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There is a lot of speculation that you cannot make much money by just establishing a basic website. If you can create an email list, it is key to making huge revenue online. However, it remains to be seen where you start creating your email list. If you look into what the digital marketers say, they will talk about a free landing page. You may have heard about this marketing tip before, but you would never used a landing page builder to create a wonderful website for your business.

There can also be a reason you are a beginner and are confused about creating a landing page for your business. As there is a saying that a first impression is the last impression, it suits perfectly the importance of a website landing page. Customers won’t bother looking into the other website elements if the first impression isn't good enough. Without a doubt, a company only evolves if it has professional customer relationships. A landing page is one of the most effective ways to improve customer relationships on your website.

Tips to Create a Landing Page

1. Design Template

The first priority of a landing page builder is the customization of free landing page templates. There are numerous ways to create a landing page from square one, such as HTML and CSS. However, you won’t find many free website builders on the internet that enable you to build a quality landing page from scratch. Strikingly is a free website builder that connects all the dots when customizing templates. It enables you to create wonderful website designs without writing a single line of code.

Once you have decided upon your business idea, you can head to Strikingly and pick the best website template out of our collection. We will provide you with all the necessary features and tools to ensure your website design is wonderful and unique. Strikingly provides a color palette so that your website content is readable and looks pleasant to the eye.

2. Call to Action

When you create a landing page, one of the most important things that many web developers seem to neglect is the call to action (CTA) button. For those who don’t know, a call to action is a practice that enables the customers to understand what they should do after landing on a particular website. With the CTA button, they can get involved in all the procedures related to the website idea. For example, if the customers have landed on an eCommerce website, they can click the CTA button and get involved in the shopping experience.

call to action

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Strikingly is one of the landing page builders that help you integrate CTA buttons on your website. As a website owner, you must understand that you shouldn’t include multiple CTA buttons on your website. The more CTA buttons you add, the more confusing it becomes for the visitor. Most importantly, you should add the correct text on your CTA button. For example, you cannot expect your CTA button to be attractive if your included text is “Download”, or “Click Here”.

3. Stick to Main Theme

When you understand how to create a landing page, you must know that your landing page and overall website aren’t the same. However, these things are crucial to your brand management strategies. Your landing page builder should focus on the theme that made you think about creating the website in the first place. This helps your customers build a strong connection with your landing page and the website.

When the website builder sticks with the main theme of the business, it allows them to create a brand identity that you can associate with your business. Just like it is always said that your website must be attractive to the eye and must be informative, make sure that your landing page follows the same wavelength. Your landing page can be classified as the direct extension of your website, so make sure that it is equally as innovative and attractive.

4. Mobile-Optimized

As we have spoken in one of our previous points, your landing page inspiration revolves around your website template. However, you have to make sure that your selected template is mobile-friendly. When we talk about mobile-friendly templates, we mean that those templates should be accessed easily by mobile users and desktop users. According to many pieces of research, mobile users have taken over the digital world and have left behind desktop users in the pecking order.

strikingly mobile website

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly is the landing page builder that allows you to create websites based on mobile-optimized website templates. As an entrepreneur, you must always think about getting the maximum traffic on your website. If you disregard the mobile users, you are doing no favors to your customer base or your Google ranking. Gone are the days when websites were only a priority for desktops and mobiles were only for making phone calls. Moreover, Strikingly allows our website owners to switch from desktop to mobile version and vice versa while going through their respective websites.

5. Testing

A/B testing is extremely important for a website development process. It is a step that is massively ignored by web developers after publishing their website on a particular website builder. Although learning about building a landing page is a good process, it is even more beneficial if you make mistakes while developing it and find ways to remove them. By having this approach, you will only build your credibility as an entrepreneur.

Strikingly is a free landing page builder that fully supports the testing of websites after they are finalized. The biggest way of verifying whether the website is working well or not is by checking the Google pagespeed insights score. If you have tested your website appropriately and it has no deficiencies, there is no reason why your website’s Google page speed insight score won’t be high. If you check out all the websites created on Strikingly, they all have a pagespeed insight score of 90 or more. The reason is that our website developers don’t get relaxed after completing the development process. They continue to find ways to make sure that their website remains productive in the long run.

Best Landing Page Examples

1. Swish

When we create a landing page, the most prominent element we talk about is the headline, followed by an effective call to action. These two elements bring a source of attraction to your landing page. The Swish website on Strikingly follows the same pattern as the landing page builder focusing on the website headline, which explains the brand and the kind of services it provides.

swish strikingly website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

On the same website section, you will find a form where you can submit your personal details to the website owner. By sending your details, you can start thinking about the makeup that would suit you personally. This is an ideal example of a landing page that shows a simple design and a form that can generate effective leads. Users will be inclined to a landing page if they don’t spend too much time filling up a specific form.

2. Ashmith

ashmith strikingly website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Sometimes, a landing page should be about simplicity. It shouldn’t be about a mixture of different colors. It should just focus on why the website is built, followed by a quality CTA button. Ashmith on Strikingly is a website that seems to have established a strong customer base despite having a simple landing page. In it, the landing page builder showcases a strong headline, highlights all the aspects for which Ashmith is known, and provides a quality CTA button for the customers to get involved. If the visitors have any pending software project or want assistance, they can collaborate with him through the CTA button.

3. Nicecream

![nicecream strikingly website]( landing-page-builder.JPG "nicecream strikingly website")

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Nicecream is one of the best landing page examples you will find on Strikingly. Visitors don’t need to go through the entire website and wonder how to accomplish their specified tasks. On this website, the landing page builder provides navigation elements, allowing them to go to different sections of the website. Therefore, the users can go to different parts of the website to conduct orders, do home delivery, or even become part of the team.


Free landing pages are considered the hub of websites nowadays. They create the first impression among website visitors when they land on a particular website. Considering its importance, you must take the establishment of landing pages very seriously. Make sure you brainstorm your business idea before heading over to the development of your landing page.

Strikingly is a landing page builder that makes life very easy for developers worldwide. With Strikingly, you don’t need any IT or software engineering degrees to confirm your status for website development. All you need is a creative brain and an understanding of our features to create quality landing pages. If you are struggling with any feature or tool related to website development, you can talk to our Happiness Officers right away. So, develop the best landing pages and create good first impressions in your customers' eyes.