Start And Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing

With today’s internet and technology, people are starting more and more to rely on the potential of earning income online. More people are seeing the opportunities they can grab without leaving the comforts of their own homes. Well, whether you are just starting in the online world or you already established a website of your own, we’ve got something to up your game - Affiliate marketing. This article will tell you how to start affiliate marketing, how it works, and how you can earn from it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to a process that involves three people: the seller, the affiliate, and the customer. Affiliate sales are born out of a customer purchasing a product or service that you promoted. The sellers are the product creators. They are the ones who will pay money for the promotion of their products. Now, the role of the affiliate is to market the product or service. Their job is to position the product in a way that appeals to the customer. If they can deliver a result to the seller, then they just made affiliate sales. Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways to earn a passive income online. You don’t have to do much after you have placed your seller’s advertisement strategically, and as long as you are driving customers to their target market, you get a piece of the sales they are getting.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

1. Find Affiliate Marketing Programs You’d Want To Join

Affiliate marketing programs run rampant all over the internet. More and more sellers appreciate the technicality and convenience of hiring affiliate marketers that will get their advertising and marketing jobs done. While it is only logical to want to join many of them, you can’t accommodate all sellers. You must find the right sellers to partner with. And by the right sellers, we mean those who create products that are connected or related to your brand and that which will connect with your existing target market. Choose what’s appropriate for you and get on with your journey on how to start affiliate marketing.

2. Show An Ad or Link Leading To Your Seller

After choosing your seller/s, they will give you a link or an ad link that you have to share and publish. It is up to you how and where you will spread the seller’s link. Be strategic in this part of affiliate marketing because it will define your career in the business. Your affiliate sales will only increase if you place your advertisements in suitable positions. You’d want to decide early on where to place your ads and make sure that they will work well with customers, so you don’t have to change them constantly.

3. Customer Clicks

Once you have placed your ad strategically, the next step would be to wait for your customers to fall into them. Once the customers click the affiliate marketing link you set, they will be led directly to the site of the seller. Usually, your success in affiliate marketing programs depends on whether your customers purchase from your sellers. However, there are some sellers who also credit you just for leading customers to their site. This means that as long as customers click the link you shared, you can get paid. There are also some that consider leads as affiliate sales. This implies that the customers need not actually purchase products from the seller. By merely persuading them to sign up for the seller’s newsletter, filling out a contact form, downloading files, or signing up for a trial of the seller’s products.

4. Affiliate Network Records

Since there are many affiliate marketing programs in existence, there is also a system in place that automatically records which affiliates connected the customers to their seller. This will allow you to be credited for customers that you led to the sites. The click, purchase, or lead of the customers would then be reflected in your sellers’ sites and they will confirm the transaction or action that was done.

5. You Get Paid

Once the customer does the actions and your sellers confirm the transactions, it is time for you to get paid. For an affiliate like you, this is the best part of the affiliate marketing programs. Now, while we are certain that you will get paid your commissions, the amounts paid to affiliates depend on the sellers and companies that you partner with. Subject to your agreements with them, you can earn a commission of 5% of their sales but you can work or negotiate your way up to 30%, or even 50%. And voila! You are earning well without actively working every day.

Tips & Tricks To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing

Now that you already know how to start affiliate marketing, we want to give you some insights on how you can do well and earn more in your career as an affiliate.

• Review Products

As an affiliate marketer, you promote products and services to your customers or your audience. It can be useful to review and really know the products you are promoting so that you do not end up advertising something that contradicts your own brand and identity. It’s important to build a trusting relationship with your audience because not doing so would not only jeopardize you and your business, it can also do some harm in your affiliate marketing career. Knowing the quality of the products you endorse and share would help you build the confidence of your customers in your word. If more of your audience believes in you, they will be more inclined and encouraged to follow the links you have planted. They will be less reluctant to avoid advertisements you have placed because you have built a rapport with them.

• Don’t be random

In connection with our first bullet, it is also important for you not to be random. What we mean to say is that, try to tailor the advertisements of your seller to the needs and wants of your existing target market. If you have too many links and advertisements on your website, blogs, or posts, there is a tendency for customers to avoid you. This is especially true if your ads have no connection to your business. Try to find affiliate marketing programs that are best suited for you and your brand. It may not be directly related to what you’re offering but it has to at least be relevant. You’d want your audience to feel you’re actually helping them, not just shoving advertisements on their faces. Be smart and creative in how and where you place your advertisements and links. Affiliate marketing is more than just carelessly placing ads or links anywhere you can.

• Stay Trendy

The internet keeps on evolving - new trends are set every day. As an affiliate, you’d want to keep up with what is trending because that is what will speak to the billions of netizens that you are aiming to connect with. Starting your own blog and attaching links of your sellers in them can be an imaginative way to promote your own products and the products of your sellers. You can write reviews and blogs about what makes the products great. You can even come up with tutorial videos to entice your customers more to purchase the products you are selling and/or promoting. Affiliate marketing can also be brought to different social media platforms. You can send out an email blast that contains your affiliate links to customers in your contacts. You can also reach out to more people using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. You can post photos and videos of the products and caption them with the affiliate links you have. You can also take advantage of Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories to actively advertise the products you have under your wing.

Be A Strikingly Affiliate!

Strikingly is not just one of the best website builders that can help you grow your business in the online world, it also has an affiliate marketing program you can be a part of. Whether you are a pro user of the site or not, you can be a part of the program and earn up to 30% commission for each referral you make. Here’s how:

1. Join Now or Log in to the Strikingly Affiliate Marketing Program Site

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4. Share Your Link anywhere and everywhere!

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5. Track Your Progress

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There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there. Maximize your chances of earning a significant amount of income by joining several of them that fit your niche. We hope that this article was successful in opening up your mind about it. We hope that we have given you the right insights to boost your confidence to start this venture. And while there are many ways on how to do affiliate marketing and get tons of affiliate sales, your market will largely expand if you have your own website or blog site. Make your own website with Strikingly and be successful in your journey of being an affiliate marketer!