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Having a website for your business or career is a must today. One has to take advantage of and maximize what the internet and technology of this generation have to offer. Thus, there are a lot of things that should be learned and explored about the online world, specifically about websites. This article will help you understand and create one of the most important elements necessary in building your own website - your website title. Today, we will be guiding you through knowing about what is a website title, what it can do for your business, and what it takes to create the best website titles.

What is a Website Title?

A website title is exactly what you think it to be - a title tag for your website. As simple as it may sound, it does a lot for your website and everything it aims to present to the world. We see and use titles in almost all the things created in this world. And it's fairly common to give importance to it because it is what introduces those creations for the first time. And in both the sentimental and technical meaning, first impressions matter - especially with websites. See, a website title tag not only acts as your website's introductory welcome but also appears on both the search engine results and the users' browser tab whenever your website is opened. Thus, not only does it act as the first line of your cavalry to get your website noticed, your web page title also plays a vital role in your website's search engine optimization.

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Importance of A Website Title Tag

We've already briefly mentioned above that website titles play a significant role in website building and in your online business journey. Let's go a little into some of the details and explain what that role is. See, as already mentioned, your website title is what first introduces your website or webpage to the internet users or your potential site visitors. However, before these people can even get to your website, they will first see your website title on the search engine results. This is the major part of the significance of your web page title. Search engines, whether it be Google or another, use the website title tag found in the HTML code of your website to decide whether it belongs in a particular search query. Thus, your website title is one of the main factors that search engines look at to decide the relevancy and, in the end, the search ranking of your website. Once internet users choose your website, your web page title continues to play a role by appearing on the browser tab of your site visitors. A good website title example would help visitors still know what your website is about, even with multiple tabs on their browser. This circles back to the explanation that your first impressions - your website titles matter in appealing to your target audience's inquiring minds and the search engines algorithm and technical qualifications.

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How to Create the Best Website Title?

Here are some tips on creating the best website title tag for your business and your website:

• Be Precise. While there may be many things that your website holds for your customers or your target audience, your web page title should be constructed with not as many words. You must create a title that fits the limited number of characters web browsers and search engines allow for website titles. Specifically, Google only offers up to 66 characters for your website title, while others have approximately the same limit of characters - ranging from 50-60 characters only. Thus, you have to know how to properly create a website title tag that meets that specific requirement without jeopardizing the quality of the said website title.

• Be Accurate. As aforementioned, there may be a lot you want to tell people about your website, but apart from making sure that it fits the characters limit, remember that your website title is still representative of everything it is supposed to. Be creative yet exact. Your web page title needs to tell your target audience what your website is about - not in detail, but its general idea. You have to remember that this is something that would just be displayed on the browser tab of your target audience. It is also what will appear in the search results of the search engine used - and what will be used by the search engine as the basis for its ranking.

• Be Specific. It’s all about the keywords, right? Exactly, search engine optimization is all about keywords. However, there is always the matter of how many keywords are appropriate for a specific circumstance. For instance, website titles should focus only on one specific set of keywords. "Website Titles, What is a website title,And Website Title examples" is one bad website title example. Even though your website or web page contains all these keywords, your website title should only highlight one. Because while loading it up with keywords is usually more attractive to search engines, it might not seem attractive and credible to most users; thus, your search ranking will matter less since people don't click on it anyway. Thus, "A guide to creating the best website title" might be a more reliable website title example you can use as a reference when you are coming up with a web page title of your own.

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• Be Creative. With the other tips about coming up with the right website title tag, it should go without saying that you have to think outside the box with your website titles. Remember that the right keywords will get you the search ranking you need, but having the best website title is still necessary to stand out from all the other search results your target audience will be presented with. Squeeze out those creative juices and think about how you can develop the best website title that will perfectly and uniquely introduce your brand, website, or page.

• Be Diligent. Diligence means effort - steady and devoted efforts. Most business website owners think that when they come up with the best website title tag. They are right in one aspect of what it takes for the job to be done - having a website title tag for the general website. However, the best and most effective website title can be more accurately described by numerous amazing website title examples - that's right, plural. See, most of the time (almost always, actually), a website does not consist of only one page. This is where diligence comes in. If you really want to do a good job, then each website page should have its own web page title. Using the other tips about creating the best website title, you have to create one for each of the different pages (or sections). This would help you appear more organized to your site visitors and greatly help your search engine optimization.

Add Your Website Title With Strikingly

Strikingly is a website builder that not only helps you build the best websites with much convenience and ease but also helps you put your website titles to good use. Adding your website title to your Strikingly website is easy.

  1. Login with Strikingly to see your Dashboard - which contains all the sites you currently have whether published or not. As you can see, each site has a different website title.
  2. Open the site editor of the website you want to add your website title to and Click on "Settings" at the edit menu on the left side of your screen.

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  1. After you click on Settings, go to "Basic info".

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  1. The first thing you will see in this menu section is the website title. Just type in what you have come up with, and you're done!

While website titles seem to be such a tiny detail compared to everything else you have to prepare for your website, it would be a mistake to not give your time and energy to it as much as the next thing. We have already talked about what it is, how important it is and how you can come up with one of your own. All of it might sound complicated after taking in all of that information. Still, given your talent, skills, determination, and all these new discoveries and tips you have up your sleeve, it definitely won't be a surprise if you breeze through this process of coming up with the best website title easily.

And don't you worry, you are definitely not alone in your journey. With a partner like Strikingly, you get access to an easy-to-use and all-around website builder with many features and tools. You can also easily learn everything about websites (and website title for each), marketing, and online businesses with the Strikingly blog. With Strikingly, you have a reliable and helpful partner as you navigate towards success in your online business adventure, so sign up now!