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In today's era, it is very important for business people to enter the online world. There are 5.6 billion Google searches logged every day, which shows how much traffic is happening on the internet. Social media is also the 'second home' for most people with Facebook as the best-selling house with 2.7 billion users and followed by YouTube with 2.2 billion users. If you don't get your business online, there's a good chance you'll lose a lot of customer share from the internet. If you were hesitant to take your business online before, then you don't need to hesitate anymore.

As a machine shop owner, of course, you will get a lot of benefits by bringing your business online. In addition to being able to reach larger potential customers, your machine shop will also find it easier to reach existing customers. By bringing your business online, you can serve your customers via social media. You can also easily promote your new product by posting on social media. You will also get new marketing channels that you can use to increase your sales figures.

One of the best ways to get your business online is by using a website. A website can be the center of your online business activity. You can set up an online shop, market your products on a website, and turn your website into an information center for customers by creating an FAQ section, for example.

In order to take full advantage of your website, you need to choose the right platform for your website. Now, you can find tons of website builders that can help you quickly create a machine shop website. You can even find free website builders to do this. However, a free website builder won't be of much use due to its feature limitations.

Strikingly is the best website builder for your machine shop website. It prominently offers the convenience of building websites which eliminates the need for you to master web development techniques to create an outstanding website. You can have a website with a striking view for an affordable price.

Are you ready to create your machine shop website? Let's take a look at the steps to create a machine shop website using Strikingly!

How to Make A Machine Shop Website with Strikingly

  1. Plan your website

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Just like any other element in your machine shop, you should plan your machine shop website before you start building it.

What should you prepare?

You can create a detailed plan regarding the visuals of your website: the layout, color scheme, and images that you will use on your website.

A good layout can get your machine shop website visitors to browse your website. You need to organize your information well on your site so that visitors don't have to bother scrolling up and down on your website looking for the information they need. Generally, a machine shop website starts with a title page that shows the logo with a strong call-to-action. Then, the title page is followed by an about us page that tells a little about your business and a product page where you can show and sell your products. But of course, this is not always absolute, and you can experiment on your own.

Color is often seen as a complementary element on a website. Instead of being colorless, it's better to use one or two colors on your website, right? If you still think so, then you are missing the opportunity to build your machine shop brand by using the website. Color is not a complementary element but an important element for your machine shop website. A good color scheme can make your website create an impression, such as a professional machine shop, in the minds of customers that can help you build your machine shop images or brand. You can find examples of interesting color schemes on the internet and apply them on your machine shop website.

Apart from the two elements above, you also have to prepare the images that you will use on your website. For example, you can prepare pictures of your products and other related machine shop images. You also need to have a logo or banner image to use on your title page. Then, if you decide to use images from the internet, you have to make sure that they can be used for commercial purposes on your machine shop website. Finally, in order for the images that you use to appear well, you must adjust the size of your images to the specifications of the platform you are using. You can find the image size specifications you can use at Strikingly in our help center.

Lastly, if you get stuck or run out of ideas about how your website will look, you can check out other people's machine shop websites for inspiration. It is always a good idea to study from the best online machine shop websites and apply what you learn from them on your machine shop website.

  1. Create Your Brand

Whether you own a CNC machine shop or just a regular machine shop, your shop is just one of many other machine shops. You may be able to find other machine shops in your area. So, what makes your machine shop different from the rest? What is the reason for people to choose your machine shop?

A brand is one of the things that can make your machine shop stand out from the rest. A brand is an image or feeling someone has when they find your machine shop, whether from your logo, slogan, or your products. A brand is something that makes your business or product more than just a business or product. You can ensure that you will have loyal customers if you have a strong brand.

So, how do you create a brand?

You can create a brand with your day-to-day machine shop operations. Give the best service and offers when a customer comes to your store. Also, make sure your products are always of the best quality.

Apart from amazing services and products, you can also create a brand by creating a story. As mentioned earlier, brands can make your product more than just a product. Brands do this by attributing emotions, feelings, or values ​​to their product. Share the core values ​​of your business. Tell us the problems that your business tackles in order to create a better world. Share your story about how your business can contribute back to others. Tell us the reasons why you set up your machine shop.

  1. Choose Your Machine Shop Website Template

Find the perfect template for your machine shop website

Image taken from Strikingly product

After you have planned your website carefully, you can now start building your website using Strikingly. You can easily build your machine shop website by using ready-to-use templates provided by Strikingly. You can browse Strikingly collection of templates by category to make it easier for you to find the right template for your machine shop website.

If you are still not satisfied with the options available, you can check out the websites that have been created by other Strikingly users. This way, you can find other best online machine shop websites and learn from them.

  1. Create a Catchy Title Page

Catchy title page with call-to-action button

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

A good website is a website that is already attractive to readers from the first page. You have to make sure that your website looks good from the title page of your engine shop website.

To create a compelling title page, you'll need a few things. The first is an image of the right quality and resolution to the Strikingly specs. Make sure to use a representative machine shop image for your title page, such as a picture of your machine shop building. Apart from images, you also need proper text, which will get people interested to browse your machine shop website further. You can add a memorable slogan or a strong call-to-action that can invite your website visitors to shop at your store.

  1. Share the Story Behind Your Business

Example of about us section for machine shop website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

After you get visitors interested in your business shop website, you can now tell a little about your machine shop in an about us section.

Tell us a bit about your machine shop's history, products, or achievements. Most importantly, you must tell the story behind your business; the values your business believes in, your business goals, and other human touches, such as your personal story when you founded the business or the anecdotes that led to the founding of your machine shop.

You can also build your credibility as a professional machine shop in this section by sharing quotes from satisfied customers. You can easily do this by using the custom form provided by Strikingly.

  1. Showcase Your Product

Strikingly is the right choice if you are looking to open an online store on your machine shop site. You just need to add a shop section to your website's shop engine and you can start selling your products online. The number of products you can sell depends on your account type. You can read more about the number of items you can sell at Strikingly in our help center.

Strikingly also offers another convenience to selling goods online. You can manage your online store payments directly on the site editor. With Strikingly, your online shop can accept payments from multiple channels and in multiple currencies. You can also easily arrange shipment and determine rates for each location easily.

  1. Add Contact Details

professional machine shop

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Contact details are important in running an online business. Unlike a physical store where customers can directly ask you, customers now send their questions via email, social media, or by means of a chat feature on your machine shop website.

Every template at Strikingly already has a contact section. However, you will have to add your own details or even redesign existing sections. For example, you can add a map by using the Google Maps feature. You can also connect your social media with your professional machine shop website.

Make sure to always update the contact details on your website so that visitors to your machine shop website can easily contact you.

  1. Optimize the SEO of your Machine Shop Website

If you think that your task is done when your machine shop website is finished, then you are wrong. Just like your machine shop, your machine shop website is just one of the many machine shop websites on the internet.

If you want your professional machine shop website to have a big impact on your business, then you have to make sure that your website can be found easily on the internet.

How do you do that?

You must understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) first. Simply put, SEO is the ability of your website to be found by search engines. When someone does a search on a search engine, such as Google, they enter words, or keywords, into the search engine. When they search for the best engine shop in New York, for example, they will enter these keywords into a search engine.

You have to make sure your website appears on the start page when visitors enter keywords related to your machine shop website. One way to do this is that you have to include these keywords yourself in your website. You also have to come up with a catchy title and informative description for your website.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by this information. Strikingly has provided an SEO optimization guide that you can use to help you optimize the SEO of your professional machine shop website.

Those are the steps for creating your machine shop website using Strikingly.

Having a website is a business obligation today. With a website, you can build an online presence for your business and reach more customers through multiple channels.

You can also implement various types of marketing strategies using a website that can boost your sales figures. Most importantly, you can serve your customers better through a website that makes you have more loyal customers.

Are you ready to start a machine shop website? Build your website now with Strikingly!