As a digital marketing specialist, you know more than anyone else that a website is a crucial ingredient for a successful digital marketing strategy. With a free and easy website builder, digital marketers should be able to build a brand’s online presence efficiently and at a lower overhead cost as compared to enlisting a professional web developer to create the website. This is why the right choice of website maker is important. You want to use a platform that can efficiently fulfill your online marketing strategy.

It’s important to note that digital marketing is one of the many purposes a website can serve. The website may be a bit different from, let’s say, an e-commerce website whose priority is to invite and accommodate sales transactions. Having said that, your choice of easy website creator should be able to accommodate various online marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for tips on how to find the best website builder suited for you, then you just came to the right place. Below are some of the best characteristics a reliable and the best campaign website builder should have. Take important notes of these ideas, and in no time, finding the right one will just be a piece of cake for you.

Characteristics You Should Look For the Best Website Builders Company

1. Look for SEO Tools and Options

We start with search engine optimization or simply, SEO - one of the most important parts of a successful digital marketing exercise. SEO is considered as one of the tools which will make any website reach their desired success. It serves as a bridge which connects every website to their target audience. If your online business website page is included in its top rankings, gathering more visitors is more possible, boosting your website’s popularity. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

An easy and best website maker should be able to help digital marketers get a good head start with on-page search engine optimization. Strikingly, for instance, is among the best website creator which has an integrated SEO settings tool for a more convenient way of updating metadata on your website page. All you need to do is go to Settings > Advanced Settings > SEO to view the SEO checklist for you to accomplish.

With this helpful tool the best website builder should have, you get to ensure that your page is optimized and is search engine friendly. Being search-friendly means a better chance for your business website to rank in relevant search engine lists and beat your competitors. This leads to improved online visibility and, of course, more traffic to your site.

2. Variety of Website Design Templates

First impressions always last. Even in online business and website building, making a good first impression to your audience is one good advantage. Customers must see something striking in you and your product once they lay their eyes on you. And what is the best way for you to do that? By having a pleasing website template that only the best website builder can give you.

For digital marketing specialists, a website is the best representation of a brand online. Appearances matter when it comes to creating a positive online experience for users that could also contribute to brand recall. An easy and truly among the best website creator should have a variety of website templates collections that digital marketers can choose from depending on their client’s brand image and product.

Speaking of user experience, the template’s design and the website’s overall speed can also make or break a digital marketing campaign. Site speed is a known ranking factor in SEO with users more likely to stick to a website that loads faster. Users are hungry for information and are more impatient about the speed at which they receive it. If your web host cannot load your site at a decent speed, you can expect your site traffic to dwindle down. Guaranteed consistent loading speeds and uptimes is another factor to consider when choosing an easy website builder.


Image taken from Strikingly

3. User-Friendly Content Development and Marketing Tools

Website building isn’t just meant for those who have a background in such a field. It must be for everyone. When finding the best website builder for you, always consider how it works with everyone’s skills, may it be basic or advanced. Digital marketing specialists need a website building platform that allows them to update website content and run social media campaigns easily, no matter what device they use. Easy website content marketing requires sufficient blogging tools, a user-friendly site editor, and social share capabilities. These are things that your campaign website builder should also have to be able to implement a successful online marketing campaign.


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4. Internal Site Analytics and GA Integration

Finally, digital marketing specialists should be equipped with the right set of website monitoring tools. Strikingly is among the best website builders which have an Analytics dashboard that gives you a good overview of your website’s traffic and where it is coming from - i.e. social media, direct traffic, referrals, etc. It also has a Google Analytics integration that allows you to obtain more granular site reports. All you need to do is add your Google Analytics tracking code to the site through the Settings page. Check out Strikingly’s Google Analytics setup instructions for more information.


Image taken from Strikingly

Best Website Creator You Should Try

A digital marketing specialist’s work becomes a little bit easier when it partners with the best website builder that understands the crucial role which a website plays in the field of an online marketing campaign. If you want to succeed in the field of Ecommerce, choose the best website builder that arms you with the right tools to build a web presence successfully. And if you’re looking for some reliable names in this field, worry nothing because we’ve collected some of them just for you.

1. Squarespace


Image taken from Squarespace

Squarespace has been one of the best website builders known in the field of eCommerce since 2003 Millions of business and individual websites have been built on their platform. One aspect website users love about Squarespace is their clean design on their website and the powerful aesthetics it can give. However, creating a website with Squarespace isn’t free. Their subscription plan starts at $12 per month and you can upgrade it to their other plans anytime you wish. Squarespace is also among the best website builders which is tablet and smartphone-friendly.

2. Wix


Image taken from Wix

Wix is another best website creator with over two hundred million users. This campaign website builder has originally started out as a Flash-based online platform. Until this day, Wix has been known as one of the most flexible and labeled another best website creator in the eCommerce field. One amazing feature about Wix is its breathtaking development speed. This character they have makes them another example of the best website builder in this modern day. With Wix, even beginners can enjoy making their own website. Wix is one of the few website builders company which is known to be user-friendly. Complete beginners can now use a guided website creation made by Wix to serve as an assistant to any website users who wants to build a website in a short period. And for users who have a more advanced experience, Wix has a powerful set of tools such as the Wix Editor X and Wix Vel. These two features can give you greater control in developing a fully-responsive, and interaction-driven websites.

3. Jimdo


Image taken from Jimdo

Jimdo is another example of the best website creator based in Germany. This campaign website builder has already gathered almost twenty million websites created under its name. Among their best fortes is their ease of use which is truly helpful for those who aren’t familiar with website building. This best website creator is ideal for small local businesses. Jimdo also can help businesses to pull all the necessary information for a website and even create the website for you. As the owner, all you need to do is to choose your desired website layout, color scheme, and other necessary elements. From every example of the best website builder ever existed, Jimdo will definitely be one of the campaign website builders who’ll rock your online world.

4. Webflow


Image taken from Webflow

Webflow is not any other typical drag and drop website builder platform. This San Francisco-based campaign website builder combines some powerful capabilities with their intuitive website visual editor. It is another best website builder for designers, freelancers, and even agencies. By using Webflow, designers can have complete control to build and design their own responsive websites without needing codes. They can also make use of Webflow’s dynamic content to create and reuse various website elements such as templates.

5. Strikingly


Image taken from Strikingly

If you are looking for the best website builder, Strikingly is one great choice. This website builders company has a special focus on creating one-page website layouts. If you are someone who finds interest in designing and including landing pages on your website, working with Strikingly is one must-try. Every website design Strikingly creates is undeniably striking. They work smoothly and are also mobile-friendly, which is definitely a plus.

Another great idea about working with us is that you can start working with them for free. Yes, you definitely read it right! By simply signing up for a Strikingly account, you can start creating your very first blog website. You can even start selling online products for your simple store and create more transactions.

You can choose from our set of subscription plans which you can definitely upgrade whenever you want to. We have the Limited Plan ($8), Pro Plan ($16), and VIP Plan ($49 per month). Each of these plans is equipped with a set of amazing features which can help you achieve that goal!

Choosing the best website creator is truly complicated specifically if you have no clue in such a field. But, as a part of this modern age, you can always do your own research and background check. However, if you are seeking the best website builder who knows how to do the job, Strikingly is definitely one great contender among all website builders. Why? Simple, we understand you. In Strikingly, we don’t just help build websites. Instead, we make them together and achieve the goals together, hand in hand.

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