ideal ways to improve your marketing funnel

The success of your business depends solely on how you conduct your business operations. You must create your marketing funnel properly if you want efficiency. In the online conversion funnel, every stage requires customers to make their buying decision. The customers may not click your link, complete a purchase, or open your email. Regardless of the online conversion length, it is natural and can’t be avoided. You are going to lose out on your customers after each stage.

A digital funnel is beneficial in explaining a complicated problem because it gives you concrete ideas about the entire process from start to finish. Every step you take regarding your digital funnel will directly impact your customer’s attitude towards your product. By having full information about the marketing funnel, you can integrate strategies that will increase the number of people progressing from one step to the next. There are numerous marketing strategies that you can adopt for your online sales.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

If you have spent energy and time on improving your marketing analytics, there is no way you wouldn’t have come across the term “marketing funnel.” So how do we define the marketing funnel? An analysis of the data describing the consumer's pathway from “awareness” to “purchase.” It gives you an insight into how your marketing campaign or online store is doing.

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The basics of the marketing funnel haven’t changed since the 1900s. However, no single model is universally accepted by all organizations.

Some companies prefer to keep their model simple. They use the “TOFU-MOFU-BOFU” strategy, which refers to the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel as distinct elements.

Others believe adding “loyalty” and “advocacy” stages to the marketing funnel improves the overall strategy. After all, businesses consume up to $1.6 trillion per year when customers leave them.


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Different Types of Marketing Funnel

When we focus on marketing funnels, we talk about the funnels that start with a marketing campaign. That can be a pay per click (PPC) ad, a content marketing campaign, video ad, etc. Some of the funnels that you may want to know about are as follows:

  • Sales funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • Email funnels
  • Video marketing funnels
  • Lead magnet funnels

Although they have different names, they track exactly the same thing, i.e., the steps taken by a customer for website conversion.

Importance of Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is a critical framework. Even if you don’t have marketing experience or an inadequate business budget, implementing a sales funnel helps you execute an effective marketing strategy. If you generate a small number of leads, it will lead to fewer online sales. The bigger your marketing funnel is at the top, the better your business will be. The bigger sales funnels at the top in terms of leads will produce higher online sales or conversion at the other end.

If implemented properly, a marketing funnel can:

  • Create brand awareness for your target audience
  • Help convert viewers to paying customers
  • Interact with subscribers
  • Deliver a great customer experience
  • Maximize customer value

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Even though the marketing funnels are complex, they don’t need to be complicated. Strikingly provides its users with simple analytical data you can use as your sales funnel template.

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Marketing Funnel Strategies

1) Exposure

When you hear the term “marketing funnels,” the first thing that can come to your mind is brand awareness. If you want to attract your customers to your brand website, you must inform them about your existence in the first place. The initial part of your digital funnel stage is the most important. Its importance is because you gather many audiences regardless of their liking and dislikings.

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When you accumulate a large chunk of the audience, you start narrowing them down based on their niche preferences. If there are audiences that don’t seem to like your brand idea, you can eradicate them from your target group. You must create quality marketing content for your digital funnel. If you want to raise brand awareness for your digital funnel. In that case, you must have an appropriate marketing plan at your disposal.

2) Consideration

When customers identify an eCommerce product on your business website, they don’t make their buying decision immediately. They tend to look at other business websites offering the same products before concluding. They want to make a final assessment of whether your business website is truly worth it. Customers consider their buying decisions in the third step of the marketing funnel.

If you want to generate an outcome of the best sales funnel, you must create content that proves why you are more worthy than your competitors. If you have a Strikingly website, you can showcase the achievements in your “About Us” section or the previous feedback in the review section. This stage aims to provide your customers with better solutions and achieve better results.

3) Action

After reading the term, your website conversion rate evaluation is based on this step. The conversion rate is based on the making and marketing of your content. Your landing page must have a call to action (CTA) button) to get your clients involved in website action plans. For example, your CTA button will allow your clients to get involved in the checkout procedure if you have a shopping website. This is one of the marketing funnel stages where you have to pull the trigger in terms of marketing.

You must build lead magnets that will allow you to convert your visitors into paying customers. Your email content must motivate your customers to take action and commit. You can also overcome their confusion by adding testimonials and customer reviews.

If you want to check the status of your website traffic on Strikingly, you can look into the built-in analytics. The website analytics on Strikingly gives you an insight into the number of visitors incoming or leaving your website. In technical terms, it tells you about your conversion and bounce rates.

How to Create a Marketing Funnel?

1) Drive Traffic Effectively

It is not about driving website traffic to your landing page. It is about driving in the right traffic. You must focus on the audience who are more likely to convert. You can perform customer segmentation while creating social media ads, and monitor the audiences that take your required action.

Suppose you see that some people are landing on your homepage but are not converting. In that case, you can modify your ads to fit their necessities or implement a strategy to position your CTA button or online store better for more exposure.

2) Optimize Communication

You must optimize your website, landing page, and emails for all devices. Strikingly is the best website builder in terms of this factor because it provides its users with mobile-friendly website templates.

customer chat feature

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Strikingly fully helps its users create an ideal relationship with the customers. We provide our users with a live chat feature, which allows you to create a direct connection with your customers and convert them faster.

3) Nurture Your Leads

The objective of marketing funnels is to target customers with the right type of content. You shouldn’t ask your customers to prove their commitment right away. If the customers are willing to buy from your store instantly, you shouldn’t hesitate. For others, it is about nurturing them first.

You can leverage the targeted content. You can start by trying to understand your buyer’s personas. You can move on by creating targeted content that nurtures all of your buyer’s personas based on specific attributes, such as interests, goals, and objectives.

As a marketing person, you are always looking forward to implementing new tactics and technologies and going beyond email marketing. With the use of powerful marketing automation platforms, savvy marketers are focusing on multiple-channel lead nurturing strategies.

4) Get Your Metrics Right

This is a step in which many marketing people make mistakes. We are looking at vanity metrics, but we are considering actionable metrics.

Do you want to know how many users have landed on your website? Do you want to see how many of your customers converted? Do you want to know how many of your customers opened your email?

As a business owner, you must write down all your objectives to focus on the right metrics. Your goals should be measurable because a marketing funnel is all about numbers.


Once you have understood the implementation of a digital marketing funnel, you will find it easy to deal with your customers. As numerous online businesses enter the digital market, competition increases daily. To create a distance between yourself and your competitors, you must proactively approach and maintain efficiency within your business operations.

The core values of Strikingly are all about simplicity. Once you complete the registration on our platform, you can build an online store within 20 minutes. We provide users with marketing and sales funnel to optimize their store and convert more leads into paying customers. If you are one of those who want to kick start their business plans, Strikingly is the perfect solution for you.