One Page Website

If you intend to build websites of any kind, you couldn’t have thought of a better idea in terms of your professional career. Whether it is a one page website or a multi-page website, a website at your disposal has numerous benefits. Nowadays, website building has become much more common than the previous years, especially in eCommerce. Many eCommerce organizations worldwide intend to build one high-quality website, not just because it is one of the top trends globally but also because of its potential benefits.

One of the most common websites that they prioritize is the single-page website. These websites are fundamental to your business and brand identity. Apart from that, there are several things to consider while opting for a single-page website. Many talking points are related to this kind of website, like faster loading speed and search engine optimization (SEO) issues. This article will convince you in terms of the benefits of single-page websites.

What is a One Page Website?

As the term implies, a one-page website is a website that consists of only one page. If you look at the single-page website templates on Strikingly, you will see that their design structure is highly minimal with business name, contact info, links, and call to action (CTA). The website viewers worldwide go through a single-page website to check out the information being posted about the provided services.

one page design

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A single-page website has various forms. Some of the types related to single-page websites are mentioned below:

  • Business websites (personal)
  • Portfolios
  • Resume websites
  • Landing pages
  • One-time events
  • Single-product websites
  • Brochure websites

Here on Strikingly, you will find many templates for single-page websites that have become popular among users. As the online community increases day by day, we will see more single-page website templates join the ladder. Having said that, what exactly are the benefits of single-page websites? Let’s go through their benefits one by one and see how they make a difference to your online business.

Advantages of One Page Website

1. Pragmatism

When we talk about one page websites, we follow the concept of “less is more”. Pragmatism is critical while building one-page websites. If you have a classic yet straightforward approach related to website designing, you must go with the idea of single-page websites. We don’t mean that single-page websites have fewer design requirements when we talk about a simple approach. It is due to the fact you make your visitors’ life easy.

less website content

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website.

Website viewers can easily navigate your website without investing much effort in their desired information. On Strikingly, you will find thousands of website templates with a pragmatic approach to displaying website content. Most of them have successfully captured visitors’ hearts despite not having much content to show. If you want to see it by yourself, you can check out the collection of website templates that we have on Strikingly.

2. Authority

Every established website owner desires a high Google ranking and high viewership. The users don’t just aim to grab every promotion opportunity but also try to expand their audience coverage. Even though it has less website content, a single-page website can make it possible for you. That is because any promotion conducted in search engines (such as Google) directly relates to the main URL of your one page website design.

Creating a collection of single-page website examples will give you an increased power of having several web pages that directly link with the main URL of your single-page web design. This is a crucial benefit as website linking is considered one of the main factors in eCommerce and website optimization. Strikingly is an effective website builder that will help you create a powerful web design for your online business.

3. Mobile-Friendly

If you look at all the single-page web templates on Strikingly, there will be one common denominator within all of them i.e. mobile-friendliness. It is not a secret in today’s world that the majority of website traffic comes from mobile phones. Rather than looking at the computer screen most of the time, the users spend the majority of their day visualizing websites through their mobile phones. Regardless of it being for personal use, school work, or for business purposes, users have a reason for scrolling through their mobile phones time and time again.

strikingly mobile friendly

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All one page websites provide easy navigation which works best with mobile users. Once a website visitor comes to your website, they can go through the entire website without breaking any sweat. Numerous single-page menu designs are established to make it possible for everyone to access the website regardless of them being on a computer or their respective mobile phones. If you think that building a website for desktop versions is enough, you couldn’t be more wrong. You shouldn’t disregard the importance of website traffic coming through mobile phones.

4. Quick Loading Speed

As there is so little website content to upload, it is not a surprise that the one page website design will take next to no time in loading completely. Whoever works on these websites will tell you that single-page websites have a very fast loading speed. The longer it takes for your website to upload completely, the more you will run the risk of losing your customers.

With a slow loading speed, the customers won’t even bother going through your landing page or your CTA and will look for some other website of the same kind. This will leave a very bad impression on your website. Therefore, a website with a fast loading speed will help you in connecting with your customers.

Disadvantages of One Page Website

1. SEO Issues

As we have discussed earlier, website linking is one of the most important factors in the SEO ranking of a website. However, if your website has limitations related to website content, it will only be a cause of concern for your SEO strategies. As you have to think a thousand times about the type of website content you want to upload, your SEO ranking may take a hit consequently.

google seo ranking

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It will be extremely difficult for you to rank for a few keywords when your demands change continuously and you have to look for other keywords. Even though you can build another web page having a blog section and link it to your one page website design, it will contradict the concept of a single-page website. SEO is not a walk in the park for everyone as it requires a lot of research and decision-making.

2. Limited Space

One key benefit of a one page website is that your website content is published in a specified order. This makes it easy for your audience to navigate through your website and get their desired information. By having easy website navigation, you will make your life easy for your customers. However, one massive drawback related to a one-page website is that you will eventually run out of space for your content. There will come a moment when it becomes overwhelming for your customers to see so much content displayed on a single website page.

3. Minimal Scalability

As we have said before, one page websites do not have much website content to share. Therefore, the website owner has to decide about the website images they would like to share. As all of your content is on a single page, you can give your website a visual appeal by uploading high-quality images. However, by uploading these images, you will risk having limited scalability.

quality website images

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

On a one-page website, the best way to maximize your website content is by making the page longer, which results in increased scrolling for the website visitors. Making your visitors work harder to get their desired information makes your website look unattractive and difficult to navigate. Another viable option is to make sure that the length of your website pages remains the same throughout, but that will result in limited content.


Even though many website builders tend to build multi-page websites, you cannot signal out the impact of single-page websites. As the builders have so much website content to upload and have long-term plans related to their platform, they don’t consider building single-page websites because of its limitations related to website content. However, if you have just started your professional career or intend to create a website related to your CV, you shouldn’t think twice about building a single-page website.

Strikingly possesses numerous responsive one page website templates for you to configure. The best thing we do is that we don’t demand any professional coding or website development degree for you to hold the credentials of creating a website. All you need to have is a creative brain, which will make your desired website. Whether you intend to build a resume website or a portfolio, get started with Strikingly and make your mark straight away.