So you’ve spent a lot of time building your Strikingly website, developing content and creating visuals meant to engage your target users. You’re now ready to share your passion with the world. But the work is not over after you hit publish. As a website owner, you can add website to Google to let the search engine know that your website is ready to be listed. how to get my website on google

One would think that a search engine with a wide reach can actually find anything on the Web, including your site so there really is no need for you to do anything to get your web site on Google. That’s actually quite true but, given that there are billions of other pages on the Internet, it would probably take days, even weeks for it to crawl and index your website. If you want to start building your online presence as soon as possible, a delay of a few days may be unacceptable. Fortunately, there’s a way to accelerate this process by learning how to make your website show up on Google search lists.

How Google Works

Google as a search engine has three major tasks: to crawl, index and retrieve. To serve information to its billions of users around the globe, it sends spiders called the Googlebot to every nook and cranny of the web to find pages, updates existing pages in its database and removes any broken links. If you add new pages to your website, it’s only a matter of time before Googlebot finds them and adds them to its list. This is essentially how you add website to Google search list.

Technically, you don’t really have to add your website to Google to get it on the search engine’s database. However, if you leave it to the search engine to crawl your website in its own time, you are at the mercy of this timeframe.

How to get my website to show up on Google

  1. To add website to Google, you either need to send an indexing request for your website URL or add an updated sitemap to your Google Account. In both cases, you have to be the registered website owner on Google Search Console.
  2. To verify that you’re the owner of the domain, Google Search Console takes you through a process where you need to add an HTML tag to your website so that when Google crawls through your site and finds this information, it verifies your ownership of the website. On your Strikingly website, you can add this HTML tag by going to Settings>Advanced>Services on your site editor.

If you updated an existing website and would like to re-submit the site to Google for indexing, all you need to do is log in to your Search Console account, go to “Add a Property” and add your website URL when asked so Google can start crawling.

Find out if your website is listed

It usually takes a few minutes for Google to start crawling your site after submitting your sitemap. To find out if your website is listed on Google, do a search in this format: “”

add website to google

Do I need to submit a new sitemap every time I publish new content?

The answer depends on how critical it is for Google to be able to find your content and recognize it. If your new page contains information that should be listed quickly - for example, a new product offering, promotions or a time-sensitive announcement - you want to get Google to recrawl your website. Letting the search engine work on its own while you update your pages regularly is also okay.