Here at Strikingly, we have a continuously growing list of websites layouts templates that you can use to build unique online spaces. Our team of web designers and developers are constantly creating new ways for you to present your content through modern websites and engaging layouts. Over the years, thousands of users have used our templates as a starting point for creating their own beautiful websites and we’ve had a lot of people tell us how satisfied they have been of their selections.

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But the wealth of options can come with one caveat - it makes it difficult to pick out just one website page layout template when there are so many beautiful options presented to you. How do you make the right choice? Here are a few simple website layout tips to start with.

Start with your content

Many web designers look to the site’s content and general objectives when creating website layout templates. Our free website layouts are created with certain industries and website types in mind. To make it easier for you to streamline your options, we have classified the templates according to the content type - business websites, startups, blogs and personal websites.

Having a good idea what kind of content and website you intend to build can help you make the right choice of website page layout.

Full-width versus Boxed width

In full-width webpage layout templates the background stretches to the entire width of your screen. Your website doesn’t look like it has boundaries. This is a popular type of layout in modern web design because it works best for mobile-responsive websites. If you have lots of graphics or you’re using a lot of images and video on your site, going full-width is a great option. Just note that in this webpage layout template, the background image adjusts automatically to screen sizes so the content at the top of the background - the menu items - might shift depending on the size of the screen so be careful about adding too many options.

Meanwhile, boxed width website page layout templates are more common on traditional website designs. They are commonly used on professional and business-oriented spaces. Boxed-width sites have visible frames on the left and right sides so the site looks contained. In these free website layout, you get a fixed width for your content so you know they will not shift around in relation to changes in screen sizes.

Static Header Image vs Slideshow Header

Header styles depend more on the type of business you have. The header refers to the top section across the top of your homepage. It’s the first thing that visitors see on your website so you want to make the right first impression with this component.

website layout tips

Simple websites go with a static header image on their web page layout template. You can opt to add content on the image or, if your website relies heavily on images such as a travel and tours business or a homestay, you probably want a header that doesn’t have content to highlight the wonderful sights that tourists might enjoy if they come to visit. If you need text to explain what your business does, make sure to combine a static header with engaging web copy.

Meanwhile, slideshow headers are great for businesses that cater to a variety of customer types and provide different services. It’s great for showcasing different solutions and service offerings in an organized manner.

Aside from images, you can also use video backgrounds on your header. Videos are found to be effective in attracting a user’s attention, sometimes much more effectively than static images. When used correctly, they can convey your site’s message in a way that will resonate well with users.