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You'll need to spread the word to potential clients once you've launched your small business and created a website. While there are various options for doing so, like blogging, email marketing, and SEO, one of the most effective is online advertising.

Though advertising is frequently seen to be prohibitively expensive, it is actually relatively affordable for small businesses. Many venues, including online directories, social media platforms, and others, allow you to promote for free.

List of Best Free Marketing Sites

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We've collected a list of outstanding free advertising sites to advertise your website to save you time. Some only require a quick URL submission, while others demand a more deliberate, strategic approach.

1. Business Directories

Online directories cater to a broad spectrum of consumers, from high-profile platforms to local listings. Each of them follows a similar procedure: you provide the URL of your online marketing sites, as well as extra information about your company or group. These sites then save this data in their databases, guaranteeing that a link to your website shows when consumers search for appropriate content categories.

These free advertising sites can increase your search engine optimization, or SEO, in addition to showing your company name and website. This aids in the website promotion by improving its search engine rating, increasing the likelihood of being found on Google, and driving traffic to it.

Google My Business

In 2021, Google My Business will be one of the essential online marketing sites to promote your website. It boosts your SEO, provides more information about your company to potential customers, generates rich search results when people search for your company, allows customers to review and contact you through Google, and much more. You're missing out if you don't already have a GMB account.

Angie's List

This list contains the names and evaluations of contracting companies. Angie's List is a significant platform for well-reviewed businesses that are marketed nationally.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps, for those unfamiliar, is Apple's entry into the GPS market and a direct competitor to Google Maps. Every Apple mobile device and PC comes preloaded with Apple Maps, which receives over five billion user requests each week. To put it another way, if your company isn't listed on Apple Maps, you're missing out on many prospective customers. So here’s where you can add your business to these online marketing sites.

2. Social Media Platforms

For business owners, social media marketing is a vital technique. In essence, social media platforms are free advertising sites; whether you market yourself on Instagram or develop a YouTube channel for your business, you can build your brand and reach out to potential clients.


Twitter currently has the most clout among the media, college students, and other organizations. If the proper user mentions your website, it might quickly build a large audience.


Facebook is great for people over the age of 30 who want to interact with family and friends or debate politics. It does, however, offer several options for free advertising tools and content. There's also a guide on how to obtain more Instagram followers!


Instagram is one of the online marketing sites that allows users to share photos, videos, and music. Its commercial arm aims to link businesses with millions of potential consumers and customers.


While marketing products on Pinterest, small companies prosper. Most people know Instagram as a terrific site to exchange recipes and crafts, but it can also help small businesses gain visibility with the appropriate strategy. In addition, the stats on Pinterest can help you track your influence.

3. Social Bookmarking

While social bookmarking and curation websites rely on link submissions, the focus here is on quality content creation. As a result, they provide interesting browsing experiences for individuals while also providing free advertising tools for businesses, similar to social media platforms.

You can softly promote your goods and gently direct users to your website by distributing your content on these platforms. At the same time, by putting inbound connections to your organization all over the internet, you'll increase your SEO.


Reddit is a giant discussion board with hundreds of different "rooms" to choose from. On online marketing sites like Reddit, you can quickly receive a lot of attention, which can be good or bad.


This platform seeks to be a more sophisticated and intellectual venue for debating current events. While Quora users may be wary of direct marketing, creating a network and trust over time could be a long-term strategy for promoting certain businesses.


Tumblr has decided to relaunch itself as a social media platform. It allows members to create blogs using photographs they've contributed.


The web page StumbleUpon and its user base, which was focused around sharing content, mainly commercial content, were acquired by Mix. Such online marketing sites allow you to easily submit content and bookmark articles, music, and anything else you find on the internet.

The Most Effective Online Marketing Tools for Growing Your Business

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For every brand, big or small, online marketing is a significant investment, and that investment isn't always in the form of dollars. There are dozens of free online marketing sites and web marketing tools available that aren't worth your effort to test.

So, how can you know if you're squandering your time and money on the most outstanding online marketing tools for increasing revenues, leads, and conversions and keeping your company afloat?

You may avoid the guesswork by looking at our list of the finest online marketing tools we've uncovered. We've even included pricing information and whether or not a free trial is available.

1. Tailwind

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Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram content scheduling tool that is both simple and powerful. Bulk image upload, a simple drag-and-drop calendar, multi-board pinning, and pin looping, hashtag lists, and other features help you save time. You may also optimize your Pinterest and Instagram calendars automatically based on when your audience is most active.

Tailwind also includes statistics, so you'll never have to question if your content is reaching the appropriate people or generating a response!

Price: Free

2. Google Alerts

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You may use Google Alerts to find out the leading online marketing sites providing traffic to your website. You'll be notified whenever your brand or keywords are referenced. It's a sophisticated tool that's also very easy to use.

Price: Free

3. TweetDeck


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TweetDeck is primarily regarded as the most significant free Twitter tool available and is one of the more well-known programs on this list. It comes with a lot of features and is easy to use.

Price: Free

4. Grammarly

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Editors who are humans are fantastic. It's convenient to have built-in spellcheckers. Neither, however, is ideal. Grammarly is an excellent way to add another layer of editing to your work. This handy application double-checks anything you type or post in an Internet browser.

Price: Free, Premium subscriptions start at $29.95 per month.

5. Headline Analyzer

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As we all know, headlines are one of the most important aspects of content creation. Whether it's a blog post, a news piece, or a YouTube video, the title directly impacts clicks. Unfortunately, there are few online marketing sites to measure the effectiveness of your titles, and the most important is Headline Analyzer. Headline Analyzer provides you with a score and suggestions for improving your headline.

Price: Free


Keyword tool

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Keywords are an essential part of any SEO or marketing plan. Use to generate a list of relevant and helpful long-tail keywords that can help you target buyers.

Price: Free, with Pro options starting at $48 per month.

7. Ahrefs


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Try Ahrefs' free backlink checker to analyze backlinks for free, exactly like paid users. It's linked to the company's premium database, which contains over 16 trillion links. You can see the top 100 backlinks to any domain or page, as well as a thorough breakdown of each.

The dashboard displays the anchor, follow/nofollow status, referring domain and page ratings, and the monthly organic traffic that the page generates. You can also look at 5 of the target site's top anchors and most linked-to pages in addition to backlinks.

Price: Free; with Premium plans to start at $99 per month.

8. SpyFu

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SpyFu helps you find new SEO and PPC opportunities by researching your competitors' most profitable phrases. You'll see all of the information and backlinks assisting them in outranking you, allowing you to design your strategy.

Price: $33 or more each month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee

9. QuickSprout

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QuickSprout is a tool that allows you to learn about online marketing sites that are comparable to yours to find out how to outrank them in search results. To get started for free, simply input your competitor's URL and click the "Login with Google" button.

10. SEMrush


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With SEMrush, you may use SEO, free advertising, and content tools to stay at the top of the search results. You'll learn about your competitors' methods, find the ideal keywords to stay ahead of the competition, and perform deep link research.

Price: $99.95+ per month

Create a Website With Strikingly

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While several platforms claim to be online marketing site builders, only a few are tailored to the unskilled creative or small business owner who is uncomfortable with coding and technology. Strikingly is an excellent example of a site that connects ambitious site owners with their target markets.

In addition, Strikingly has several simple options for converting visitors into superfans. It's an easy decision to extend or transfer platforms, with many unique features not found on other sites, such as coupon codes and free trials.

Surprisingly, the goal of a top website builder is to enable people to share their ideas with the world through well-designed, one-of-a-kind websites. Our free website design services are used by over 3 million entrepreneurs, small businesses, creatives, and students worldwide. Even beginners can construct websites using our custom website design templates, allowing them to compete with larger local firms. If you have a complete set of tools and the best free web design software, you can begin working on website design and development that will appeal to your target audience straight away.

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In today's multicultural and hyperactive online marketing sites, marketing to the correct target group demands consistent efforts and a skilled marketing team. In addition, it necessitates specialized knowledge, data analytics, and a 360-degree approach to user engagement improvement.