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Massive changes brought by media and technology advancement will become one of your top concerns once you start an online business. As someone starting in eCommerce, you must let yourself indulge in such changes whether you like it or not. You must equip yourself with the best digital marketing tools you can help to manage and grow your business without getting yourself drained. Our tip? Create a landing page design.

What is a Landing Page?

A website landing page is a page on which online viewers land. It is a web page where an audience ends up once they click on your posted ads. A website landing page is a standalone page for your business that plays a crucial role in promoting your online business. A single website landing page design can help you trade, entice your viewers with special offers, share updates, and even make deals. It is like an “immediate response” to a promise you tell to your market through the ads you posted.

Creating a landing page usually involves click-through ads, which connect to your online business website. Most website landing page design includes an item like free trial specifics, contest details, eBooks, and even some online seminar registrations. For viewers to proceed with such posts, they will need to give their contact information leading them to your online business website.

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For you to have a perfect website landing page design, you must know how to do some “convincing” well. You must create a landing page that does its job perfectly of pursuing online viewers to go and explore your business website more. Creating a landing page involves giving the best marketing design to convince potential customers that you are worth trying enough for them to entrust their contact details to you.

Getting more curious about why you should start creating a landing page now? Well, relax because we have more exciting website landing page design ideas waiting for you.

Benefits of Creating a Landing Page

Understanding what is a landing page has tons of benefits. It has endless awesome offers which can help you and your business stay in the world of eCommerce for a long time. If you still have second thoughts on why you should master the art of website landing page design, this next part will change your mind.

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1. Increases Conversions

If there is one awesome thing learning about what a landing page can give you, it's conversions. Making audience conversions are important, specifically in a world where competition is tough. To outsmart your competitors, you must know how to play your game well.

Creating a landing page design can help you turn your potential customers into sure buyers. Most customers spend their time browsing on different platforms just to see what they can buy before actually proceeding with their purchase process. Once something catches their attention, that is the only time they’ll make their choice. With an effective website landing page design, you can grab every opportunity to earn a sure buyer with all clicks online visitors make. Mastering a landing page design can help you encourage website visitors to entrust their information to you and, eventually, stay with you as loyal customers.

2. Defines Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is good, but getting to know what they want is a new level. Audiences have different wants and needs. The consumer tends to change their preferences each time they see something new in their eyes. You, as the provider, must master how to fulfill such needs and wants. How? Through your awesome website landing page design.

A landing page is designed to help business owners know what drives the interests of their online visitors. For every click they make on your landing page design, you can collect information about where your most powerful sections and contents are on your business websites. As someone creating a landing page design, you must always keep in mind to create a design that isn’t just interesting to look at but also a landing page design that will help you get to know your audience more. When you make a website landing page design, you get the chance to understand what exactly your viewers want. You must not waste the opportunity to earn new followers by creating a dull landing page design.

3. Grows Subscribers

Growing a stable number of audiences isn’t as easy in eCommerce sales. If you want to secure yourself with an incredible group audience, learning how to create a landing page design is one holy grail for you.

Creating a landing page includes asking online visitors to entrust you with their contact information. Such information like email and names are already enough for you to create and grow your subscriber list. Viewers who have managed to give their information to you are more likely to have developed an instant interest in you and your business. With a remarkable landing page, you can easily ensure yourself with reliable and high-quality leads you can use during your marketing process.

Create a Landing Page Design that Rocks

Are you getting more excited about what is a landing page? Then, let’s turn that excitement into something you’ll love more—learning awesome tips on how to start creating a landing page for your website finally.

Just Fing Demo landing page

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1. Write A Striking Headline

A headline is one of the most critical elements you should never miss when designing your website landing page. It is like the primary bullet which will immediately strike your audience’s attention the moment they lay their eyes on your landing page design. A website landing page headline is the first thing an online visitor will see about your business, so it must be attractive enough for them to keep browsing. If you want to ensure that your website landing page is fully functional, writing a striking headline is a must. One tip we can give you is to keep your headline short. Let your audience immediately understand what you want to tell them, and avoid making lengthy headlines. Go straight to the point and tell them why they should choose you.

2. Use High-Quality Images

Photos and graphics are also essential in creating a landing page that rocks. Who doesn’t get drawn to amazing images anyway? Before creating a landing page for your online business, choose your images first—select photos that can help you convey your message well to your online visitors. Pick only high-quality images engaging enough for them to browse more on your landing page. Also, choose only images that are yours and relevant to the topic you are sending them. People will love it if they see fantastic photos taken by you, giving them snippets of what to expect from you and your services.

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3. Add Social Icons

Social media integration is one of the most powerful online marketing tools. Currently, many businesses rely on their marketing strategies mostly on their social media accounts. If you want an effective website landing page, including some social icons on your landing page design is one genius move. Adding social icons to your landing page design can help your online viewers easily share your business website on their social media accounts. And as they do that, you get the chance to widen your reach easily. Adding social media icons also helps you create a reliable and professional landing page. It’s hitting two birds with one stone.

4. Include Testimonials

It may not seem like it, but testimonials are also essential when creating a landing page design. These days, many online visitors rely on what their co-shoppers think first before actually transacting with a specific business. They seek product reviews online to see whether or not it is deserving to try a business or a product. As someone seeking to establish a good image among online viewers, adding testimonials on your landing page design are very helpful. One tip we can give you is only to include testimonial statements relevant to what you are currently promoting. Do not add testimonials that don't make sense or are not related to what you are now offering. You wouldn’t want a messy landing page design that’ll only annoy your viewers, right?

5. Write Clear Instructions

A landing page usually contains a form on which online viewers could write their personal information. If you want to keep things organized, always write clear instructions on your website landing page design. Keep your instructions simple and avoid using deep words, which can confuse your users. How you write your landing page instructions will help define how much you’ll earn a subscriber.

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Starting an online business requires adjustments. Everything in the business world isn’t as permanent as you think. One moment your business is in demand, then minutes after, you lose some customers. One common reason why many online businesses fail is their lack of knowledge on how to handle an online business properly. If you want to succeed in your business, you must be ready to accept and take on unexpected changes like a pro.

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