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Social media services allowed advertisements to transcend from traditional practices into contemporary approaches. Today, social media platforms play a pivotal role in making your business seen and raising awareness of your business website.

In 2017, Social Media Today reported that people would spend more of their time on social media than any other activity like eating. This figure speaks volumes and demonstrates how powerful social media can be in shaping people’s lifestyles.

For business owners, social media services encompass many activities. The most integral of which is marketing strategies and techniques. These services can also be used in gathering important market information and outsourcing talents from around the world.

If you’re in the process of creating your business website, integrating any social media service is vital. You need social media channels to extend your reach and get to audiences that you normally wouldn’t get to due to distance barriers.

This blog will cover how social media services can help your business and what services your business needs. We’ll also discuss how you can use Strikingly to generate stellar engagements with your business website.

How Can Social Media Services Help Your Business?

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Any social media marketing company can vouch for the power and influence of social media. As a collection of interconnected networks, social media allows the fast proliferation of content and establishing online connections.

Social media services are some of the tools you can use to leverage your space in the digital world. For example, those engaged in ecommerce use a social media service to promote their products. Some sites also use Search Engine Optimization or SEO to get the best out of social media engagements.

If you want to see how your business website can use social media services, here are some benefits you can mull over:

• Allows You to Develop Great Content Strategies

Social media management services allow you to oversee your content-sharing efforts effectively. For example, if your planning to run a blog section on your business website, you need to use social media channels to promote each post. By connecting these activities, you can seamlessly combine techniques to lessen the effort and time spent on each blog post.

Developing content strategies lie at the core of social media services. Without the employment of smart solutions to your business, you’re risking poor marketing reception. You must know when and how to promote a post, and a social media service can help you achieve it.

• Enables You to Produce Content That Matters

Once you know how your audience interacts with your social media posts, you can tailor content that matters to them. Through social media services, you can get insights into what they like by looking at what posts they engage with the most. You can also use this information to ensure that they’re actively engaged with your business and what you can offer.

• Improve Ad Campaigns

Social media services ensure that your ad campaigns are successful and can reach the right audience at the right time. By writing a compelling website copy, you can foster organic search results for your site. You can also integrate these strategies with SEO practices to maximize results. Ad campaigns boost brand awareness and reinforce brand recognition for what you offer as a business. Having a social media service can help you achieve your ad goals.

• Optimize Multi-Channel Sharing

One of the best features that social media management services offer is the ease and convenience of sharing a single post to multiple channels. For example, you can use content management software to prompt the posting of an announcement to various social media channels. You can post an ad to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram with just one click. Don’t forget to also optimize the time and date of when you’ll post updates.

• Get a Realistic Metric for Progress and Success

If you want to have a gauge of how well you’re performing as an online website, social media services can help you with this matter. You can see if your audience engagement has improved based on the number of likes per each new post. However, you must only compare two pairs of posts with similar characteristics and structure.

For example, if you want to compare two Twitter posts, they must contain the same tags and kywords, and must also be measured using organic results. This will give you a more precise measurement if your recent strategies to promote your website were better than the last.

Social Media Services That Your Business Need

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Having only one social media service isn’t enough. To optimize online engagement, you must use various tools together and combine each feature to achieve better results.

Here are the top social media services that your business must have:

• Facebook

As a social media giant, tapping into the Facebook sphere unlocks limitless opportunities. According to an article from Shopify, Facebook has over 1.3 billion users worldwide and photos shared on Facebook generates 50% more likes than any other social media service.

• LinkedIn

LinkedIn is among the more professional social media services out there. It’s mostly associated with building business networks and expanding your professional horizon. But LinkedIn is also a fantastic platform to introduce your business. If you want to target professionals (perhaps to open your business for employment or sell your online business), you can use LinkedIn.

• Twitter

Twitter is also among the most popular social media services out there today. With over 230 million users, you can use Twitter to target certain niches using hashtags. The limited number of characters per tweet also allows for a more reading web copy. You can immediately paste URLs in each tweet so a user can quickly jump to that post.

• Instagram

Instagram has a reputation for being a social media service that relies on heavy visuals and great image quality. If you want to build a reputable brand as a business, you must keep up with the professional photography techniques used in Instagram. Both corporate and personal Instagram accounts value high-image quality when updating posts.

• Google+

With over 300 million users, Google+ is among the social media services you shouldn’t miss out on. You can use this channel to make your business even more discoverable on Google’s search engine. Google services are some of the most widely used platforms today, so you can really take advantage of their reach and network to promote your business.

Integrating Social Media Services to Your Business Website

If you’re wondering how you can effectively integrate social media services into your business, we got you covered. You can create an account with Strikingly, use it to build your business website, and use its features and tools to create a content strategy that leads to success.

Strikingly is one of the best website builders for beginners. You don’t have to worry about having any prior experience in web development. Strikingly offers solutions that can make things easier for you, especially when adding a social media service to your site.

Here’s a quick look at how you can integrate social media services into your website:

1. Adding a Contact Us Page

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After selecting your business website template, you can add a Contact Us section to link your social media services. You can edit each item depending on your preferences and change the name for each channel. You can also add more social media icons depending on how many social media accounts you want to link to your site.

2. Adding a Social Feed

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Adding a social feed to your business website can help make your content more dynamic. Adding social media management services can add to the appeal of your website. Web visitors will get to see the posts you update on your social media services. Make to regularly update each of your social media accounts to make the content more dynamic for your website.

3. Connecting Social Accounts

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Once you have a social feed section, you can connect your social media services to your website. As you can see in the image above, you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. This enables web visitors to see where else they can reach you other than your website. This also adds more channels to build connections with existing and potential customers. When adding this to your site, make sure that the links are correct and working.

Social media services can help upscale your business strategies and reach a wider audience. It also gives you the upper hand to take on the competition with your content strategies and ad campaigns. With a social media service, you can expect better engagements in the online world for your business website. Finally, with Strikingly to assist you, you can create a business website with social media solutions that makes integration fast, easy, and more convenient.

What else are you waiting for? Create your Strikingly account today so you can achieve stellar engagements with social media services for your business website.