TikTok has become one of the most powerful online social platforms these days. It has established a strong foundation of active users in just a short period. People of all ages are becoming hooked on watching viral TikTok trends on their mobile phones and sharing them on their social media accounts. Many influencers have even become famous by posting videos and sharing content on TikTok.

With TikTok trends becoming one of the most prominent topics nowadays, how can these affect the digital world? Does it offer many advantages for someone indulged in the world of eCommerce? Can it be used to do online marketing for businesses?

To get started, let’s first get to know what TikTok trends are.

What is TikTok Trends?

Popular TikTok trends, in simple words, are viral contents that are currently making noise in the world of TikTok. Top TikTok trends can be in the form of music, a dance challenge, a hashtag, or even the style of how a TikTok video was made.

People in the online community are always curious about everything that is trending. Ever since the pandemic started, they became more exposed to using social media to get the latest updates about everyone. Browsing their social media accounts became one of their hobbies to save themselves from boredom. It is not surprising that people eventually got hooked on Tik Tok.

Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Tik Tok has the power to show people the current trends in any part of the world. In just a few clicks, an online user can immediately see what’s up through the hashtags and shares made by his online friends. This is exactly how TikTok trends took over the world of social media. When an online user follows a Tik Tok user with a high number of engagements, it automatically exposes him to other online content. Every like, share and click on Tik Tok video he sees on his timeline gives him access to a wider world on the internet. On the other hand, these people who post videos on their timelines often include hashtags and keywords on their content, letting it reach a wider audience, hence resulting in the emergence of TikTok trends.


Why Learn Popular Tiktok Trends

Eversince TikTok trends became a hit, many entrepreneurs became curious about the wonders of using the platform. Those who got too curious and decided to use them even became successful with their business driving more questions from their co-entrepreneurs. Can TikTok trends be more than a social media platform? What can these viral TikTok trends do to help them improve their online businesses? Can they guarantee an awesome “glow-up” from learning these contents trending on TikTok?


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1. Continuously Gaining Attention

TikTok trends are already a thing even before Covid. However, when the pandemic became more serious, people were forced to stay in their own homes with nothing much to do. The more they remain in their homes, the more time they spend using their phones and browsing their social media accounts. Every time they browse on their timeline, they see new contents which grabs their attention in split seconds. Online users became highly interested in these online posts and started indulging themselves in them, too through creating their versions. Even though the pandemic wasn’t the same as before, people are still fond of using TikTok.

As an entrepreneur, seeing people flock to platforms like TikTok means realizing that online consumers are more likely to be there. One benefit you will gain from learning these viral TikTok trends is that you have all the chances to capture more audiences. With TikTok continuously gaining popularity among people of all ages, it will be easier for you to market yourself in your chosen niche. You can learn these popular TikTok trends, create your own TikTok account, follow a community and start posting videos about your business. By understanding these contents trending on TikTok, you are more likely to have a reliable marketing strategy that can help you introduce your business to a broader market reach.

2. Brands Interact More

Like we’ve mentioned before, TikTok has become a place for curious entrepreneurs. Many of them turn their curiosities about these contents trending on TikTok into something which can benefit them. Tons of business brands nowadays have grabbed their chance to establish a strong image in the world of TikTok. Various businesses, small or large-scale companies, have made their TikTok accounts. They took the opportunity of starting a platform wherein they can easily know what amazes their target market. These brands take note of popular TikTok trends and use them as inspiration in creating their versions as a marketing strategy.

Learning TikTok trends can help you and your business develop more interactions with your customers and competitors. Once you create your TikTok account, you can now follow other brands in your same niche and get updates from them. Engagements are everywhere. You can quickly check out what your online audiences are falling in love with and use that as an opportunity to develop a more improved marketing strategy. Communicating with other brands to make partnerships are also more accessible because you can search for them through hashtags. You can create duet TikTok trends with influencers or brands in the same niche, add hashtags, and instantly get more traffic on your business platform.

Top TikTok Trends You Must Try

After learning how TikTok trends can help make a difference for your business it's time for you to get a clearer view of this excellent topic. People are constantly creating content that will start trending on TikTok and make them the top subject of the town. As someone wanting to expand their knowledge in digital marketing, it is only a must that you get to know these popular TikTok trends.


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To save you from all the trouble, we collected the top ten TikTok trends as of the moment. Take your time in learning these trends; one of them can help you become viral in just one post.

1. Dance Challenges

One of the top TikTok trends nowadays, which has been famous to many online users, is dance challenges. These TikTok videos are made with online users dancing to a piece of trending dance music and doing the same trending steps. Dance challenges are trending on TikTok because their steps are mainly easier ones that anyone could easily follow. Various content creators and artists are doing dance challenges for their TikTok accounts.

2. Thrift Flip

Among TikTok trends continuously gaining attention are thrift flips videos. This type of content features TikTok videos with content creators sharing ways to upcycle basic clothes. Some of these features show step-by-step tutorials on how an “ugly” piece of clothing can be turned into a fashionable one. Many online users are getting hooked on these TikTok trends because they are easy to do and help them save money.

3. Glow-Ups

Glow-ups are very popular TikTok trends right now. Physical changes and new looks are unconsciously anticipated for people who haven’t seen each other for almost two years due to the pandemic. These videos contain photos and snippets of how people have changed physically from their weight, hairstyles, and dress. Content creators create these videos to show people how they’ve been improving themselves and inspire others who want to change their lifestyles.

4. I Understood the Assignment

The “I Understood the Assignment” TikTok trend uses the audio “The Assignment” by Tay Money. This video content shows people who know how to do what they were supposed to do. It showcases videos of content creators stepping up their game in doing a task, hence they “understood the assignment.”

5. Learn on TikTok

TikTok isn’t just a platform for fun. It is also made to share educational content. One of the top TikTok trends these days is tutorials in which people can learn something. Due to TikTok becoming a top trend, even professionals are also fond of using them to share ideas on how to do what they do. Such contents can range from how to do basic magic tricks, skincare tips and tricks, pet facts, how to do your hair in one minute, and many other more.


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6. Trust the Process

“Trust the process” has almost the same theme as glow-up Tiktoks. But, these Tiktoks are mainly focused on sharing the step-by-step process of doing anything. For example, doing handcrafts or decorating your own home. It showcases how your doubts can change into something more awesome if you believe you can successfully do things in your style.

7. Tell Me Without Telling Me

Videos under this viral TikTok trend shows online users “tell” something without actually saying the words. Instead, they do demonstrate how they are fitted for that topic. For example, “tell me you’re a designer without actually telling me you’re a designer,” and you post a video of your room filled with sketches and sample works showing how you design clothes.

8. Niche TikTok

TikTok is also a platform that promotes niche content creation. People from all sort of niche gather on this platform to create videos about the things which interests them. Whether you love health, sciences, pets, decorations, mystery, movies, sports, or many others, you can find a niche on TikTok you can easily fit into.

9. You are Enough

Videos under these viral TikTok trends showcase people who appreciate themselves, people they love, and even their pets. Videos posted under this hashtag usually show a slideshow or video snippets of someone perfect in someone’s eye despite all his insecurities and perceived flaws.

10. What I Mean When I say I’m from

This popular content trending on TikTok showcases people are flaunting the place they live. They share clips of either famous spots or products present within their locality on their social media, encouraging people to go and visit their area.


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With almost everyone getting crazy on popular TikTok trends, people are flocking in there in an unusual manner. The attention these top TikTok trends are getting is making more people curious about why they should use TikTok, especially business owners. As someone who seeks stable audience traffic, starting your own TikTok account can be your holy grail.

If you want to know more about ways on how you can establish an awesome online presence, chat with us today, and let’s start working together.