Here at Strikingly, we have seen several clothes websites take off on our platform and we found some glaring differences between these sites and other ecommerce websites we have helped launch. For starters, the fashion ecommerce industry is more than transactional in nature. Although need is an effective driver, people don’t just buy clothes out of the need to have something to cover their bodies. They are also buying the experience of being stylishly clothed. The aspiration to become fashion icons is another thing that makes them take out their credit cards.

creating clothes websites

Having said that, it’s already a given that clothes website templates should be mobile-responsive, user-friendly and quick to load. But how do you design a clothing website that can sell effectively and retain customers?

1. Smart use of white space

The first tip on how to create a website to sell clothes is to consider the use of white space in the design. Many fashion websites utilize a lot of negative space to draw attention to their visuals. When correctly used, white space in design makes a site look more luxurious and elegant. It exudes exclusivity. Clothing consumers want to feel that they are purchasing one of a kind pieces - they want to wear clothes that will make them stand out. An elegantly designed website can invoke this feeling in a user.

2. Consistent branding across the design

Consistent branding is also important when building clothes websites. Aside from the use of a professional logo, the right choice of color palettes, fonts and icons on the site contribute to consistency in branding. These design elements should effectively represent your company to create a more coherent image in your user’s mind. Consistency in branding contributes to brand awareness and recall - things that you want to build to get customers to come back to your site.

Create a set of visual guidelines to implement not just on your website but all other aspects of your digital marketing campaign. Remember that every visual you put out on the internet - though paid ads or social networks - should tie back to your website and your brand.

3. Good photography is essential

building clothes websites

Another tip on how to make a website sell clothes effectively is to invest in good photography. When you shop through an online store, you don’t have the opportunity to carefully examine the make of the clothes that you are looking to buy or try them on before making a purchase. To address this limitation, clothing and fashion sites rely on professional shots of their products. Action shots will also help users visualize what the products might look like when they are worn. Some sites even go the distance and get different-sized models to represent the different types of people who can wear their clothes.

4. Don’t kill the site with too much text

Fashion is mostly visual in nature so take care not to use too much text on your content. Good copywriting can help convey your message to your visitor in key areas on your site such as the product pages and the homepage. In general, the text should be brief and straight to the point. If you have the budget for it, hire a good copywriter to help you communicate your brand’s message on your website.

5. Create an overall pleasurable buying experience

User experience matters a lot when it comes to online stores. If you want your website to be effective at selling your products, make it easy for users to complete purchases. Strikingly has an integrated ecommerce platform that allows visitors to transact and make payments through your website in just a few clicks. Add the Simple Store section to your clothes websites templates for a convenient way to build an online shop that sells.