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Having a huge number of YouTube subscribers is a dream for any YouTuber. It means that you are making quality content, and people are liking the kinds of stuff you are talking about, or simply put. Your hard work has been recognized and paid off really well.

Having a massive number of YouTube subscribers means that you can monetize your YouTube videos easily. One of the requirements for joining the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to put ads on your videos to gain some money, is having at least 1000 subscribers. You also have a better chance of making money through membership programs if you have lots of YouTube subscribers. Monetizing through affiliation is also much easier with a huge number of subscribers since many companies are always on the look for YouTuber with a huge number of YouTube subscribers to help them market their product.

However, we know the story. The story that tells the struggle of a small channel to find their footing in the industry. Even bigger channels sometimes struggle to maintain the number of their YouTube subscribers. Frequently, working on your channel before it takes off can takes a lot of your time. You need to sacrifice so much time, and often, you will not even make it.

But that does not mean it is impossible. If you want to realize your dream of becoming a successful YouTuber, you should keep pursuing it and learn from other successful YouTubers. Today, you can find many guides or tutorials that tell you how to get YouTube subscribers in several steps. There are many communities that you can join where you can find people working towards the same dream. Find support so that you do not feel alone in your way to realize your dream. Once you have the support you need, it is time to step up your game to help you to get Youtube subscribers that you need.

Are you ready to become the next successful YouTuber? Apply these tips and tricks to help you get free subscribers.

  1. Research Your Market

Before taking action, it is always a good idea to learn more about the market condition. More specifically, you need to decide the market that you want involved with. Today, the market is getting more and more segmented. You cannot please everyone, and that means you cannot target everyone. You need to target specific people or a specific community that can help you decide what content you can create in your channel.

Take the example of the gaming community. It is arguably one of the largest markets in YouTube today. High profile names, such as PewDiePie, starts and grows their career in this market. Gaming has now expanded more and more with the rise of eSports and many kinds of console games. You can find many YouTuber trying to find their footing in this market. It means that taking part in this market can be really hard if you have just started your channel. However, the return can be huge if you can pull it off. So, take your time and pick your market wisely.

Once you have decided on your market, it is time to work on your channel.

  1. Optimize Your Video Title

This step sounds simple, but it can help you to get YouTube subscribers. Optimizing your video title means that you need to make your video to be found easier when people are looking for videos on YouTube. YouTube has an algorithm that helps viewers find videos based on the keywords they put in the search bar.

For example, you are looking for videos on how to make pancakes. You probably type in ‘pancakes recipe’ or ‘how to make pancakes’, right? YouTube will then look for videos with those keywords and rank them based on how close it is to the exact keywords and viewers.

This is what it means to optimize your video title. By using keywords and optimizing the SEO of your video title, you can make your video be found easier, which can help you to get YouTube subscribers.

  1. Make A Great Thumbnails

Now, what is the next thing that people see after your title? Yes, your thumbnail. If your video title can get your videos to be found, then your video’s thumbnails often make people click on your videos. Great thumbnails can make you stand out from the crowd vying for attention and get YouTube subscribers.

What makes a great thumbnail?

First of all, great thumbnails show your brand or personality. Great thumbnails help people to remember who you are: your content, styles, personality, and so on. You can show your personality through the choice of fonts, images, colors, and so on, that you use in your thumbnails. Thumbnails are crucial that even people paid other people to do their thumbnails.

The next factor is having a quality image. You do not want your thumbnail to appear pixelated or cropped out. You want your image to be optimized so that it seems nice. Make sure to check the YouTube guideline for thumbnail so you can nail it right.

A great thumbnail also tells people what the video is about. You might have encountered a click-bait thumbnail that often tells nothing about the video or speaks one thing, and it turns out to be the other way. Make sure to tell people upfront about what your video will be about and fulfill that promise.

  1. Engage Your Audiences

If you want to have a huge number of YouTube subscribers, you must never forget to engage your audiences. Audiences love it when they are getting mentioned in this video or thank them for the support. Join the comment section of your video. Interact with your audiences in the comment section and make sure to react to the comment that matters the most. Pinning comments is also helpful when you want to engage your audiences.

Engaging audiences can also help you to find new content ideas. You can always ask your audiences what kind of topics they want you to cover in your next video. This way, you get new ideas easily, and your audiences are more likely to watch, like, and share your video with their friend. This way, you can get YouTube subscribers.

  1. Add Powerful CTA’s

When it comes to the simplest way on how to get more subscribers on youtube, there is nothing easier than asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It is easy, simple, and allows you to engage with your audiences.

You can ask your viewer to do this through Call-To-Actions (CTAs). You can place it at the start of your video and the end of your video. It is as simple as saying, “Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel for more great content.” or something along that line. You can also easily add a clickable button to your video that helps viewers to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Create A Schedule

When it comes to building your fanbase to get YouTube subscribers, the worst thing that can happen is when people forget that your channel exists. If you are working in one of the major niches, such as gaming, this can happen pretty often. There are lots of channels and they are making content regularly. If you are falling behind, there is a great risk that people will forget about your channel.

To prevent this, you need to make a schedule. Having a schedule can help you organize your content and look at the bigger picture about your channel’s content. Most importantly, it reminds you to make content regularly to increase your presence which can lead to more YouTube subscribers.

  1. Create Video Playlists

Aside from a schedule, you can also create a playlist. A playlist can help your viewers to engage with your content more. It allows viewers to immerse themselves more since having a series of related videos is better than jumping between one video to another video with a different topic.

  1. Collab with other YouTuber

Gaining a huge platform is really hard, but you can always ask someone to join their platform. Partnering with other YouTuber is a perfect idea to find more YouTube subscribers for your channel. Make sure to partner with a channel that has the same interest as yours. You do not need to partner with someone big, but make sure that you and your partner have enough value to get profits from each other.

  1. Join Online Community

There is no better way to learn about your audience than by joining their community. Today, you can easily find forums, such as Reddit, where people gather with their community and share news, videos, or any kind of content about their community’s interest.

Interacting with your viewers’ community can also help you to promote your videos more easily. You can simply share your video with them, open a Q&A session, or ask for some feedback or topics to cover in your videos.

  1. Promote The Channel on Your Website

Besides promoting your videos in the community forum, you can also create a website and promote your website’s channel. Other than promoting, having a website can also give you many benefits. One of the benefits that can help you to gain more YouTube subscribers is an increase in online presence. With a website, there is a bigger chance for your videos to be found outside YouTube, which means you can reach larger audiences that help you to get YouTube subscribers.

Creating a website is also super easy today. Many website builders help you to create a website in a matter of a minute and require no expertise in website building. There are even website builders that offer you to create a website for free. However, when it comes to promotion and creating an online presence, a small investment for a paid website builder is a good idea. Strikingly is the best choice when it comes to an affordable, easy-to-use website builder.

With Strikingly, you can easily create a website from ready-to-use templates. You can find many templates that you can choose from to create your website. If you still want more choices, you can also look at websites created by other Strikingly users and use their website as a template.

List of Strikingly users' website

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To help you promote your videos on your website, Strikingly allows you to easily embed your videos on your website. You use many sections, such as the gallery, big media, and other media sections, to embed your videos. Using these sections also allows you to categorize your videos much easier, similar to a playlist on YouTube.

Strikingly gallery section

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To further help you establish your online presence, you can connect many of your social media accounts to your website. Strikingly allows you to connect nine social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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You can also use the newsletter feature to help you reach people easily. With the newsletter, you can inform your YouTube subscribers about updates on your website or about new videos. You can send from 100 to 2.000 newsletters to your audiences every month with Strikingly.

Strikingly newsletter feature

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Now, you are ready to kickstart your YouTube channel. You know now how to get free subscribers. There are many ways you can try to get the needed YouTube subscribers if you want to start monetizing your YouTube video. The essential thing in getting YouTube subscribers is to know your market and audience. Make sure to plan everything carefully before you act. Other than planning, you need to make sure to promote your videos. Do not shy away from your viewers’ community. Get in contact with them, and you can learn more about them, even you can get some video ideas from them. You can also create a website where you can place your video quickly, ready to be found by everyone. Having a website can help you to connect your social media and promote your videos easier.

Are you ready to be the next big YouTuber? Start your brand today with Strikingly!