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Having your own website for a business is a privilege. Specifically, now that we are in the middle of the pandemic, it has become quite complicated to have something you can rely on with your needs. It is a must to have a stable source of income for our living expenses. When you own a business, it is easier to have a backup plan. Aside from the fact that you can earn extra savings from it, you also get the chance to share your skills with others without exerting too much effort.

If you are someone looking forward to starting their own business but still have zero ideas on where to begin, we in Strikingly got the best answers for you. Today, we will introduce to you one of the current “trends” in the field of business that many business-minded people are starting to be interested in. What is that? A micro business.

What is a Micro Business?

Micro business is a small business that typically operates with just 1-5 employees. This type of business has become one of the newest additions to the list of emerging online business styles/genres because it only requires a small capital and manpower before you can start working with your clients. Micro businesses usually have a starting capital of less than $50,000 to be able to start operating.

Some best examples of microbusinesses are freelancers, small business organizations, and independent contractors. Most small business owners like Etsy shop owners, solo consultants, home-based designers, Amazon suppliers, and graphic designers are also considered examples of microbusinesses.

Micro Businesses vs. Small Businesses

Due to micro business being new in the business world, many are having difficulty differentiating micro businesses from small businesses. Here's our explanation for you to help you get to know them both.

Neoprene Tote bag small business

Image taken from Neoprene Tote Bag

Basically, size and scale are the main differences revolving around micro businesses and small businesses. A micro business is simply a kind of small business. All examples of micro businesses are considered small businesses. Their only difference is that a micro business can be considered a subset of small businesses with a small number of employees compared to other small businesses. For example, your company can be among small businesses even if you have dozens of staff, but you can only be considered a micro business if you have less than six people working for you. If you are someone who does solo trading, a self-employed individual, or you have zero employees, then you are operating some examples of microbusinesses.

Other known examples of microbusinesses include solopreneurs, side hustlers and freelancers. Unlike small businesses, these examples of microbusinesses mostly operate out of just a single business location. Though it may seem peaceful and away from a large, busy crowd of workers, these examples of micro businesses tend to face more financing and marketing issues due to a lack of micro business manpower.

InBloom Handmade bar micro business

Image taken from Inbloom Handmade Bar

Why Start a Micro Business?

Now that we’re done explaining to you what is a micro business and its difference from small businesses let’s now get to another interesting level. Below is a list of why you should start a micro business this instant.

1. Flexible

If there is one advantage you’ll enjoy once you learn what a micro business is, it is the characteristic of being flexible. Undeniably, our business’s economy is always subject to unexpected changes which, if not handled properly, can have massive effects on a business. With an unstable business climate, a micro business is what you truly need to be able to reach your business goals. Unlike large companies, micro businesses can quickly adapt to changes when needed. They are smaller than other businesses making it easier to deal with significant changes. During emergencies, where immediate actions are required, you don’t have to undergo a long process of decision-making and approval from a certain hierarchy just to implement your marketing strategy. Most micro businesses can implement quicker responses due to being small-scale small businesses.

2. Showcases Your Skills

If you are someone who has incredible specialization skills and seeks to share them with the world, starting a micro business is the one for you. Many freelancers who engage in a micro business have the chance to earn money while doing what they love. Most of them managed to land stable jobs using their experience handling and managing a micro business. With the right website-building tools, you can easily start your micro business website and use it as a weapon to get clients and reach a wider audience. By starting your own micro business, you can easily widen your market and nurture your experience in your chosen field. You can even use your own examples of microbusiness as a portfolio once you decide to apply for a company in the future.

3. Low Expenses

In a world currently facing a pandemic, being financially stable is a holy grail. Many small businesses went bankrupt due to the global economic toll brought by the pandemic. By having your own micro business, you have the chance to gain more money and avoid spending so much for a business. You can quickly start something you can use to support your family’s needs by using your skills and small capital. Unlike large-scale companies, most examples of micro businesses have lower costs because they don’t need to pay many employees. Expenses, including rents and operating fees, are also minimized, making it more helpful for you to save more.

4. Independence

Having your own website for business means freedom to do what you like. If you seek to own a business that you can fully manage, you should start learning what is a micro business. You can easily decide how you grow and operate small businesses with a micro business. You can choose your own pacing in formulating your marketing strategies. You will not have to worry about whether your marketing plans will be approved because you can immediately make your final decisions for it. Some examples of micro businesses enjoy their freedom in choosing their career paths and lifestyles without getting pressured to fulfill someone’s orders and desired schedules.

Wooddy micro business

Image taken from Wooddy

Examples of Microbusiness

Finding the best examples of microbusinesses isn’t as easy as you think, especially if you have zero clue on what to find. Now that we’re done with the basics about what is a micro business let’s now get to know some examples of microbusinesses websites here in Strikingly to inspire you to create your own website.

1. Inspire Organics

If you are someone who loves nature and organic products, Inspire Organics is among the best examples of microbusinesses for you. This micro business was founded by Shavonne Richardson, a health educator with outstanding and reliable credentials.

Inspire Organics micro business

Image taken from Inspire Organics

They are a micro business that promotes natural, holistic and intuitive wellness with its products and services. Their micro business sells premium herbal supplements, which health enthusiasts will enjoy. They are also among small companies which offer professional services to support hormones, period, pregnancy, fertility, and postpartum health. You can even get a 1-on-1 private consultation with their micro business to discuss your health concerns and needs.

2. Runway Prints

Do you enjoy making prints? How about making designs of unforgettable places? If you do, this next micro business is great for you. Runway Prints is among the best examples of microbusinesses to inspire you to start your own.

Runway Prints micro business

Image taken from Runway Prints

They are a micro business offering jaw-dropping art prints of amazing airport places worldwide. One of their goals as a micro business is to commemorate long-lasting memories made in destinations. They make art prints of airport runways which they consider as the result of a combination of a person’s love of travel, mixed with a preference for clean, minimalistic graphic design, and then finally contrasted with the beautiful complexity of airport runway designs. They are now featuring a total of 65 world’s busiest airports from the USA. Canada and beyond. This micro business also allows you to have your own customized design without extra charge.

Start Your Micro Business with Us!

Here at Strikingly, we ensure that our users can freely enjoy the world of website building and eCommerce. We let them explore the things they want to discover and use it to inspire them to start their own micro business. We offer various features to let them design and customize their own micro business website.

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If you want to know more about how to start a micro business, chat with us today, and we’ll get you onboarded