Probably, all artists' dream is to be able to host their exhibit.

Imagine a famous art gallery curating your masterpieces.

Hundreds of people coming from all over the world walking from one art piece to another.

With each of your art pieces drawing different emotions in each art enthusiast’s heart.

A humbling event showcasing your enthusiasm for art, creativity, vision, passion, and emotions.

But with millions of artists far and wide, it could just stay as a dream.

You know what? It doesn't have to be that way.

It may seem far-fetched for now but you can still show-off your artistic pieces!

You can even hose your very own exhibit!

And who knows, a famous art curator or art enthusiast might just discover you and your art!


Well, with the emergence of the internet and the development of technology, having your exhibit is now possible.

You’ll just need a few things.

A camera

An internet connection

An artist website builder

Your masterpieces

Those four items are the only things you need to create your online art portfolio!

What is an online art portfolio?

An online art portfolio is an example of an online portfolio.

An online portfolio consisting of a collection of your best artwork, yet.

So instead of having your art pieces captured and printed and then compiled in a physical portfolio, you just simply upload them online.

That way, you won't have to make a ton of portfolios and submit it to all the art galleries you dream of partnering with.

How does that help you achieve your dream of having your exhibit?

Well, for one, you are already having your exhibit by showing the images of your artwork.

A virtual exhibit per se.

You’ll have your very own art gallery curated by you!

You can also ask a friend or someone else to curate it for you.

Second, having an online portfolio opens a lot of doors for you!

Instead of just being able to hand out your portfolio to the art galleries or curators within your midst, you will be able to reach more.

Even those that are halfway around the world!

Because of the vastness of the World Wide Web, you will be able to reach art galleries in Europe, Asia, United States, and wherever the internet can reach you!

Aside from art galleries, you will be able to reach individual art enthusiasts as well!

Splendid, isn’t it?

Your dream of having your spectacular exhibit seems to be a lot closer now, right?

Before anything else, though, you’ll be needing something to get you started on that online art portfolio.

You’ll need an artist website builder.

What is an Artist Website Builder?

An artist website builder makes an online art portfolio making a child’s play.

These website builders can create website templates that artists, like you, can use.

With those templates, you won’t have to worry about coding or using a programming language to create your online portfolio.

You’ll just have to edit the website template made by the artist website builder.

And again, these artist website builders have created website templates, especially for artists.

So you can be assured that these templates are going to highlight you, your talent, and your work of art!

But of course, only the best website builder for artists can do that magic.

Why look for the best website builder for artists?

As an artist, you want your work to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

That’s why certain artists prefer certain art galleries or famous curators to work with because they are confident that with those art galleries and curators, their masterpiece will “shine bright like a diamond”, as Rihanna’s song goes.

So choosing the best website builder for artists is like choosing the best art gallery or curator to work with.

You have to look for the one that can work well with your art style, help you showcase your talent, and display your best works effectively.

Because like real exhibits, you must also create the vibe that you want your fans or art enthusiasts to feel.

Set the mood of your portfolio.

Make the atmosphere in the room cohesive with the theme of your art pieces!

Set it up in a way that will also match the emotion or the theme of your artwork.

With that, you can create a lasting impression on your viewers and potentially bring in new clients and engage with your current followers!

Because this isn’t just a typical portfolio where you place images of your artwork in an album or have them displayed in an empty room.

This is your gallery.

Own it!

Now, any website builder for artists would promise the same thing.

Duh, marketing, of course.

They’d always say that they will help you put up your artist portfolio website.

In just a few minutes and with zero to minimal coding required, you’ll have it all set up.

Well, if those are your only criteria, then choosing a site builder is a no-brainer.

You can go with any platform and call it a day!

However, when it comes to artist website design, the quality of your site is just as important as an intuitive user interface.

Strikingly puts high importance on providing website templates that can help you achieve your goals.

And so Strikingly, being the leader in website building features a variety of artist website templates you can choose from.

These templates were designed to effectively highlight your work and make your talents known to the rest of the world.

Check out some of these artist portfolio website examples that were made through this platform.

Some of the artist portfolio website examples that are screaming impressive

Just so you know, there are already a lot of artists who have created their online exhibit or online portfolio.

Here are some of them.

Oh, and take down some notes.

These artists might just give you ideas on how you can create your online art portfolio as well.

  1. Vincent Figliola


Vincent Figliola is a creative director who recently moved to New Mexico from New York to pursue art in a different landscape.

His site shows how artist portfolio websites should be: simple, to the point, and designed to highlight the best of your work.

Fine artists' websites should feature the artist’s work from the get-go.

Visitors to this site are welcomed by a video that highlights the artist’s most recent work.

They can also get a PDF version of his portfolio available for download on his website for artists.

This is particularly great for visitors who are actively searching for an artist they want to collaborate with.

A downloadable version of your portfolio could come in handy for those who may want to review your work offline later.

2. Hannah Campion


Hannah Campion is one of the best artist websites in 2019 because of the way it makes use of white space to pull the focus to her work.

Her artwork is full of vibrant colors and patterns.

So, using a busy background may confuse any visitor and could distract them from the actual art pieces.

The smart use of a grid layout and negative space makes the site cleaner and easier on the eyes.

It only takes a few seconds to impress your audience.

Artist portfolio sites should learn from this technique to draw attention to their work instead of the other elements in the artist website design.

The best artist portfolio websites do not need fancy backgrounds or flash to keep their reader’s attention. They need smart layouts and a carefully curated gallery of their work.

So, if you have a similar style in making your artwork, you can use the same scheme for your online art portfolio to accentuate your art pieces.

3. Bill Gallagher


Do you offer artist services for special events and parties?

Bill Gallagher Caricature is one of the best artist website examples that you should check out.

Aside from featuring a gallery of his work, he also includes a list of the services that you might be interested in booking for your next party or special event.

His site provides a good description of each service along with a contact form so you can request a quote.

Use your website not only as a gallery for your previous projects.

Turn it into a marketing tool for services that you offer as well.



BotJoy is an example that artistic websites can also make a difference in the world.

The website was built on the idea of bringing joy, hope, courage, and inspiration through little robot art.

The artist website design for this space is clean and straightforward, using design elements such as minimalist font types and a neutral color scheme to emphasize the colorful bots featured.

A website for artists does not necessarily have to use vibrant color schemes to be effective.

Sometimes, neutral backgrounds work much more effectively.

As you can see, these artists have made use of different kinds of websites for artists templates.

Like them, you can choose one that works best with your art style.

Something that creates the perfect vibe for your masterpieces and showcases the talent and passion for art of artists like you!

For more artist web designs, check out Strikingly’s Discover page to find inspiration for your next free artist website project.

The platform also features inspirations for makeup artists' web designs that you can visit