If you’re a music lover, you must know some of the most popular apps and music websites on the internet. But the internet world is incredibly huge that it’s difficult to keep track of all the great sites so we have put together the best music sites - outside of the usual ones such as Pandora, Spotify and Soundcloud - that you must check out. Do note that there are probably thousands of other sites on this genre out there. But here is a good list to get you inspired to create your own music website.

1. Daytrotter

daytrotter music sites

If you’re on a constant hunt for up and coming artists and brands, Daytrotter has got you covered. But they don’t feature indie music exclusively. You can find established labels on this site as well. The site also features records of live sessions with musicians although you need to be a member to be able to watch these videos. This site does not cover a specific musical genre so you’re bound to find something to like here regardless of where your inclinations lie. New live sessions are coming up regularly so you don’t want to miss the chance to discover new favorites.

2. Aquarium Drunkard

Aquarium Drunkard music website

For those looking to create a site from music websites templates, here’s one that is worth looking at for inspiration. Aquarium Drunkard is an interesting music blog from Los Angeles that has been operating for more than a decade now. It curates content on various musical genres - from psych and jazz to folk, garage and contemporary hits.

Aquarium Drunkard is a good model for full-scale music sites. It features videos, music recordings and podcasts that will cater to various tastes. As one of the best website builder for musicians, Strikingly enables you to create a fully-functional music blog site like this one. Feel free to browse through our collection of modern templates to get started.

3. Disco Naïveté

disco naivete music site

Disco Naivete is an example of a site that you can make from out of music website templates. The site is hosted on Tumblr and features new music from up and coming artists. It has a Spotify embed where you can listen to their regularly updated playlist. You can make a similar website on Strikingly by embedding your Soundcloud playlist.

Here’s a pro tip: make sure you update your site regularly so visitors will have something new to discover from your content. Always stay on top of new artists and acts in your genre of choice to keep your users engaged.

4. Pharell Williams

pharell williams music site

If you’re a fan of Pharrell Williams, you must check out his website. If not, it’s still one of those music websites worth visiting for its interesting web design. Users can create fan cards and browse through other users’ fan cards on the site as well. Navigation is simple and classy and the cards are classified according to genre. The featured song or music is prominently displayed at the very top followed by other content. Overall, the page is easy to use. If you are just starting off with your own music sites, you could learn a lot from the user experience that this website offers.

5. 20 Jazz Funk Greats

![jazz funk greats music website](https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/T4lm_O3kZa7wlHOAL_3jbat5UvP65WpwbltlCXdNvqymjlkx3IBqOKO1nDEJG6cxYVs0f0WGTFGXwAV5YV7OAsbB16xUZl3dUM6b8QtKCDIZBBuqPCFnMPFcGXgabjT9YJQW30Mu "jazz funk greats music website" =624x341)

This website is great for fans of funky and interesting new tunes. It features a spacey, psychedelic music reminiscent of the 70s as well as electronic tracks. It also has a podcast that you want to follow for more on this genre. The blog is from Brighton, England and regularly posts content on concert tours, music playlists and pretty much anything that has to do with electronic music that you want to stay on top of.