best website features every website owner should have
When surfing the Internet, there are numerous things for you to follow. After all, the internet has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Whether they are on their professional job or sitting on the sofa of their house, they tend to look at the daily happenings on their browsers. It won’t be a surprise to hear that adults spend almost half of their active hours browsing on the Internet these days. Gone are the days when you only had your TV for entertainment purposes. Just like individuals, companies also look forward to identifying consumers who can limit their Internet duration.

In other words, companies are trying to implement good website features without sacrificing the overall quality.

As per the recent market trends, individuals value content availability more than website designs. People consider design features and web features that help identify the required content. When they land on a particular website, they hope to see the most beautiful images, design, and relevant content. Businesses must prioritize different website elements to maintain their audience’s interest in their products and services.

Best Website Features to Consider

1) SEO

When you have opened a new business, it is possible to get heard across your entire neighborhood. As there would be many people talking about your business, there is a possibility that you can accommodate a decent customer base initially. However, what will happen to the audience that is not informed about your business? To bring the entire target audience to your website, you must implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

strikingly seo checklist
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Strikingly is a massive advocate of implementing SEO strategies and provides its users with essential website features regarding it. For example, we provide our users with an SEO checklist, which helps them accommodate all of their website content from an SEO perspective. The SEO checklist provided by Strikingly takes note of the following:

  • Meta-descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Headings
  • Image optimization

If you are a free plan user on Strikingly, an SEO checklist will be provided to you with all the basic features. However, you must upgrade your subscription plans to see improved features for your website.

2) Social Media

Social media is on the lips of every marketing person in today’s day and age. On the Internet, you will see numerous business niches associated with social media. They use social media not just to make the numbers but also to focus on the trends to evolve their website. There are numerous social media platforms for your business plans, such as Facebook and Instagram. If you own an eCommerce website, it is better to consider Instagram because you will display your products.

If you are running a business on your own, you cannot be using so many social media platforms by yourself. It takes a lot of time to publish the same content on social media that you did on your website. Therefore, Strikingly is trying to provide new website features with respect to social media. We help you to integrate your social media platforms on the website so that all of your social media happenings can be viewed on your website without checking the social media platform. Moreover, it also helps you to display your social media platforms in the form of icons on the last section of your Strikingly website.

3) Interactive Chat

Many business owners are so focused on their business plans that they don’t include any FAQ section or testimonial pages as part of their website. As per the current website trends, customer feedback or public opinion is extremely important in the evolution of a business or a website. Many features of a website are dependent on the way the customers receive them. If the website features create negative feedback, they are either removed from the website or improved.

strikingly idea form
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When it comes to a Strikingly website, you can create an online community for your users. Strikingly provides an idea forum feature, which helps the customers connect directly with the website owners. Through this feature, viewers cannot only talk to the website owners directly but also collaborate with other viewers who either have the same problem or different problems regarding the same website. Occasionally, the best solution comes from another website viewer rather than the website owner.

4) Photographs

Customers expect to see quality website images when they land on your website. If your displayed pictures are eye-catching, they regard them highly and share positive feedback in the comment section. You can let your customers know if your platform offers good website features in photography, such as custom photos, landscapes, or simple edits. Strikingly provides features to change your published images' brightness or contrast.

wonderful photography sessions
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If you own an eCommerce website, the importance of photographs increases. As your customers cannot smell or sense your products, you must show your product from all camera angles so that they find it easy to make their purchase decisions. If you don’t want to put many images on your website, you can create a combination of images and videos. Most importantly, you must include quality website images which don’t have an informal background or are not blurred.

5) Blog

Blogging was nothing more than a habit for individuals about a decade ago. Nowadays, blogging has become a source of income for the same people. Blogging is not just about the number of lines you can write regarding a topic or a product. It is about giving valuable information to your viewers. For example, if you have an eCommerce website and the viewers turn to your blog section, you must provide them with information regarding your experience with a specific product.

strikingly blog site
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You can create a quality blog website on Strikingly and look into all the essential website features regarding blogging. For example, we help you schedule your blogs, which means that your blogs will be published per your specified time. Moreover, we help you create blog categories, which will help your viewers identify their most preferable blog.

6) Contact Information

Contact information seems to be one of the most basic website features in the market, but it is one of the most important. When you consider the most significant features of a website, the contact details should be part of your checklist. When we talk about contact information, it isn’t about just sharing your number. Otherwise, several people will be waiting for their turn to talk to you.

As part of your contact section, you can add your email address, social media platforms, phone number, fax number, and even the geographical location of your office (if you have one). The location could be significant for those customers who live in the same city as you. In your contact section, ensure you include a compelling call to action (CTA) button, which makes the customers open your contact form. You shouldn’t make life difficult for your customers just to contact you for their respective queries.

7) Testimonials

Before choosing your website, your customers must trust you. You can only attain the trust badges of your customers if you can provide them with quality customer service. If you want to know what your customers think about you, you can provide them with a testimonial page. The testimonial page is one of the excellent website features established for the clients. You must have a testimonial section on your website because it helps you understand the true identities of your clients.

If you get regarded highly by a top-established company or a newspaper, it has far more weight than getting credited by a random user. If your website contains case studies, make sure you give your roadmap about how you successfully resolved the problem. Case studies are effective in letting the clients know about the things that you have done well.

Build Website on Strikingly

On the Internet, you will find numerous website builders worldwide that tend to provide essential website features for the satisfaction of their users. However, when it comes to user and customer satisfaction, no website builder comes close to Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that allows you to build a fully-functional website with all the essential features for your specified niche. The most important thing is that you can develop your website with zero IT credentials or investment.

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When you complete the registration on our platform, Strikingly will provide you with a custom domain worth $24.95. Moreover, we will also help you identify your platform's best possible domain name (website name). Once you are done with all the things before establishing your website, you can start creating your website design and adding all the relevant content regarding your business plans.


As a website owner, there is nothing more important than creating an engagement with your viewers and convincing them about your business products and services. However, when a viewer comes to a website, they don’t just look into your products and services because there are many more websites like yours with the same niche. They also look into the new website features that you have integrated. When website owners include new or innovative features, it looks good to the eye and encourages the customers to return to the website repeatedly.

If you want to create a website with similar credentials, make sure that you consider Strikingly and make life easy for your customers. If you are having any difficulties developing the website of your dreams, you can collaborate with our Happiness Officers regarding it. By creating a quality website with all the necessary features, there is no way why your website won’t have a high conversion rate.