If you’re someone whose life revolves around music: a composer, singer, DJ, or someone who just wants to listen to great beats to perk up the daily grind, you’ll need a go-to music website to amplify your day.

Music can raise your mood. It can either get you excited or calm and relaxed. It somehow infused itself to the daily dynamics of people, making it more of a necessity than just a simple want.

The shift of the music industry from the good old FM radio to the internet is not earth-shaking news, well, at least not for the recent generation. Recent developments in technology have allowed a lot of avenues for musicians to share their music for you to listen to.

Many of the top music websites have features like music streaming and file-sharing functions to enable artists to reach a bigger audience and improve their fan base. The internet has paved the way for people to listen to music whenever and wherever they are.

If you’ve been a long-time music lover, it’s pretty safe to say you’ve gotten yourself acquainted with many of the widely-known music apps and cool music websites on the internet.

But you frankly know for yourself that the internet is outrageously big. It’s challenging to keep track of all the top music websites. For this reason, we’ve compiled 5 of the best music websites besides the usual Spotify, Soundcloud, and Pandora to help you narrow down your choices.

Remember, though, there are a lot of other music websites in this genre. It doesn’t mean they’re not as great. But these five music websites we listed can be your head start to get you perked up for your daily grind or even get you inspired to create your own music website.

If you’re planning to make your own, here’s help promoting your music website.

1. Daytrotter

Daytrotter experienced a lot of big changes over the years. From having its original studio in Rock Island, Illinois by Sean Moeller back in 2006, to moving it later in Davenport, Iowa, and moving it again in 2019, now to Atlanta, Georgia.

Daytrotter hosts indie music acts’ recording sessions, which they play on their music website. The setting of their recordings can be likened to the lounge recordings of radio stations.

If you’re constantly looking for emerging musicians and brands, Daytrotter is a good way to find them.

They also tend to tide towards eclectic music, and along with their production style, you can say they’re a lot like Peel Sessions.

Although they mostly handle indie artists, you can also find established musicians on their music website. If you sign up to be a member of Daytrotter, you can have access to recorded live sessions.

They’ll also feature live sessions regularly, so you always have something new to look forward to.

Daytrotter’s music website doesn’t cover one single musical genre, so you’ll be able to find something you fancy, whatever your preferences are.

You can get more tips on promoting your music website from this blog too.

2. Aquarium Drunkard


If you’re not just looking for music to listen to but also for ideas on how to make a music website, Aquarium Drunkard might fit you well.

This music website was made by Gage to share music with his friends. However, in 2006, he increased his music website’s scope to reach a worldwide audience, getting more people to appreciate their music.

Like Daytrotter, Aquarium Drunkard has a wide range of eclectic music to choose from. This music website has mixtapes, podcasts, reviews, and even artist interviews, which Gage works with, along with some writers.

This music website curates music from genres like:

· Jazz

· Avant

· World Music

· Post Punk

· Indie Rock

· Garage Rock

· Psychedelic

· Ambient Music

· Vintage

· Funk music

· Folk music

· Obscure soul music

· Rhythm and blues

· And a whole lot more

This Los Angeles-based music website has been on the scene for more than ten years now. It’s a good music website to look to if you’re looking to create full-scale music websites.

If you’re just looking for something to listen to, this music website caters to various tastes, as the long genre list can attest to.

If you need more ideas on how to create your own music website, whether you’re a DJ, or on a music band, the blogs on the links can help you make your music website.

3. Disco Naïveté


Disco Naïveté is a music website hosted on Tumblr, and like Daytrotter, it also features up and coming musicians.

If you’re looking for a music website made with the help of a template, you can check this one out.

Disco Naïveté features a Spotify embed where you’ll listen to their music list. You can make a similar music website on Strikingly using Soundcloud as a playlist to embed.

Putting a playlist embed is a great way for you to easily update your music list so your listeners will always have something new to listen to and always look forward to visiting your music website for new beats.

You’ll always have engaged users, which is great if you’re looking to monetize your music website.

4. Pharell Williams


If you’re a fan of hip hop, funk, R&B, or pop Pharell Williams’ music website will get you pumped up.

Even if you’re not into his groove, you can still get something out of visiting his music website. (If you’re thinking of creating your own top-ranking music website)

Pharell’s music website interface is classy and simple, it’s user-friendly. His feature song will be outstandingly displayed on the top of his music website, followed by content telling more about the song.

Essentially, it’s so easy to use, you can learn a lot about user experience from this website when you start making your own music website. People will definitely love the user-friendly element you can learn from his site.

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5. 20 Jazz Funk Greats

As the name suggests, 20 Jazz Funk Greats is for those who love funk and jazz. This music website is themed in a spacey and psychedelic mood, something that will make you remember the 70s electronic tracks.

20 Jazz Funk Greats has a podcast you can follow as well as content on music playlists, concert tours, almost anything there is to know about electronic music if you want to be always on the loop of happenings.

Overall, what makes these music websites great are because they’re:

· Constantly updated with new music

· Has added features like podcasts and additional content

· Has a wide range of music choices

· Has a user-friendly interface

If you want the music website you’ll create to be top-ranking with lots of listeners, you should keep these basics in mind.

Other than those, you can also tap into social media like Twitter to get the breaking news in the music industry. You can use hashtags like #twittermusic, #rap, #jazz, and any of the genres you’d like to listen to so you can get the latest scoop.

You can then use these news to create a blog section in your music website to draw more visitors to your site, especially if it’s relatively new.

Speaking of blogs, you can also get more ideas for music website blogs in Stereogum, Pitchfork, and DatPiff.

Whether you’re looking for a go-to playlist or inspirations for when you make your own music blog, this blog has the basics you need.

Just remember how much of an art music is. You have to strike the balance of showcasing it with visuals while at the same time not overthrowing the major element, which is music, with how your music website looks.

Your website has to be aesthetically pleasing while at the same time keeping the focus on the music it contains.

Overall though, since the selling point is user-experience, people who go to your music website should get the satisfaction that they will find the emotion-evoking songs they like.

So how do you make your music website the best?

Make it a music haven for music lovers like you.

Put yourself and their shoes and find out what will make them satisfied with your music website. Is it having a wide range of music genres? Is it having podcasts along? It is having music blogs to complement it with?

Check out these tips on how to make great blogs.

Whatever it is, the main goal is to give them the music satisfaction they’re looking for. After all, they’re trying to find music to satisfy the feeling they want.

Don’t forget to optimize your site for search engines too.

If I can sum everything up in a 2-word phrase, it would be: satisfying experience.

Keep this in mind as you aim to make your music website the best, and you will go a long way. You’ll not only get music lovers on your website, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of giving them just what they need on a music website