As a digital marketing specialist, you know more than anyone else that a website is a crucial ingredient for a successful digital marketing strategy. With a free and easy website builder, digital marketers should be able to build a brand’s online presence efficiently and at a lower overhead cost as compared to enlisting a professional web developer to create the website. This is why the right choice of website maker is important. You want to use a platform that can efficiently fulfill your online marketing strategy.

easy website builder for digital marketing

It’s important to note that digital marketing is one of the many purposes a website can serve. The website may be a bit different from say, an ecommerce website whose priority is to invite and accommodate sales transactions. Having said that, your choice of easy website creator should be able to accommodate various online marketing campaigns.

1. Look for SEO tools and options

We start off with search engine optimization - one of the most important parts of a successful digital marketing exercise. An easy website maker should be able to help digital marketers get a good headstart with on-page search engine optimization. Strikingly, for instance, has an integrated SEO settings tool for a more convenient way of updating metadata on your page. All you need to do is go to Settings > Advanced Settings > SEO to view the SEO checklist for you to accomplish.

easy website builder seo

With this helpful tool, you get to ensure that your page is optimized and search friendly. Being search friendly means a better chance for your website to rank in relevant search engine lists. This leads to improved online visibility and, of course, more traffic into your site.

2. Variety of Design Templates

For digital marketing specialists, a website is the best representation for a brand online. Appearances matter when it comes to creating a positive online experience for users that could also contribute to brand recall. An easy website creator should have a variety of web templates that digital marketers can choose from depending on their client’s brand image and product.

Speaking of user experience, the template’s design and the website’s overall speed can also make or break a digital marketing campaign. Site speed is a known ranking factor in SEO with users more likely to stick to a website that loads faster. Users are hungry for information and are more impatient about the speed at which they receive it. If your web host cannot load your site at a decent speed, you can expect your site traffic to dwindle down. Guaranteed consistent loading speeds and uptimes is another factor to consider when choosing an easy website builder.

3. User friendly content development and marketing tools

easy website creator for digital marketers

Digital marketing specialists need a website building platform that allows them to update site content and run social media campaigns easily. Easy website content marketing requires sufficient blogging tools, a user friendly site editor and social share capabilities. These are things that your site builder should also have to be able to implement a successful online marketing campaign.

4. Internal site analytics and GA integration

Finally, digital marketing specialists should be equipped with site monitoring tools. Strikingly has an Analytics dashboard that gives you a good overview of your site’s traffic and where it is coming from - i.e. social media, direct traffic, referrals, etc. It also has a Google Analytics integration that allows you to obtain more granular site reports. All you need to do is add your Google Analytics tracking code to the site through the Settings page. Check out Strikingly’s Google Analytics setup instructions for more information.

A digital marketing specialist’s work becomes a little bit easier when it partners with a site builder that understands the crucial role a website plays in the online marketing campaign. Choose a site builder that arms you with the right tools to build web presence successfully.