5 mobile web design inspirations to build your mobile app website

You’ve built a great smartphone app that’s just around the corner; social media is buzzing with posts of your app, and you have a kickass team to support the app once it’s up and running.

Do you think you’ve done everything you can to ensure your app’s success?

Well, think again.

You’ve left an important component that can make the difference for your app among countless others running in the market - mobile app websites!

Without a mobile app website for your mobile application, you’re losing vital traffic that could be converted to your mobile app user base. These customers rely on mobile apps website design and its appeal to decide whether they would take the trouble of downloading it.

Is it really that important to have a mobile app website, especially after taking all that trouble in building a mobile app in the first place? Plus you’re not quite sure how to go about the process of building a website.

Well, you’re at the right place. This article will give you the mobile web design inspiration you need to start your very own mobile app website. Strikingly is a platform for building websites for various purposes from businesses to portfolios and mobile app websites.

5 Compelling Reason to Build a Mobile App Website

Check out these 5 compelling reasons why you start building an app website for your mobile app:

1. Visibility in Digital Space

There are over 2 million apps on Google’s play store. This means that unless users know your app or get it on popular suggestions, the app is another statistic for the play store. One of the main roles of application websites is to present the app to your visitors. Depending on how you’ve made the website (style and design) and the SEO optimization, your mobile app website can increase your mobile app’s user base.

2. Create the Hype

You can always put up ads and market your app which is a great way to promote your app. But it's expensive and you cannot target the right type of user for your app. A website is the best way for online promotion as it can be used as a platform to create the buzz that your mobile app needs to survive in the market. By making your app website, you’re growing your network and strengthening your app’s user base.

3. Provide app Support

There are always unseen issues that can occur when using the app. Hence users need a platform where they can detail their issues. The mobile app website connects users to the app developers and vice versa. The app website can be essential in helping users get updates about the app or be a platform to address user problems. The support you provide to your users can be converted to a positive user experience. It can make a difference in users choosing your app over others in the market.

4. Update Users

App websites are the best way to keep users updated about the app. Say you’ve had the app online for a year and have come up with a new upgrade that users will love. Your mobile app website can inform users (especially those who may have otherwise deleted the app) and reduce unnecessary deletes.

5. User Feedback

Users feel more connected to the app when their advice or opinion feels valued. Application websites are a great way to get direct user experiences that can help you improve your mobile application’s features, usability, and function. While you can be neck-deep in suggestions, you can filter out the best and use them to improve your app’s functionality.

Building a mobile app website can appear to be time-consuming and not something you’d think is simple to make.

Strikingly is here to change this!

With cutting-edge design and lightning-fast servers, Strikingly offers unparalleled website hosting services.

To get a clearer picture of this, you can check out these amazing mobile app websites created using Strikingly’s free website template.

Pro Tips to Keep Your Mobile App Website on Top

1. Design CTA buttons to Seal the Deal

The main aim of your website application design is to convert visitors into users. Which basically means getting them to click on that CTA button. The placement, design, and appeal of the CTA button are key to make visitors become instant users. In short, you don’t want your visitors to miss the whole point of your mobile app website. Whether you want users to download the app, sign up for newsletters or subscriptions keep these two things in mind while designing the CTA button:

  • Keep your CTA button as obvious as it can possibly be.
  • Make it bold and bright. Go with color combinations that make the CTA button stand out.

Mobile app website building made easy with Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly’s user website

Check out Globehop’s mobile app website. They make it clear that they either want you to download the app on apple’s app store or visit their website. This makes it clear to users that the app is not made for android devices. They are firm with the target audience and address them clearly with precise CTA buttons.

2. Creating a Smashing Mobile App Landing Page for Your Website

The landing page is where you give users a glimpse of your unique mobile application. You want to grab visitors from the first glance. Site visitors get the first clues of what the mobile app is all about from the landing page. You can use 100s of app website designs and styles. You don't have to worry about what to put up on your mobile app.

These 3 steps with excellent app landing page examples will help you avoid amateur goof-ups while building your app website.

Color Palette

Make customers ogle at your landing. They need to be hooked from the very first look.

Choose the best combination that gives your mobile app the best user impression.

Build a website for your mobile app with Strikingly

Image taken from strikingly’s user website

Hollabox’s mobile app website landing page highlights its base colour. It contrasts nicely with images and text highlighting the download button. The exciting background design gives users an idea about how the app will look and function.

• Layout and Spacing

Mobile app landing pages need to have minimalistic layout and design. Don't cramp up the landing page to highlight the brand name and make the logo stick in users’ minds. Too much information on the landing page can confuse users and make them exit the page immediately.

Strikingly has the best templates to design your mobile app website

Image taken from Strikingly’s user website

Local Wander does a great job in this area with just an image of the phone displaying a conversation on the app. The app logo is the core of the design with a headline and a tagline that follows. This gives a clear picture of what the app is and what it can look like on your phone.

• Information

The landing page tells users what they’re gonna get when they download the app. But that doesn’t mean you write an essay on it. Have a precise heading with a tagline or a couple of sentences. Get your visitors to be curious about the application.

Mobile app website building made easy with Strikingly.

Image taken from Strikingly’s user website

Zizzle, an app to learn Chinese, did this by displaying a snapshot of a phone that shows what users can do with their app. Whatever the information, it needs to be precise, apt, and to the point.

3. Keep It Engaging

Your mobile application website is meant to attract users. It needs to engage users from the time they land on the website and keep them there as long as possible. The layout and design of your app website are crucial while the headline and following text develop curiosity. You can put up a video describing your app, have sliders that show app features, or have a poll to check what users feel about your app. These things help build user confidence and drive them to click the download button.

Mobile app website building made easy with Strikingly.

Image taken from Strikingly’s user website

Take a look at Hip’s app website created on Strikingly. The landing page has a video of what the app has to offer. Users are not just caught by the interactive video. It’s a quick and engaging way to tell them what the app is all about.

4. Precise App Intro

Users want to check out the app website to get an idea of what’s in store for them when they download the app. How well you describe and display your mobile app features can propel your app in the market. Adding a section that describes app features or shows them how to use the app can improve the chances of the app being downloaded.

Strikingly has the best templates to design your mobile app website

Image taken from Strikingly’s user website

Swish does a really good job here. They make it look simple and easy by breaking it down to 3 precise steps. The images help you picturize what they mean by the instructions.

5. Connect Personally

Users don't just want an app that they can download and use by themselves. They need to feel connected to more than just the mobile application. They need to feel like they’re part of something bigger than the app itself. One of the best ways to extend customer service in application websites is by creating blogs. In your application website design, blogs can be the content your app users would read through to know how to use the app or simply get news about the updates you’re making. Social media is the best way to do this. Tell them why they need to follow your social handles, and give them links to your blog or newsletter. Anything that lets you connect to your users. You can use this to have a direct connection with your users where you get to ask questions and provide suggestions. A meaningful bond goes a long way in in-app usage.


Image taken from Strikingly’s user website

Hip’s website makes its social handles loud and clear. They keep the design aspects on this screen minimal so as to focus on the social networking site’s icons. Users can instantly get to their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ handles with the click of a button.

Where Can I Build My Mobile App Website?

Strikingly is a top website-building platform where you can start designing your mobile app website easily.

First, you need to have an account on Strikingly. You can do this by signing up on Strikingly with your email ID. After you register on Strikingly, you can log in to your account and start editing your website.


Image taken from Strikingly

You begin by clicking on the “Create New Website” button on the dashboard. Choose your preferred template design, edit it as you wish, and create your premium mobile app website. For specifics on how to edit the template or the features that you can get for your website, you can visit Stikingly’s help centre or check out our blogs.


Image taken from Strikingly

You have the option of sticking to Strikingly’s free URL or registering a domain for your site. Strikingly offers domain credit (worth $24.95) for the first year if you sign up for any yearly plans. You also have the option of linking an existing domain to your site.

Once you connect your Strikingly domain, we'll automatically hook the domain up to your site, so you won't need to manage domain settings. In case the domain is not from Strikingly, you’ll need to set up the DNS records.


Image taken from Strikingly

So, what’s stopping you from building your mobile app website and increasing those downloads?

Sign up with Strikingly and host your website today!