Where there is content, there is an audience waiting to be engaged. At the crux of a successful digital marketing campaign is a well-designed website. To make my own website an effective tool in building online visibility is one of the most important objectives of any brand. This is why a lot goes into planning and implementing design and content for a site.

how to make my own website

1. Choose a reliable website builder

There are two ways to create my own website: hire a professional to do it for you or go DIY and build my own website from scratch. Going the professional route requires a significant investment but you get a highly-customized and full-featured website. It may take a bit of time to build the site because the web designers and developers need to understand exactly what you want your website to look like and what it does.

Meanwhile, if budget limitations for getting my own website is an issue, turning this into a DIY project could help. If you’re wondering how to make my own website if you don’t know the first thing about programming or web design, website builders are the answer to your problem. A site builder enables you to build my own website within a few minutes - no coding required. Platforms like Strikingly provide you with a variety of website templates that you can customize with your own content and company logo to make it uniquely yours.

2. Use SEO to boost your organic search rank

SEO is key to any digital marketing strategy. Optimizing your website, when done right, can improve your online visibility by getting your pages on top of the search results lists. There are on-page SEO factors that I usually optimize on my own websites - for instance, keyword inclusions in your content and site metadata. Strikingly has an SEO tool that you can use to edit your site’s title and meta description as well as add image alt tags on your content.

There are also technical factors that you need to think about when you learn how to create my own website. For instance, user experience can also influence your site’s search rank. Strikingly ensures that your website is compliant with latest SEO best practices for page speed and mobile friendliness to name a few. All website templates are mobile responsive and are stripped off unnecessary code to make them “lighter” and faster to load.

3. Use strong visuals to engage your users

create my own website as a digital marketing tool

When you search how can I create my own site on Google, you’ll find tons of advice telling you that you need content that will engage your audience. Words can get your audience from search engines to your site but images and engaging visuals can keep them around long enough for you to communicate your message.

Grab your reader’s attention with quality infographics, images and videos. When I create my own website for free on Strikingly, I maximize the use of the gallery and full-width image banners. Combining color schemes and easy-to-read font styles also helped make my site easier on the eyes. Play around with different design elements to arrive at a style that most reflects your brand.

4. Keep your content fresh

Another tip I learned on building my own wedsite is to create content that will get readers to want to come back. The success of a digital marketing campaign using a website rests on key performance indicators such as repeat audiences and a loyal brand following. One of the best ways to do that is to create fresh content on your website regularly. It gives your readers something new to consume and ensures that search engines love you for providing timely and relevant information.