When it comes to business websites, first impressions matter. The tiny details that make up your Strikingly website are just as important as the bigger picture. And with people expecting a lot from the sites they visit, the challenge is for you to be able to maximize every single aspect of your website, each touchpoint, every link and image that directs traffic to your pages - including your splash page.

splash page example

What is a splash page?

A splash page usually pops up before a user can explore the rest of the website he is visiting. This element should not be confused with a landing page which is an actual web page that is designed to fulfill a particular conversion goal; or a static under construction pages for upcoming releases. Splash pages are like a prologue to a book - they feature minimal content and are designed to relay a message that may not be related to your homepage but is meant to fulfill a certain objective such as signing up for a newsletter or going directly to a page that features products on sale for a limited time.

A splash page is designed for different things - it can promote a product or service, communicate a message such as a disclaimer or even put up an age verification gate as in the case of adult websites.

Characteristics of a splash page

The reasons for using one may vary but most splash pages share the same characteristics. First of all, they contain a link to the main site or any other part of the website as in the case of a subscribe to mailing list campaign or enter site. A splash page also has a clear call to action and it doesn’t have a lot of intricate design elements. In fact, the page is very simple and contains a single clear and straightforward message.

It’s important to note that a splash page is not a webpage within your website. This is what makes it different from a landing page which may contain the same characteristics but can be much more detailed than a splash page.

How to create a splash page

splash page example

Creating a splash page on Strikingly is quite simple. On the website editor, just go to Settings > Promotion > Pop ups and enable the feature for your website. There are three types of splash pages that you can create for your site:

  1. Email signup - great for inviting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter
  2. Announcement - for virtually anything you want to tell a visitor - e.g. download an e-book, take advantage of a discount code, or announce an upcoming sale.
  3. Age verification - for restricted content which requires the reader to be of a certain age to access.

how to create a splash page on Strikingly

After creating your splash page, click Publish.

The splash page will come up as a pop up when a user lands on your website.

Best practices for making splash pages

1. Clean and organized design

Splash pages should not contain a lot of design elements that can make that small piece of digital real estate look cluttered. Remember that pop ups or intro pages in general have smaller containers so you don’t want to cram too much information or huge graphics that it distracts the user from what he or she is supposed to do with it.

2. Copy should be action oriented

The copy on a splash page should be brief and straightforward. It has to be clear that the user should be able to understand what to do next. Don’t make the visitor read a paragraph of text content contained in such a small space. Putting too much text content on an intro can cause a user to go back and look elsewhere for information.

3. Clear call to action and an opt out

A good CTA encourages a visitor to take action as soon as he can so he can go back to the content that he came for in the first place. The disruption to the browsing experience must be worth it. Do not put so many unnecessary steps towards fulfilling the action on a splash page. For instance, if it is for a newsletter signup, simply ask for an email address and nothing else. Leave the contact form in another area on your website.

By the same vein, some customers may not appreciate the interruption that splash pages can present. Have a clear exit option so they can go back to exploring the content they came for in the first place.

Spruce up your website with an engaging splash page today.