.

website content structure
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The navigation elements are commonly displayed on the top or left side of the landing page. Similarly, you can also include a call to action (CTA) button, which will give your audience an idea about how to get involved in your website plans. If you have a blog section, make sure that your content is optimized based on relevant SEO strategies to attract wider audiences. If you have published blogs, make sure that it is structured in the form of paragraphs and headings so that the audience won’t find it difficult when they view your content.

5) Add Social Media

Regardless of whether you have built a website for your business or personal use, you cannot ignore the importance of social media in your working plans. When you build a website from scratch, make sure that you integrate your social media accounts into it. Strikingly helps you to integrate social media accounts to different sections of your website, which allows your users to check out your social media timelines without accessing your social media account.

social media platforms
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Moreover, you can also include social media accounts in the form of icons in the last section of your Strikingly website. The social media icons are usually displayed in the contact section of your website, which allows your users to move from the website to the specified social media account.

6) Competitor Analysis

If you are a beginner, there is no doubt that there will be complications along the way when you build a website from scratch. Even when you have the best possible website builders at your disposal, people still struggle in developing their respective websites. The biggest problem that individuals face is that they don’t know their starting point. The most common problems during the development of websites are as follows:

  • Best business niche
  • Product pricing
  • Marketing approach
  • Content organization

To overcome all of these problems, there is one simple cure for you i.e. competitor analysis. You can look into all the websites under the same niche and look at the ways in which they have managed their standards. For example, if you are unable to set the perfect price for a product, you can go through your competitor’s website and see the price on which they are selling.

7) Check Deficiencies

When you build a website from scratch, you breathe a sigh of relief and think that you have arrived at your destination. Even though your website is now accessible to the public, it is very easy to lose their trust if you are not careful. When you develop your website, you shouldn’t just ignore all the things that you have done previously. You must be aware of all the material that is integrated into your website.

When you look at the best websites worldwide, their website owners tend to check the potential deficiencies in them on a weekly basis. If you want to know whether your website is working at its maximum capacity or not, you can check out its Google pagespeed insight score. If you look at the average Google pagespeed insight score of the Strikingly websites, it is more than 90 that indicates really great performance.


If you have understood the ways to build a website from scratch, how about implementing them right away? Website development isn’t a surprise in today’s marketing trends. Nowadays, everyone wants to have the best possible website for their business or personal plans. However, it is about the way in which they maintain the standards of their platform.

If you want to implement all the website development tips that we have mentioned above, make sure that you register yourself on Strikingly and start working. If you come up with any problem in the development of your site, make sure to catch up with our Happiness Officers. By building an exquisite website, you will be able to create professional integrity within the online world.