10 Profitable Business Opportunities You Can Seize This 2021

With vaccines becoming more available globally, the world is starting to get back up from the terrible crisis that it faced in the past year. More and more establishments are opening up for the public again, and the world’s economy is beginning to get back on its feet. There have been many challenges, especially in terms of financials, for the majority of the population. This article can help you also gain momentum in this moment of rejuvenation for the world’s businesses.

Seize All The New Profitable Business Opportunities Coming Your Way

Many have been cooped up at home due to the COVID19-pandemic that the world faced in the past year. We all had to find something to do with our time, and if you have been one of those people who didn’t skip a beat to develop some ideas for your business at this time, then good for you! Now all you have to do is be brave enough to seize it. 2021 is a year of redemption for many people. Don’t be afraid to get back on your feet and start running your own business. And if you have yet to think of any ideas, we have some suggestions to get you started!

Seize Your Opportunities like a boss

5 Offline Profitable Business Opportunities

If you have been feeling stuck in your homes and are dying to get out of the house for a change, then these offline profitable business ideas might be right for you.

1. Babysitting/Child Care

Many parents started working from home in the past year because of the pandemic. However, since vaccines have become available and offices are opening up their doors again, they need to get out of the house to work. Therefore, many kids need babysitters and child care. Without much investment besides your time and attention, this business opportunity can be an easy start for you to earn some money. Your responsibilities in this job include taking care of the children, making them food and feeding them, and making sure they are bathed and clothed. This job might also include taking care of their studies since not all schools have resumed face-to-face classes. You build up these kinds of profitable business opportunities by building trust within a community and getting to know different parents and children.

2. Start Your Own Bakery

Baking is one of the many hobbies that most people have picked up during the pandemic. If you are one of those people, then why not make it into a business opportunity. Baked goods will always be among the best profitable business opportunities you can take advantage of. We’re sure that you have built up a list of your favorite recipes to bake, and now, it might be time to share it with the world and earn money from it. Your baking business can be built by just a few good recipes, nice packaging, and a way to reach customers. You can simply build partnerships with other businesses that can advertise your business and display your contact information. You can then accept pre-orders, bake them, package them and deliver them all by yourselves. All it takes is a bit of innovation and creativity, and you’re good to go.

3. Personal Tutor

Profitable business opportunities are born out of necessity. And because not all students are back in school yet, many are still in need of private tutors. While online learning has helped ensure continuous learning, it is still different from having an actual teacher in front of you. Admit it. You’ve thought of how using your knowledge and expertise is one of the best profitable business opportunities you can think of. Students need a guide, and many will pay good money to learn from and communicate with a live person than someone on the screens of their laptop.

4. Gardening

Gardening is one of the new business opportunities that have become common because of the challenges in the past year. Being stuck at home has given people the time and opportunity to tend to their gardens. But now that they need to come back to work, they are losing the time to take care of the garden they started. You can make this into a business opportunity. You can offer up your services to maintain their gardens for them. People will pay good money to ensure that their little plant babies are safe and continuously growing. Gardening won’t even take up much financial investment since you probably would have the stuff you need to tend to the plants. It is a profitable business opportunity that involves your time and a green thumb to be successful.

5. Cleaning Services

The last one on our list of offline profitable business opportunities is not among the new business opportunities. Cleaning services have been gaining popularity throughout the years. But because of the restrictions set for the past year, they have taken a back seat since they cannot really execute their job if they cannot leave their own homes and/or offices to enter another’s. People started to establish a system to clean their own homes since they are confined within its walls 24/7 in the past year. But now that the world is opening up again, there is certainly a demand for cleaning services. You don’t need to go big immediately, you can offer up your services in neighboring apartments and houses and still earn a significant income from it.

5 Online Business Opportunities

The pandemic has made evident how many online profitable business ideas can easily be turned into actually profitable business opportunities. If you have yet to decide what you want to do with your time online and still remain at home, we got you covered with five online business opportunities you can seize.

1. Blogging


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Have a knack for writing? Why not try making a blog? With your laptop and your own website, you can put your skill and talent in writing to good and profitable use. To get started, you first need to identify what you can and want to write about. You have to find and define your niche markets. People are interested in many topics, but it is wise to cover something you have some background knowledge in and something you enjoy writing about. There are many ways in which you can monetize your blog. You can use your blog as an avenue for affiliate marketing, reviewing products for different businesses, and advertising other products. Blogging is among the genuinely profitable business opportunities that can generate a generous income for you, as long as you are creative, strategic, and innovative about how you do it.

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping refers to a business opportunity that involves you becoming a middleman for customers and certain businesses. How it works is that you advertise and sell products that are not in your possession and ownership. Once customers order products from you, your job is to find a business and/or retailer that sells the products you need. You have to be smart in pricing your products and in partnering with specific courier companies because it can make or break your dropshipping business. While this is one of the business opportunities that require you to make a financial investment, the returns of its success also make it one of the most profitable business opportunities out there.

3. Photography and Art Websites

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Photography and art websites have been gaining popularity throughout the years. If you have a skill in either/or photography and arts, you can make a business opportunity out of it. If you have some product photography on hand, you can display them on a website to get more profitable business opportunities and clients. You can showcase your skills through your online portfolio and make a name for yourself. This also applies to the arts. If you have actual art products (stickers, photo cards, etc.), you can also sell them online and even offer up and accept paid commissions from different customers. You need not be in the professional business immediately to actually earn a profit from your talent.

4. Be a YoTube Content Creator

Youtube is one of the top social media platforms that exist today. People can spend hours on this application and not get tired and run out of videos to watch. And because of its popularity, it has become an actual profession for many people. With just enough subscribers, you can get paid considerable amounts of money with each video you create. You can get started with your phone or a simple camera to shoot your vlogs. Think of what kind of content you want to produce and expand your profitable business opportunities to the next level. See, this business opportunity of creating videos not only gets you paid by the site itself; you can also attract businesses that want to partner with you and pay you to make vlogs about their products. Get a camera, start rolling, and turn your content into profitable business opportunities.

5. Online Store

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The last one on our list of online business ideas that you can turn into profitable business opportunities is to open up your own online store. The pandemic has given way for online shopping to gain more momentum and market share. Therefore, businesses have taken advantage of this and have turned to the online world to gain more customers. Online stores are all the rage now. While it is still profitable to have a physical store where people can visit, it is a good marketing strategy to have a website to cater to customers who can’t visit your physical store and/or reach even more potential customers globally. Thus, it is one of the most profitable business opportunities you can venture into if you do it innovative and strategic.

How to Bring Your Online Profitable Business Ideas to Life?

  1. Log in or sign up with Strikingly.

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Image taken from Strikingly Product

  1. Choose a template for your business website.

Strikingly Template Selector

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  1. Explore your site editor.

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  1. Add Sections depending on what you want to showcase.

You can add a simple store section to accommodate orders and payments. You can also add call-to-action buttons, contact forms to collect customer information, a gallery of images and videos, text boxes, and even a social media feed section. You can also add blogs to your website. You can customize these sections according to your profitable business opportunities needs.

Strikingly Sections

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  1. Edit your settings for receipt of orders and payments.

You not only can display your products in a way that highlights their features, but you can also edit shipping options that you can accommodate. You can also incorporate taxes and shipping charges with each product.

Strikingly Product Management

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In addition to these features, you can also connect different payment gateways that your customers can use. You can connect your accounts to each of them to easily receive your customers’ payments.

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Profitable business opportunities are just around the corner. If you have the time and the resources, why not seize every business opportunity that you can? Look into what you are interested in and look within what you can do and what you can offer to the world. No profitable business ideas are too absurd and too impossible. You just have to be brave enough and innovative enough to make it a reality. Strikingly can help you do this with your online business opportunities. Sign up now and seize the new business opportunities coming your way!