Logo Maker Tips
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Marketing strategies vary for every company/business. Each have their own formulated strategies on how they will sell their products/services offered to their target market. Though they each have their unique ways, they all use one best marketing weapon—creating their own logos.

Designing logos is considered as one of the basic steps conducted when engaging in the field of business. They are typically designed with the use of various logo software and free logo design templates you can find on website building platforms like Strikingly. Logos designed by the right logo maker can bring massive impact in your business. To do that, let us get to know first why these logo design software plays an important role in ecommerce.

Why logo maker matter?

At the core of any marketing strategy is effective branding. And effective branding starts with a logo that is easy to recall, easy to associate with a given company, product or service, and designed with the right logo maker. Any business worth its salt should create a logo to push its branding and engage loyal customers. Normally, you would work with a graphic designer or a marketing consultant when it comes to developing a logo and follow a set of branding guidelines. For startups and small businesses, however, there is a more cost-effective way to create logos using free online logo maker tools and apps.

The internet has made it possible for small businesses and individuals to learn how to create a logo on a very limited budget through a free logo maker. There are a number of online tools like free logo design templates and free logo maker sites that have been developed for this purpose.

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Tips to consider on how to make a design of your own logo

1. Look towards your business and its branding

The first step on how to create your own logo is to identify the qualities that you want to be associated with your brand. What symbols and elements would you like to remind your customers of the products or services you offer. Your chosen symbols will play important roles once you start designing your logo on your chosen logo maker. Be creative and unique in choosing your symbols and elements to make your logo design stand out among the rest.

2. Choose the right set of colors for your logo

Colors are essential in logo making. It does not only add vibrant nor aesthetics, but also tells a story about your business’ performance/personality. Your choice of color scheme should be aligned with the image that you want to portray. However, given that logos tend to occupy a very small real estate on your website or in any marketing material for that matter, it is important that you limit your choices to up to 3 colors. Anything more than that can make your logo look cluttered.

Online logo makers have their own distinct set of color schemes to offer you. Carefully choose the best choice suited for your taste and you are good to go!

3. Choose your logo’s font

Typefaces are important when you create your own logo. Just like colors, they can reflect the kind of image you want to convey to your customers. For instance, if your audience is composed of kids, or you are a child-friendly business, you will probably want to stay away from very formal fonts and go for handwritten types or styles that have softer corners such as Sans Serifs. There are also tons of font styles you can find in many logo maker sites. Analyze first what your heart wants, and then proceed choosing the best one.

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4. Keep it uniquely simple

Your logo should be memorable. To make it easy to remember, it has to be simple, yet classy. People should be able to see your message at the first glance of your logo. Too many shapes, colors, fonts and other design elements can make it more confusing. Look towards the big brands for inspiration. All of them have one thing in common: they are fuss-free and simple.

Want to know more logo designs and logo makers for your next logo making business? No worries, because Strikingly got it all covered for you.

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Best Online Logo Maker Tools

Creating your own logo is one aspect of marketing and brand development that you can definitely do at a minimal expense through the help of the best logo maker. There are a lot of free logo maker apps on the internet that let you learn how to create a logo for free and even has a collection of free logo design templates waiting for you.

To make your logo maker hunt easier for you, Strikingly did the job for you. Here are some options you can use.


If you are the meticulous type, this logo maker is suited for you. Ucraft provides the right set of tools you could use in designing your business’s logo. It is a vector editor type of logo maker, equipped with a variety of icons, colors, text styles and shapes you can choose from. After you finish designing, you can download your logo as a PNG file all for free. They also offer a scalable SVG version, all for twelve bucks.


Zyro is a logo maker website which helps you turn your creative imaginations into reality. With this logo maker, you will be able to customize every element you want within your logo. You can also edit the icon size, shape as well as the type of text you desire. All you just need to do is input the name of your service/business, choose your desired template design, and voila! Your logo making is all set all just for free.


Hatchful is probably one of the easiest logo maker websites that a lot of users swear by. All you need to do is feed it a few important details which most logos need such as your business name and the industry it is in. From there, these logo maker sites will generate a collection of potential free logo design templates which you can choose from. You can customize your own logo design according to different design elements such as colors, fonts and your desired layout.


LogoMakr is a free logo design software which features a user-friendly interface. This logo maker website is equipped with a decent number of logo design options that you can play with. It’s a good basic free online logo maker design tool that is greatly suggested for beginners. Once you’re done designing, you can download your logo in PNG format all for free.


Canva is a popular online design tool that does pretty much everything you need graphics-wise. It can create powerful slide presentations, social media graphics and even logos. Its logo maker is one of the best in its class, featuring a good selection of templates that you can customize using its intuitive tools. Once you’re done, you can download your logo in PNG or even PDF for free which is good especially if you’re using the logo for printed marketing materials.


Vectr is a logo design software which is a more basic version of GIMP. It is user-friendly and you don’t need design logo making experience in order to use this logo design software. The thing about this logo design software is that you have the choice of either making your logo design online, or download their program to your own computer all for free. It is equipped with live editing, which you can use to collaborate or share your logo making progress with a team. The logo design files you create will all be in high resolution after you finished it, with no extra charge. They also have a set of helpful user guides and tutorials just in case you need one.

Design Free Logo

Design Free Logo is a three-dimensional logo maker software that allows your logo to pop on your screen. You can choose your logo design from their wide collection of free logo design templates. They have a variety of logo templates ranging from puzzle pieces to earth logo styles which can help you find the best free logo design template for your business.


Designhill is a logo maker which allows you to design your own business logo however you want it to be. It is one of the leading crowdsourcing platforms used by a huge number of business owners and graphic designers every day. Their collection of logo designs is ranging up to one thousand designs. Another cool feature of this online logo maker is that, when you want to upgrade your logo and have a high standard, you can set up your own contest for professional logo designs.

Add your logo design on your Strikingly website

Now that you have finished designing your logo from the best logo maker you’ve chosen, you might be wondering, how will you put it in your Strikingly website? You don’t have to worry in that case, because working with Strikingly is never complicated.

Add Logo to Website

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Navigation Menu

Strikingly allows you to upload your designed logo through the Navigation Menu. You can upload your logo design on the “Add New Section Button”. Keep in mind that when adding your logo through this option, always place your logo on the most prominent areas within your website.

Strikingly highly recommends you to upload your logo through this menu because doing so will keep your logo in place as you scroll throughout the page. This will make your logo more noticeable especially for your website visitors.

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One pro-tip in logo designing, you can also put your logo on your websites' landing page. This step is one smart way of marketing your brand with visitors immediately seeing your brand logo the moment they click on your page.

To upload your designed logo, you can also do it from your site editor. Click and select “Style”. Click on the “Upload your Logo” green button to upload.

Strikingly Add Logo

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With this feature, the dominant color of your uploaded logo will serve as the main color theme for your Strikingly website.

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