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Here at Strikingly, we have a continuously growing list of website layouts that you can use to build unique online spaces. Our team of web designers and developers are constantly creating new ways for you to present your content through modern websites and engaging layouts. Over the years, thousands of users have used our web page layout template as a starting point for creating their own beautiful websites, and we’ve had a lot of people tell us how satisfied they have been with their selections.

But the wealth of options can come with one caveat - it makes it difficult to pick out just one website page layout template when there are so many beautiful options presented to you. How do you make the right choice? Here are a few simple website layouts tips to start with.

  • Start with your content (Content-focused Website Layout)

Many web designers look to the site’s content and general objectives when creating website layout templates. Our free website layouts are created with certain industries and website types in mind. To make it easier for you to streamline your options, we have classified the templates according to the content type - business websites, startups, blogs and personal websites. Having a good idea of what kind of content and website you intend to build can help you make the right choice of website layout design.

  • Full-width versus Boxed width Website Layout

In a full-width web page layout template the background stretches to the entire width of your screen. Your website doesn’t look like it has boundaries. This is a popular type of layout in modern webdesignbecause it works best for mobile-responsive websites. If you have lots of graphics or you’re using a lot of images and video on your site, going full-width is a great option. Just note that in this web page layout template, the background image adjusts automatically to screen sizes, so the content at the top of the background - the menu items - might shift depending on the size of the screen, so be careful about adding too many options.

A man open arms
Image Taken from Unlocked Capital website

Meanwhile, boxed width website page layout templates are more common on traditional website designs. They are commonly used in professional and business-oriented spaces. Boxed-width sites have visible frames on the left and right sides, so the site looks contained. In this free website layout, you get a fixed width for your content, so you know they will not shift around in relation to changes in screen sizes.

Blond woman sitting down
Image taken from Beauty INU website

Header styles depend more on the type of business you have. The header refers to the top section across the top of your homepage. It’s the first thing that visitors see on your website, so you want to make the right first impression with this component.

Simple websites go with a static header image on their web page layout template. You can opt to add content on the image or, if your website relies heavily on images such as a travel and tours business or a homestay, you probably want a header that doesn’t have content to highlight the wonderful sights that tourists might enjoy if they come to visit. If you need text to explain what your business does, make sure to combine a static header with engaging web copy.

Dogs looking up
Image taken from Pet Milestone Cards website

Meanwhile, slideshow headers aregreat for businesses that cater to a variety of customer types and provide different services. It’s great for showcasing different solutions and service offerings in an organized manner.

A baby eating puree
Image taken from Baby Fresh website

Slices of fruits and puree
Image taken from Baby Fresh website

Aside from images, you can also use video backgrounds on your header. Videos are found to be effective in attracting a user’s attention, sometimes much more effectively than static images. When used correctly, they can convey your site’s message in a way that will resonate well with users.

  • Card-based vs Grid Breaking Website Layout

If we are going to read it the way it sounds, card-based, and grid breaking types of website layouts are just the same. But, we’ll give you a hint about how they differ from each other.

A grid beaking website layout design is ideal if you want to draw attention. A grid-breaking layout is way too far from the old traditional layouts, considering the style and purpose to catch the attention of viewers. Users are often using a grid breaking website layout where the text overlay on the image or it is positioned across the image. This layout makes the fashion, design, and portfolio websites rank well in terms of getting traffic because they both express complexity andcreativityin the way they present what the website offers.

Amy Chamber's portfolio
Image taken from Amy Chambers website

While both website layout examples are commonly presented in groups or series, a card-based type of layout is unique. It can be composed of boxes or cards, thumbnails like what you see on Pinterest, Instagram, or blog sites. It can be a compilation video and images on a gallery section. Because it specifically uses cards to present website content, it appears to be more professional. This is commonly used in creatingonline coursesand business or ecommerce websites. One of the website layout examples created with Strikingly used card-based layout.

Music Video cards
Image taken from Drumpants website

  • Split Screen vs Asymmetrical Website Layout

The split screen layout has two types of presentation, vertical and horizontal. By the name itself, split screen divides one screen into two parts. The purpose is to convey two options with the same weight of importance. Sometimes, a split screen is used to present two different points of views, offer two options, or simply put an ideal connection between each side.

Split screen layout

Image taken from Strikingly website- Formal template

Meanwhile, asymmetrical plays with a symmetry pattern that gives a meaningful and expressive website layout design. Whereas the split screen uses two sides only, an asymmetrical website layout allows you to divide your screen into columns or sections. You can highlight the most important part by giving it a larger and more visible space while the succeeding details get the right attention on the side or below the primary content. There have been website layout ideas using this. An asymmetrical layout gives you the option to put the things you want your visitors to see first on your website. Allowing them to figure out what they can find on your featured content.

Figapps template four smartphones

Image taken from Strikingly website- Figapps template

A fixed-sidebar is an ideal layout that makes navigation much easier than endless scrolls and swipes taking you to nowhere. A sidebar is a section where you put your website content menu. You can make a sidebar fixed on the left or right part of the screen. As visitors scroll up and down, they don’t lose the part where they can easily go to the Pre-order or Buy Now section. Online stores can give it a go. Just like how this one of Strikingly users did an amazing job using fixed-sidebar website layout.

Origami on the table
Image taken from Fodi website

Magazine website layout is applicable for publication sites. It presents a hierarchy of information along with the well- presented images. While it gives the viewers a complex view, it can sometimes lead to an overwhelming feeling because of too much information presented on one page. You need to be careful and creative in using this layout to make sure that the most important details are emphasized. Since it is a combination of texts, content, and images, you can use either a grid breaking style or asymmetrical layout. It is a great challenge on how to organize your website according to your viewer’s preference. People visitingyour website have different taste for info. They are looking for specific things, that’s why you have to make the best out of the magazine website layout. Strikingly has a new template, Remote Joy, that is ideal for creating a magazine layout design. Simple edits make your life easier.

Strikingly Transmit template

Image taken from Strikingly website -Transmit template

Why Should You Choose to Build a Website with Strikingly?

We have a collection of pre-designed templates that are created with a specific type of website in mind. We have designs for businesses, online portfolio, events, organization, online stores, and more. It is important that you have to pick the perfect website layout template for your business or personal website.

Strikingly landing page
Image taken from Strikingly website

We Have a Drag and Drop Mode

Strikingly has recently introduced a free feature to help our users build their own website easily. The drag and drop feature in our website editor allows you to position text, images, and sections in your desired space. You can even check some of our users' websites to give you an idea of how they’ve done an amazing job in layout design. You don’t need to master web design expertise. Simply drag and drop things on your site, and you’ve got an awesome website in a few minutes. Honestly, you need not sweat on choosing the right website layout template, but it is important to know a few on the list.

Drag and drop feature

Image screenshot from Strikingly website editor

Strikingly put so much effort in giving our users resourceful insights, especially website layout ideas, that will take you into a wonderful journey of imagining and building your own website. Build your own website with us now.