Online shopping has been everyone’s savior this quarantine. With all the strict precautionary measures being implied in the whole country, going out to visit malls and stores would be really hard. We cannot easily buy the things that we need in our daily life for there would be risks. So what do we do? Look for it on the internet through an online shopping website.

For the past months, various types of any specific online store have been a nationwide trend. Many shopping websites have emerged due to high demands of basic human needs with the pandemic still on the run. Who wouldn’t want an accessible mode of purchase anyway? With the help of an existing online shopping website, you can easily order food, buy new clothes, purchase appliances, and even book services. There are even existing online shopping websites used as a tool in selling digital products and courses for anyone who wishes to have one! Just amazing, right?

As time passes, changes in dealing with an online shopping website continuously arise. From effective strategies on how to manage it properly up to the various ways on how to improve it aesthetically to grab your customer’s attention, there are specific trends which you should consider. Why? Because working in the field of e-commerce requires you to be flexible and learn how to adapt to these changes. And learning how to adapt to these changes can help you and your business improve and grow as time goes by.

If you happen to be looking for ways on how to keep your online shopping website among the best online shopping stores ever existed, then you just happen to be at the right place.

We listed below these top nine online shopping website trends that you should never miss out on to keep yourself on track in the online business world.

1. Multiple Payment Options


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Receiving payments is one of the basic ideas you should know when it comes to building your online store. For your online shopping website to be fully functional, it must have a smooth and functional mode of payment option. This is necessary because the mode of paying differs for every type of customer. There are some who prefer using their credit cards, third-party payment applications, and even some who prefer offline paying transactions. For you to successfully handle online transactions, your online store builder must help you in delivering this online shopping website element properly- just like how we do it in Strikingly.

For the mode of payments, we let our website users choose what they prefer to have in their Simple Store. They can choose Paypal, Stripe, or even accept payments through the offline payment method.

2. Mobile Shopping


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We all love our phones. That’s a fact. There is not a day where we aren’t touching our phones and scroll through our social media accounts or play games. This fact is the main reason why every online shopping website must be mobile-friendly as much as possible. Most consumers operate and visit an online shopping website by using their mobile phones rather than computers. We can’t really blame them because it’s undeniably more convenient. This aspect should be considered at all times when you finally decide to build your online shopping website. Not only it can help you gain more website audience, but will also make transactions easier for you to handle wherever you go, whenever you want.


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We in Strikingly not just help our users create their online shopping website, but also ensure that it will be easier for them to manage their website. We have our very own Strikingly application which you can download to have better access to any online shopping website. Our app is available for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android users. As the online store owner, you can use this app to edit your websites, check your website analytics, create form responses, manage your Simple Store orders, and many more!

3. Videos as Product Images


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Product images make any online shopping website more reliable and pleasing to your customer’s sight. Various online store businesses usually post photos of their products on their online shopping website to entice viewers to purchase a product with them. But did you know that you can now use videos aside from images? That’s right! Video clips of products are now widely used in any online shopping website. This is actually one effective way for you to give your audience a better view of your product’s features and what they could expect from your services.

Working with us in Strikingly can give you an option to post videos of your products on Simple Store. You can even create a gallery of your own and make your online shopping website more exciting!

4. Social Media Integration


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Social Media is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools at the moment. Almost everyone nowadays has their own social media account, making businesses more eager to use it as their weapon in digital marketing. If you want your online shopping website to reach a more comprehensive audience range, linking it to social media is one genius move. You can simply connect each and make it easier for your clients to reach you. You can do this part easily with us. With just one click, you can design your own social media section, and link all your pages together. You can add your customized URL, add social media icons, and start spreading the good word!

5. Chatbots / Live Chats


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Live chats are like instant friends to your website viewers. They act as your assistants ready to answer every query potential customers would like to know. Adding this to your online store makes you and your online shopping website more reliable and functional. Not only it clears speculations about your online shopping website, but also gives an instant lovely first impression of great customer service.

Adding live chats on an online shopping website is also possible and easy with us. The Live Chat function we offer needs you to be in a VIP plan to access it. Our Audience plan lets you adjust the audience size that is best and appropriate for your business type. Sounds more fun, right?

6. Membership Subscription Plans


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Membership subscription plans are also among the latest trends today in building an online shopping website. When making your online shopping website, consider offering membership programs. Not only it can make your online store more interesting, but also help you secure a stable amount of website followers. You can use this as a strategy to entice more clients to be a part of your community. You can give them VIP offers and even convert every website viewer into your online shopping website loyal customers.

Membership subscription plans can now be easily designed with us. You can choose what type you’d want for your best online store: Free Membership, Paid Subscription Membership, and Grant Membership to Store Customers.

7. SEO Optimization


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Search Engine Optimization is an online store’s ultimate weapon. For your online shopping website to succeed in the world of e-commerce, it must be SEO-friendly. Search engines play an important role in securing a smooth website ranking for your online shopping website. When looking for the best online shopping store builder, you must find the one who knows how to work well with search engines - like how we do it in Strikingly. Creating your website with us gives you the freedom to equip your website with tools that you can use to be one with search engines. From adding long-tail keywords to putting anchor texts and links, you can freely do it with us. You can even put your own website meta descriptions that search engines usually use to introduce any online shopping website on the internet.

8. Personalization


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Owning a website you fully designed is truly one exciting experience. Having an online shopping website that is not only an online store but also a representation of yourself is one dream come true. Many websites nowadays are enticing if they portray a character. Audiences absolutely love it when the online store they visit somehow fits their personal taste giving them the feeling of being connected to one another. When designing your online shopping website do not be afraid to showcase your personality. Be free and express yourself and people who love you even more without trying much.

Website themes and templates both give the character on any online store. Start expressing yourself and choose your online shopping website template with us!

9. Sharing Blogs


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Adding blogs to your online shopping website are also one way to keep yourself on track in e-commerce. Many audiences love reading and knowing updates about their favorite websites. You can do this part with us and start sharing your thoughts with your website viewers.

With all the benefits an online shopping website can give, it is not surprising why many businesses are starting to engage in it. Why not? Besides the fact that it is easy to manage, you can even reach a wider range of audiences without tiring yourself much. You can even use this as a tool in grabbing more opportunities for growth for your business. By simply mastering how to do it right, you will be able to achieve your set goals in just a matter of time. Online shopping website may be too complicated at first, but once you get to know it, you will surely appreciate how it works.

Getting hyped on starting your own online shopping website? Chat with us, and let’s start creating it together.