Creating a website is no easy feat. But if you think that your job is done right after you’ve clicked the publish button, you’re in for a big surprise. Even after all those hours or even days of editing and customizing, you’re actually just halfway through the battle to the top. And here’s why.

Although having a website is better than none at all, you’re still missing out on your website’s maximum potential if you don’t know how to get your website on Google. Now that your website is published on the internet, the next thing you’d want is to show people what you’ve made. Or in more technical terms, to bring more traffic to your website.

But how can people find your website when there are billions of others out there on the internet to begin with? That’s where search engines come in. Think about it this way: whenever you want to find information on the internet, you’d probably make a quick Google search on the topic and then visit the first few websites that turn up on the results page.

As a website owner, you’d want your site to show up on those results as well. This is one effective way to drive traffic to your site. In summary, whenever people search for something relevant to your site, your content shows up on the results page. And with that, you have a higher chance of getting visitors to your website. But how do you begin to learn how to get your website on Google?

Why Showing Up On Google Matters

Now aside from asking, “how to get my website on Google?” you might also be wondering why it’s important to show up on Google - especially when there’s a wide variety of search engines available for everyone to use. The answer is simple: Google is one of the most widely used search engines on the web. That being said, it makes absolute sense why you should learn how to get your website on Google.

Being listed on the top of a popular search engine ultimately means more traffic to your website. So the next question is how to show up in Google search. There are plenty of ways on how you can do this. But in a nutshell, you need to go through a site-verification process and make your website one of the Google verified sites in order to get the best results.

But before you learn how to do that, it’s vital that you understand how search engines like Google work and why it matters for your website. Find out by reading the short summary below.

How Google Search Engine Works


If you’ve always wanted to know how to get your website on Google, studying how the Google search engine works and all its inner workings may come in handy. But the truth is, the system is constantly changing - what works today may not work tomorrow. You’d have to keep yourself up-to-date every time Google decides to make a change. But let’s be honest - no one has enough time for all that, especially if you’re managing your own website by yourself.

Thankfully, there are a couple of standards that still remain constant, no matter how the times may have changed. Websites that produce great quality content consistently, for example, will always hold a good reputation within the Google search engine. And this should be your goal as a website owner.

All About Bots And Crawling

It’s important to note that Google uses bots to “crawl” through your website and determine whether a site is of good quality or not. Don’t let the technical jargon scare you; this simply means that Google uses a special system to skim through your site… Just not in the way a human being would.

Take this as an example: your website may have writing that rivals Shakespeare, or graphic illustrations that put the world’s greatest artists to shame. But even with that, your website might not get that gold star of approval from the Google bots. So how do these bots decide the value of a website in the first place? Two words: user experience.

Experts may tell you that if you want to learn how to get your website on Google, you need to improve the layout of your site or even produce content that’s relevant to your audience - don’t take it too personally. It’s not that your taste in design isn’t that great, or that you don’t write as well as you think. But it’s actually more about how your website’s visitors find and interact with your website.

Now you might be wondering, what are ways you can improve your site so you can add website to Google search. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Below, we give you all the steps you need to learn on how to show up in Google search. Here are our tips:

How To Show Up In Google Search: A Step By Step Guide


1. Search Engine Optimization

You might have heard of the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sometime before, but haven’t really had the opportunity to know more about it. To put it simply, Search Engine Optimization is the most common method website owners use to show up on Google search engine results. Want to learn how to get your website on Google through SEO? Here’s how it works

Keywords are simply the text that internet users input onto the search bar whenever they want to look up on something through Google search. These keywords could anything be anything from a single word or even a string of text, also known as long tail keywords.

That being said, if you want to know how to get your website on Google, the most important thing you need to do is to include these keywords to your own website. But keep in mind: Google doesn’t like it if you use these keywords unnaturally and unnecessarily.

Unfortunately, there’s a drawback to relying solely on keywords: it takes weeks or even months to actually show up on the results! Luckily, there are other steps you can implement to increase SEO ranking and your chances of showing up on Google. Continue reading to find out…

2. Google Search Console

It’s hard to track down your site’s progress without a tool, and that’s exactly why you need to get Google Search Console connected to your website. This handy tool is more than just a way to track down how many times people have clicked or visited your site.

But how can this help you in learning how to add your website to Google? Wel, it can also pinpoint areas of improvement. If you have any page within your site that may cause visitors to leave or pages with missing details that could harm your SEO, Google Search Console can tell all. So if you’ve been wanting to know other methods on how to add your website to Google, the Search Console is a simplified checklist and guideline to help simplify the whole process.

But before you can start using Google Search Console, your website must be one of the Google verified sites. But don’t worry, the process isn’t as complicated as it seems. Here’s what you need to know about site-verification:

4. Google Site-Verification

To start using Google Search Console, you first need to register yourself as the official website owner of your website. Google Search Console’s site-verification process is quite simple and similar to most identity confirmation processes on any other website.

To begin, you either need to add a new property or choose an unverified property from the selections available within your Google Search Console account. From there, Google Search Console will then offer a list of verification methods which you would need to accomplish. More often than not, you’d just need to verify your email for this step. However, it is recommended to complete more than one method just in case you lose access to your email. Once you’ve finished all the steps, your website is now one of the Google verified sites!

3. Submit An Indexing Request

So you’ve gone through the site-verification process. And after utilizing Google Search Console, let’s say you’ve done all you can to address all your site’s issues and you’ve even published a couple of pages that follow SEO best practices. What else can you do to add website to Google search? The last thing we recommend is to submit an indexing request.

This simply means asking the Google bots to recrawl your website. This is highly recommended if you’ve recently made changes to your site and would like the Google bots to give you a reevaluation. To begin the process, all you have to do is to submit a sitemap or use the URL inspection tool within the Google Search Console.

Once you’ve done one of the two steps above, the bots will then have another look at your website and hopefully this time, improve your site’s ranking. Keep in mind, however, that this process may take weeks to finish. In the meantime, you can focus on publishing new content to your website, perhaps through a blog? After all, consistency is a part of the process when it comes to learning how to get your website on Google.

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