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The past two years have not been much productive due to the pandemic we have been going through. But things can start getting better in 2022. As we approach the end of 2021, why not start planning ahead already?

Many individuals lost their jobs in the past two years, while others faced severe losses in business. Are you one of those who has always dreamed of starting your own business? If yes, this is probably the ideal time to take action on this dream. Due to the changing trends in the corporate world, it has become relatively more accessible and cheaper to start a business in 2022, especially if you start a service business.

By starting a local service business, you can promote your services within your locality as soon as you have a business plan. A considerable benefit of a service business instead of a product manufacturing or selling business is that you do not have to worry about the stock or inventory. You just need to have the expertise that you want to offer to your clients.

In the digitized day and age that we live in, you wouldn’t even need to spend tons of money on the traditional modes of advertising to market your local service business. You can promote your local service business through various cost-effective digital means of advertising.

Digital marketing is affordable and feasible for all kinds of businesses. It includes the organic marketing benefits you get by creating and publishing free of charge content in different forms on different social media platforms. This is the reason why starting and promoting a business was never easier than it is today.

Another benefit of a service business is that you can efficiently operate it through the internet, at least in the beginning. This means you wouldn’t have to invest hefty amounts in the security deposits and rental of a large and fancy office. You can coordinate with your clients online through emails and video calls and even provide your service either via video calls or through in-person sessions scheduled at public places at timings that are convenient for both parties. Some parts of the world are still under partial lockdown and might continue to be so as we enter 2022. Therefore, this kind of operational structure would be suitable for starting a business these days.

But before you begin, you need to think about what kind of service business you want to start. What are the trending service businesses nowadays? What kind of business is most profitable? Of course, you would want to run a profitable service business, which means you would need to start getting clients and contracts soon after you begin.

In this post, let’s discuss some profitable service business ideas that you can consider for your new initiative.

8 Awesome Service Business Ideas

Here is a list of eight profitable service businesses to start in 2022. Note that you should only choose the one that you feel passionate about and have the expertise in. There is no point in starting a business in a field that neither interests you nor you have the talent for.

1. Construction Business

The way to start a construction business in this day and age is to register a small company, perhaps an enterprise, and hire a constructor to do the work for you. Since you will have only one employee, your salary expense for the service business will be minimal. Once you start getting contracts, you can add one or two more workers. For marketing, you would need to have a broad personal and professional network to spread the word about the new service you offer. You can also promote your local service business by building your own construction website.

construction site

2. Sewing Business

This is one of the best service business initiatives in the world. The beauty of it is that, even though it cannot be conducted purely online, it can easily be managed from home. If you do not have an office or outlet yet, it’s okay. All you need is a couple of sewing machines and the skill to stitch clothing. You might even choose to hire one or two tailors to work for you in the beginning. Manufacturing can be done at home while you market your local service business over the internet. Reach out to the people in your locality and ask them if they need to get any clothes stitched. Once ready, you can either deliver to your customers with a small delivery charge or ask them to come to your house and pick it up.

You can either follow the trending designs available in the market, take customized orders from your customers, or even start your own clothing line if people like the new designs that you create.

3. Gym Business

December and January are the hot seasons for the fitness and gym industry. This is the time of the year when people want to get back in shape and are thus looking for gyms and fitness regimes to follow. If you have the capital expenditure to invest, why not open a gym and start a fitness service business? This is definitely among the most lucrative service business ideas for this time of the year.

fitness coaching services

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4. Blogging

Writing is a great skill to have, and it helps in marketing all kinds of businesses as well. If you can write up to the level of a professional content writer, why not offer your writing services to different firms and make it into a full-fledged service business? Content writers are in high demand these days. Businesses have begun to realize the value of content marketing because it helps you increase sales organically, without allocating large budgets for paid advertising.

You can also choose to start a blog of your own and monetize it in time. If you can get a substantial amount of daily traffic on your blog, you will also start getting offers from organizations to post their sponsored ads on your blog posts.

blog built on Strikingly

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5. Life Coaching

If you look around in your network and your locality, you will find many people looking for life coaching, mindset training, and personal development courses nowadays. The pandemic has been emotionally and financially stressful for many. In such times, people would instead go for life coaching to rid their minds of the stress than look for financial consultancy service businesses. Therefore, if you are coaching yourself, you can get yourself certified and pursue this as a service business opportunity. Build a coach website on Strikingly to promote your local service business.

website built on Strikingly selling online courses on mindset shifts and stress management

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6. Freelance Writing

This is similar to blogging. Both can be profitable service businesses. If you become a blogger, you could write blog posts for your own or other people’s blogs. But freelance writing is a bit different. As a freelance writer, you need to be more focused on working with various clients to write about a specific niche and style. You need to specialize in writing, such as academic writing, copywriting, screenwriting, editorial writing, technical writing, etc. If you are good at writing, this is definitely an enjoyable service business that you can start.

7. Photography Business

As popular as it could get, photography has always been among the trending service businesses. If you are already a professional photographer, turning your profession into a new business would not be a difficult transition to make. You’d probably already have the basic equipment required, such as a good quality camera, a lightbox, and a tripod. Gather all the photographs you have taken in the past and compile them into a portfolio. Build a photography website on Strikingly to showcase your portfolio and promote your local service business in photography.

photography portfolio website built by a Strikingly user

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8. Tutoring Business

Since school campuses have remained closed for the most part of the year in many countries worldwide, many parents must be looking for home tutoring services. If you are into academics, why not start a tutoring service business and make some quick cash with it before the economy picks up again? Why not even sell your tutoring services online?

Strikingly offers tools for any layman or non-technical person to build a professional website on their own. You can even sell a service directly through a Strikingly website by adding a simple store section and uploading your service photographs as products on the store.

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These were eight awesome ideas for a profitable service business that you can consider for the coming year. Remember, any business you start would require you to have an online presence. In other words, you need a website.

There is no need to get overwhelmed about it because a website can now be created in just a couple of hours on our platform, which does not require you to write any code or know any programming language.

Your website content will be added using our drag-and-drop interface, and web design will come from one of our ready-to-use website templates. We take pride in offering full-time live chat support to all our users. Our goal is to enable you to provide your customers and prospects with a smooth experience of browsing through your site and interacting with your service business online.