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Every ecommerce business must have its own marketing strategies to survive. If you’re someone having a hard time finding the right marketing campaign that will suit your business, then you just happen to be in the right place.

In this guide, we give you everything you need to know about what are marketing campaigns, different types of marketing campaign, and how to make an effective marketing campaign that will help you ace the world of eCommerce.

First stop, let’s get to know what exactly is a marketing campaign.


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What Are Marketing Campaigns?

A marketing campaign can be defined as a formulated set of strategic events and plans to promote a business. Its main goal is to provide the target market with activities that will help them get to know what a business is trying to offer them. Companies usually make good efforts in carefully planning a marketing campaign to ensure that they will only get positive results. Most of the time, a marketing campaign uses different platforms and mediums to widen its reach and leave a massive impact on its audience. Some of the mediums which many businesses use are the following:

  • Social media integration
  • Print advertising
  • Online advertising
  • In-person demos
  • Email content marketing
  • Pay-per-click
  • Television commercials/sponsorships
  • Radio advertising
  • Video conferencing

All marketing campaign examples have their own specific use and target goal. But generally speaking, its primary purpose is to show people the business’s objective and eventually convince them to join their marketing campaign by being their customer.

Some of the specific goals of marketing campaign examples includes:

  • To help businesses reduce their negative publicity
  • Helps in building a strong brand image
  • Used to promote/introducing a new product
  • Increases company affiliate sales
  • Helps company during a rebranding
  • To help businesses in revamping an existing product or service


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Helpful Tips & Tricks for an Effective Marketing Campaign

For the next part of this guide to marketing campaign, we will give you the best tips and tricks we learned on how you can make the best and most effective marketing campaign examples for your business.


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1. Use social media

Social media is one powerful tool in marketing. Millions of people discover new business brands, product releases, and services offered by just browsing on their phones. If you want your marketing campaign to succeed, integrating social media is one best strategies. Most people spend their time holding their phones, making it more possible to reach them for your marketing campaign. Create a website for your website and connect your social media accounts to make it easier to share updates. You can make marketing campaign blog posts and post them easily on your social media accounts. Using social media for your marketing campaign examples is an instant advantage. Why? Because it doesn’t only allow you to reach a wider audience but also makes managing a business easier even in the comfort of your own home.

2. Know your audience

The audience plays an essential role in understanding what are marketing campaigns. Without them, your marketing campaign is entirely useless. It is important that before you conduct any marketing campaign examples, you have a deep understanding of who your target market is. Do thorough research on what your target market is really into. Find their main concerns and use that as inspiration in creating your marketing campaign. Take your time gathering facts and valuable information on the people that you want to attract. Doing this part will make it easier for you to find the best and appropriate instruments that you will use in finalizing your marketing campaign.

3. Work with Influencers

Influencers are people who have the power to impact an audience with what they are saying. Nowadays, people are very fond of following social media influencers on various social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. They took their time watching their videos and even trying what these influencers were posting. This can also be a helpful instrument in making your marketing campaign. You can talk to an influencer and ask them to work with you in promoting your business. This is one way which many companies are trying for their different types of marketing campaign. One pro-tip, work with influencers in the same niche as you to make your partnership more compatible.


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Different Types of Marketing Campaign

There are different types of marketing campaign which businesses use. To succeed, you must understand each idea involved in these types of marketing campaign. To help you get started, we’ve collected them down below.

1. Product Launching Marketing Campaign

Product launching is one of the most crucial yet important moments of any business. Many owners pay extra attention when making their marketing campaign examples for a product launch. This is because one wrong move on their guide to marketing campaign can lead to a serious mess. A product launch marketing campaign is usually done to spread awareness of a new product or business joining a specific market. It is normally executed by the manufacturer alongside their distribution partners.

2. Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing campaign is a marketing campaign where a one-time action is held for only a specific time range. In most cases, content marketing campaign examples only last for hours or a couple of months, depending on their scope. When making a content marketing campaign, it is important to list your definite goals if you want to generate more leads and spread brand awareness effectively. Your marketing campaign should also include specific personas based on your target market’s information. You can also use instruments like videos, blog posts, infographics, landing pages, online courses, eBooks, and whitepapers in handling your content marketing campaign.

3. Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaign is among types of marketing campaign which are widely used by companies. They commonly use this as an instrument in keeping a strong connection towards their current market. An email marketing campaign also allows businesses to send information towards a client regarding updates, ongoing promos, sales, discounts and even notify them whenever a new product/service is going out. Using email marketing campaign examples also allows you to offer coupons to your loyal customer. An effective email marketing campaign should always make use of the best lead magnets for its target audience.

4. Social Media Marketing Campaign

A social media marketing campaign is among the easiest and most effective types of marketing campaign. To enable a successful social media marketing campaign, you must have these four critical elements: a well-developed social media campaign plan, a set of your defined goals, cross-channel promotion, and a final analysis. When formulating your social media marketing campaign, you must always analyze all your existing social media platforms. Study what your followers like in common and use this as a tool in finalizing your strategy. Assign your team in managing each social media account to enable a smooth flow of responsibilities during your marketing campaign. You can use sharing campaign methods like retweets, app downloads, mentions, and change in follower numbers. Also, Integrate the use of landing pages to drive more traffic to your website.

5. Paid Advertising Campaign

There are four known types of marketing campaign under paid advertising. They are the following:

A. Paid Search Marketing:

Also known as search engine marketing or SEM. This is among types of marketing campaign strategy which makes use of image and text for advertisements. Platforms like Bing and Google are known to use this type of marketing campaign.

B. Display Marketing

These marketing campaign examples use various display networks responsible for delivering ads to your website audience. It also makes use of retargeting technology to serve advertisements based on a user’s website browsing activity.

C. Paid Social Media Marketing

Basically, uses interactions and interests and primarily targets social media users through images and video ads.

D. Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing campaign uses influencer connections in promoting products/services.

6. Contest Marketing Campaign

A contest marketing campaign is another type of marketing campaign which became famous to many businesses. These marketing campaign examples aim to gather more website traffic and brand awareness through hosting contests. One good example of this type of marketing campaign is businesses that post contests to gain more followers. For an individual to join their contest, they will be required either to mention a number of their own followers on the business’s post or share the page on their own timeline. By doing this, companies can widen their reach and spread awareness towards people who don't have any clue about them.

7. Rebranding Marketing Campaign

A rebranding marketing campaign occurs when a specific company uses campaign strategies to spread awareness regarding a significant change in their company. This may include a change in the company name, new logo, or merging between two businesses. A rebranding marketing campaign is also used by a business that had fallbacks and is seeking a stronger comeback in the business industry.


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Best Marketing Campaign Examples to Inspire You

Now to make this guide to marketing campaign more exciting, we’ve provided you with some of the well-known businesses who stepped up their game in making a striking marketing campaign.

1. Cheerios

General Mills corporation held a non-profit campaign under one of their famous brands, Cheerios. Their marketing campaign is called Good Goes. This program primarily aims to raise enough money to fund a total of one million meals. This marketing campaign provided a website featuring a distinct landing page, video marketing, and a hashtag #GoodGoesRound. Their company also paid to advertise the Good Goes Round URL on Google.

2. Spotify

Spotify is among the most famous companies today, specifically in the field of music streaming. Spotify launched their marketing campaign entitled, “Everywhere”. They used the famous meme format “Me, Also Me” adding more excitement to their marketing campaign. Spotify also launched different video snippets showcasing a catchy, humorous approach with the caption “Music for every mood. Listen now on Spotify”.

3. Apple

Apple is one of the well-known brands that give their all in every marketing campaign. Their recent marketing campaign entitled “Shot on iPhone” features their high-quality videography and photography, which customers who will purchase iPhone X can enjoy. This is one best example of a product launching marketing campaign that promotes a product’s uniqueness against its competitors. Apple even launched an Instagram account and collaborated with professional photographers to share the hashtag #ShotoniPhone content.

A marketing campaign isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is one important note that every businessman should remember to gain the recognition they’ve been wanting. It is essential in ensuring that people will be able to see all their hard work. And to make that more possible, having a partner who understands your concerns is a must.


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