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Monitoring is a must for every online business. This plays an epic role in helping you understand what is going on within your website. Once you mastered the art of it, handling your online business will be nothing but just a piece of cake for you. One of the best ways to understand your website is through website analytics? Not familiar? Well, you just happen to be in the best place to learn all about website analytics.

What are Website Analytics?

Website analytics in simple definition is the data behind every online business platform. It is the collection and reporting of a website’s data to help website owners to understand and evaluate their web usage. Website analytics isn’t just all about processes involving business website traffic, but rather, it analyzes every data that comes and goes out of an online platform.

Web analytics tools on the other hand are helpful tools used for website analytics. The best web analytics tools allow a business website owner to have a better view of their data usage. Best web analytics tools also organize your website’s collected data and turn them into reliable reports using different breakdown processes. These website analytics reports are the ones which you can use to better understand factors like how many online audiences visited your website today, your client’s behavior when visiting your business website, how many visitors are placing orders of your products, as well as giving you an idea on how long a customer stays on your business page.

Benefits of Knowing Your Website Analytics

Learning all about the wonders of website analytics can give you a lot of benefits not just for you but also for your business. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve made a list down below on the awesomeness of using the best web analytics tools for your online business.

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1. Measures Traffic

Knowing how website analytics work can help you:

  • Get an idea of how many website users and online visitors that follow you are on your business website at any given time.
  • Where do these online audiences come from?
  • What specific actions are they doing when visiting your website?
  • How much is an online viewer's average time on your website pages?

Website analytics usually work by dividing all the website traffic sources and your website conversions clean, easy-to-understand way. As the business company analyzes the data they got from their best web analytics tool, they can now identify which specific parts and activities on their website play a huge role in attracting online viewers. With this information from their website analytics, they can easily use that opportunity to strengthen that specific area and gain more profit.

Overall, website analytics help track how certain organic and paid website traffic is developing in a specific period, in real-time. The existence of website analytics is very helpful for companies to invest their time, effort, and money more effectively.

2. Bounce Rate Tracking

Bounce rate is an eCommerce term used to analyze website traffic. This typically represents the average percentage of online visitors who enter your page and then leave without continuing to view other pages on your website. In website analytics, having a high bounce rate can tell you these ideas:

  • The online users who just landed on your business website didn’t feel that the content they just saw was for them.
  • Their search queries didn’t match well
  • Just a weak user experience

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When website analytics shows a high bounce rate occurs on a website, it’ll be quite hard for a website to produce better quality leads or any other website conversions. Monitoring your website analytics can help you improve user experience on your business website and lower your bounce rates. By having knowledge of what is website analytics as well as how to use the best web analytics tools, you can not just lower your bounce rates, but as well as increase your profit without breaking too much sweat.

3. Improves Web Services

With the right knowledge on how to use the best web analytics tools, businesses can find any potential problems on their website. One best example of this is bad marketing funnels which owners cannot easily see without website analytics. By using the best web analytics tools, one can easily see if they have unclear marketing sales funnels which can highly affect an online store’s purchases, lowering sales. When you learn the art of website analytics, you can easily formulate backup plans which can help you make immediate actions and improve your website services for your users.

4. Improves Conversion Rate

Conversions are very helpful for businesses with tight competition. Now that the world of eCommerce has become more demanding for you to stand out, you must have the courage to take every chance that may come your way. With the use of website analytics, businesses can make higher conversion rates possible for their website. There are actually a lot of ways how you can make conversions more possible. Some of them are as follows:

  • Add to carts
  • Purchases
  • Product views
  • Sign-ups and Registrations
  • Leads
  • View counts on videos you posted
  • Brochure and digital downloads
  • Clicks-ons
  • Social media shares

Improving your website conversion rates with the help of understanding website analytics, can help you grow your business’s profitability. It is important that you don’t just run an online business, you must also take high consideration how to optimize the use of website analytics especially when you highly seek an increase in your website followers.

5. Tracking Your Online Business Goals

Having a clear set of goals is a must if you are planning to start your own business. By learning all about website analytics along with the best web analytics tools to use, businesses can easily construct a specific plan for achieving their goals. Using website analytics tools actively can make you more alert and be more responsive when unexpected situations occur.

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5 Best Web Analytics Tools for You

Now that we’re done explaining to you the wonders website analytics can give you, let’s now move on to another awesome topic you need to know—the best web analytics tools you can use for your business.

There are actually a lot of website analytics tools existing in the online world. But to make things easier for you, we’ve collected the best web analytics tools you can surely give all your trust to.

1. Google Website Analytics

Google Analytics might be one of the most famous website analytics tools existing today. It is a free web analytics tools that help generate detailed statistics about a business website’s online visitors. Google Analytics is also among website analytics tools known for its simple yet strong website analytics offers. These best web analytics tools are now being used by over 50% of the total top performing websites in the online community which is approximately 10,000 web pages all over the world.

With Google website analytics tools, you can easily see which country your online viewers are coming from, what they do when they visit your page, and how often they click back on your homepage. They are also among the best web analytics tools which offer awesome features for free which are commonly paid for by other website analytics tools. Among these offers are unsampled reports, salesforce integration, free raw website analytics data, and advanced marketing funnel reports.

2. Wix Website Analytics

Wix Analytics is another free website analytics that is a great option for businesses aiming for a metric tracker that focuses on general performance. They provide their website analytics users helpful information about various traffic trends. Wix also enables their users to identify how online audiences manage to reach through their business websites and which area they dwell most of the time. With these website analytics tools, you can easily get insights from your business website's top customers, analyze your profit, and get to know traffic trends.

Wix website analytics offers helpful features like a website analytics widget, in-depth business sales data, blog engagements, pre-made reports, and easy-to-access natural website integration.

3. Yahoo Website Analytics

Yahoo website analytics tools have almost the same offers as Google web analytics tools. They offer in-depth surveying and better access control on your website data. Yahoo also has a simpler website analytics approach toward your website’s real-time data collection. Your website visitor’s demographics and behavior are also tracked smoothly. Yahoo is also among a few good website analytics tools having customized options for you to view your website data effortlessly.

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Gear Up Your Website with Strikingly Website Analytics

Strikingly is among awesome website builders who focus on giving the utmost customer experience. We don’t just work to satisfy our customers but also help them satisfy their own customers. Among our excellent offers you can enjoy are our vast collection of free, well-designed templates, an easy-to-make website page, blog section, easy to add simple store section, custom forms, socials section, free domains, live chats, and many others more. What’s more impressive? Our solid and reliable Strikingly website analytics tools.

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With Strikingly website analytics, you can easily get a clear view of how many website visitors you already have, the top pages on your business website, and which specific locations they are coming from. We also break down your website traffic sources like social media, online platforms, and even your direct traffic. You can now see the total count of unique views during the specific period you choose in just a few clicks. You can even view what type of devices they are using when logging onto your homepage. If you own a simple store, you can use our website analytics tools to view the total profit value of all the orders you received in your own chosen time. Want to know which marketing sales funnel works best on your website? Use our built-in analytics, and it’ll be a no-brainer for you. With our built-in website analytics tools, you aren’t just monitoring your website. Most importantly, you secure your business with steady growth and health management.

Having a reliable partner for website analytics is a must in the world of eCommerce. Seeking the right one? Then, Strikingly might be the one for you.

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